Love is our new reality

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SITREP 12 :00 EDT Thursday October 6, 2016

“Risk” SITREP 12 :00 EDT Thursday October 6, 2016


12:00 EDT
October 6, 2016
“It is a risk to love.  What if it doesn’t work out?  Ah, but what if it does.”
– Peter McWilliams

Good Afternoon O’ Blessed Chosen Ones:

If it’s true the only constant is change–and I believe it is–then the days of start and stop dates for the RV are over.  Eventually this has to come to and end so our new begging can emerge.
Currency holders by this point are hyper aware that flexibly and patience is part and parcel of the daily RV experience. Intelligence is so random, and often misses the mark… rarely does it ever perform as expected.  Yet there are gleams of truth coming from several sources, and if we can piece these sources together with greater discernment, maybe some can make out the shape of RV progress and fill in the details as we go.
That’s what these SITREPs have been, inflatable gutter bumpers that keep our Currency Ball headed ever forward down some righteous path to redemption–of our currency and soul, and not in that order.  Never have they been said to be pinpoint in their accuracy nor maliciously angled in their agenda.  They are reports from multiple sources, multiple benevolent souls, who share information as they get it.  Most intel receiving is not shared in these SITREPs because it’s clearly bogus.  And some is time delayed by request of the source.
For instance, yesterday we told you the RV would be processing T3 clients, well we gave you that information because we knew it was already taking place… we were not forecasting, but rather reporting.  We felt that would give you hope.  To most it does, so some it frustrates them because they crave absolutes.  Both opinions are valid, the choice is yours how to interpret this information for yourself.  It’s our moral responsibility to get you information in a timely manner, should the RV pop, which it can any second day or night.
Not even Wells Fargo Corporate or Abbot Downing knows exactly when this magical 800# release moment will occur, so they always must be ready.  Don’t you think they’re just a little frustrated?  Imagine the security forces protecting these off site locations, they must be bored and disillusioned without end, training day after day for an event that won’t even last into November.
So make no mistake folks, by following the RV you are taking a big risk.  There’s risk in exposing your reputation by believing in something that the main stream media will not cover thus most of humanity simply cannot see.  In fact, many of you now live on an isolated island of belief, not only with  this massively abundant currency prediction, but also with the GESARA prediction for the first quarter of next year (shortly after the US Presidential Inauguration Ceremony).
There’s also great financial risk to bank on a macro financial opportunity that does not care or even acknowledge immediate micro financial needs such as mortgages, car payments, loans or student debt.  Believing in the RV to cover basic everyday costs, while long-term a wise move to provide for  generations of your family, short-term has been a brutally risky decision.  You choose this path, or as some would say, God choose you for it.
Therefore shifting your risk by accepting that you believe in something greater than yourself all in loyal service of others, means absorbing all the slings and arrows to transform risk into faith.  Because by definition, the one requirement for great accomplishment is equivalent risk taken.  For in  order to build unstoppable momentum, we must first rock backwards to gain speed so we can later thrust forward… and therein lies the synapse of where risk lives, in the time delay of what is and shall be.
If you’re reading this, it means you’ve already made an emotional, financial and spiritual investment in the RV.  That’s awesome.  Congratulations as your character, name and financial state of being will be vindicated soon.  But depending on how deeply you are embedded in the old world, you’re  feeling equivalent pressure to produce results that will never come from existing life paths.  These demands are you are but echoes from the past pleading with you to return home… but you have a new home.  You choose another path.  And your family, friends, business associates and community leaders may not understand, and may never.
Not everyone is meant to reap the rewards of the RV, let alone even dare to explore it.  But you are.
As of yesterday morning, we know that T3 redeemers began getting processed in off site redemption centers in preparation for Thursday’s release which came at 1:15am.  This preparation when through the night and continues at this moment, it’s gaining momentum.  We’re not sure yet how they determined who to bring in first, probably currency holders that bought locally at branches perhaps, but we know regular folks like you and me have been getting converted and hydrated on the spot, all in preparation for an “unrestricted release” later today.
We believe they not only were these redeeming helping to do a final system check, but also they were serving as Guinea Pigs to help redemption staff learn more about our collective emotional states before, during and after real people actually redeemed after all these years of waiting.  Remember, there’s a significant individual psychological element to sudden wealth, and we believe they wanted to better understand the masses cultural temperature both pre and post exchange–one final time–in an actual redemption moment, location.
Because there’s great risk for the new powers-that-be to release the RV out into public awareness and certainly these massive deposits into the money supply.  There’s even greater risk for them to have all their bases covered, because in truth, a few small leaks in their boat will only expand into major cracks once the release happens, and such hidden system flaws could shut down the process for an extended period of time.  That would be disastrous emotionally on redeemers… trust would be lost in an instant… the Internet would flip out… people would call their Congressman and storm the banks demanding payment.
This is why they go so slowly, and progress is so incremental.
So yes, there’s risk on both sides, on us to keep waiting until we reach a critical velocity of momentum to where the 800#s must be released legally per the new Paris Agreement (which is why lawyers initially got the 800#s last month, and as of last night midnight released them to hand selected Wealth Managers for public disbursal).  And on the new global monetary, military, and government authority to make sure that they can guarantee not only our public safety and fiscal performance at the time of our exchange, but also they can keep the peace and money flowing over an indefinite period of time to ensure that humanity in fact sustains our new momentum to thrive post RV.
Thus, we have rocked backwards and are now moving forward at ramming speed to meet the moment.  Where risk transforms into reward, or as President Obama said yesterday in the White House Rose Garden when he announced the historic global ratification of the Paris Agreement, “today the world meets the moment… and history may judge it (this moment) as a turning point for our planet” (  Pretty risky statement, n’est-ce pa?
Now is our moment to make history versus watching it unfold.  Because this entire RV exercise is really about taking the necessary risk to save our species by preserving the innocence of humanity and the earth.  This is the risk.  This is the reward.  As this is the game we are all playing, some just more consciously than others.  Sobeit.
Keep the faith everyone, know that your angelic cavalry has arrived and in full preparation for your glorious blessing.
God is with us.