Love is our new reality

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SITREP 17:00 EDT Thursday October 6, 2016

“Focus” SITREP 17:00 EDT Thursday October 6, 2016

17:00 EDT
October 6, 2016


“Success in life is a matter not so much of talent as of concentration and perseverance.”



Good Evening Chosen Ones:

Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life!  The RV moment is fast approaching right this second… are you ready?  Have you studied?  Do you even care?  Think you have have good handle on things?  Chomping at the bit to negotiate for one of those high sovereign rates so you can do incredible greater good humanitarian projects that create thousands upon thousands of new jobs?

Maybe you just need a quick refresher before your appointment?  Or worse, you are completely lost and no amount of study will bring you peace of mind because the numbers are just too big?  Nonsense.  There’s no day but today to Heal the World, and no time like the present to surrender and ascend so you can accomplish absolute anything!


(Side Note: What a gift to even be here in this moment?  To be participating in healing the world during this once in a dozen-plus millennium event, where humanity and the earth are changed forever for the better!!!!!!!  I mean think about that, we are on the leading edge of sustaining life for future generations and our entire family tree!  Ah, but this is precisely why we must regain our redemption focus little grasshoppers, as we are the keepers of the flame of truth and we exist in the final hours of our poverty.  So relish them, praise your suffering even, for they are all rapidly vanishing into the white light of Heaven, forever to be categorized as but a small footnote in our glorious history.  Tres cool.)

Were told select redemption locations in major markets are getting ready for the massive wave of redeemers with a few hundred “focus group” sized batches of redeemers yesterday and today.  In exchange for redeeming their currency, exchangers must answer a few questions pre and post appointment so the banks can get an up-to-the-minute idea of what our current knowledge and expectations are, as well as where we are getting our RV information.  Makes sense given they need to know where best to release the 800#s.

How’s that for immanent intel!  Shazaam!

I know, I know, “Dude, this RV thing like never happens, ever, and If I let my hopes go up I just get disappointed and it totally bums me out the rest of my day and week.  It’s easier just to not pay attention or deflect anger outwards towards these silly volunteer Intel providers who think they matter.

Sound familiar?  Sounds more like fear to me than truth.  But either way, it should recognizable because these were actual focus group comments from people just like us–who suddenly discovered “ITS ALL TRUE!”.  The 7,000 off-site locations, the redemption staff, massive security presence, Wells Fargo and Abbot Downing reps, skeleton trusts, structured payouts, NDAs, sovereign rates for some, international rates for others… all of it.  True, true, true…

Well just know this good people of the RV, every major bank from every continent and all major governmental intelligence agencies read these SITREPs.  They also listen to the currency community via weekly conference calls as to keep abreast on what we know, or at least follow what we think we know.  And if they’re paying attention, maybe you should too, huh?  Just a thought…

As an example, Bruce’s “The Big Call” which airs tonight, Thursday at 9pm EDT (CC# 605.562.3170) is followed by every major bank in the world.  Executives get an updated report of his intel every call.  And the read it and sometimes even react with changes internally.  Might this be the celebration call his audience has long been waiting for?  Maybe.  We have long heard that the banks trust Bruce’s competence and conservative approach, and perhaps one of those Wealth Managers that have both his cell number and the recently released 800# codes, will release them to us as a gift this night.  After all, his call does fit into the current Thursday evening release window tonight (which we are all in right now:).

But listening would require belief, and belief begins as faith, and to have faith one must surrender to an invisible force of love that goes against what the world is showing them.  Surrender requires strength of character, to rely on something utterly spiritual in nature, as to allow something that doesn’t yet exist to form in spirit and manifest in real time.  Get my point?  In order to hit a home run, yes you must swing with the intention of doing damage.  You must first believe that you can.  So if you really wanna do some damage while in your redemption appointment, hit a home run, you must first believe in something bigger than yourself before the RV occurs, not after, which means you must surrender your will for God’s Will.

So make the change, now, here, today, be the Man in the Mirror, be meek like us, one, in full surrender… it’s both safe and powerful all in one decision.  Because what I know brothers and sisters, is that there’s no other way to explain, understand, receive, manage or enjoy the RV experience without a full and unequivocal surrender to God.


And logically, there’s no other pathway to maximizing this financial opportunity because your redemption staff will see through all bullshit.  So don’t lie.  And don’t embellish.  If you’re prepared to handle four digit ZIM rates, that speak up.  If not, take what you can handle and walk out pleased as punch.  The universe is impartial when it comes to who comes with and who is left behind in these types of era transitions.  Your path is 100% up to you, so however high you desire to ascend, the universe can and will accommodate it for the first time in human history.

Just know that your soul, not your bank balance, is the true wealth before, during and after the RV.  So claim it before you asked to redeem it.  And surrender to the love of God.  Join us in making Heaven on Earth.  We need and want you.  I’m asking.  Yosef.  Now.  Please surrender before you RV.  Your life depends on it.  Silence your mind and God, kneel down, and just ask for forgiveness about rebelling against Him and ask to be placed in alignment with His Will.  That’s it. That’s all.  But I’m asking because your soul matters to me because I know it matters to Him.

So maybe tonight, allow the RV to be real one more time, risk your heart, because maybe tonight somewhere in our collective belief we can actually and finally manifest this RV thing through pure surrender via a loving and omnipotent God that provides infinitely for the most innocent of His children.

Hey, everything is impossible until it happens right?  So dude and dudetts, I stand in belief tonight.  And I’m asking you stand with me, unconditionally, along side of me, as one song of love, one harmonic blessing, as one community of grace and mercy.  Join us tonight in believer of love, tune into the Christ frequency as to never relinquish it, and become a Chosen One with us to serve our shared Creator Father. He’s so hoping you let this message into your soul right now.  He’s watching.  He’s waiting for you.  Be desperate for God and surrender.  Please.  Surrender.


There’s plenty of room on this wagon for anyone with an open heart.  Is yours now open?  ‘Cause folks, when it does finally go down, and these long awaited 800 numbers pop like kernels of hot fall harvest corn marinating in oil, know that this grouping of souls, this team of angels, this army of white light, will be the most focused, the most prepared and the most surrendered collection of sovereign souls any redemption staff will encounter.

For all will remember our kipona aloha (deep love), of this IAM certain.

Aloha Ke Akua