SITREP 12:00 EDT Sunday October 2, 2016

SITREP 12:00 EDT Sunday October 2, 2016

“God’s Providence”
12:00 EDT
October 2, 2016
God’s Providence means having blind trust in an omnipotent force to direct all universal matters including the affairs of humankind with wise benevolence.
At midnight on October 2, 2016 in mainland China the PROC agreed to allow the Chinese Yuan/Renminbi to be traded as an international currency for he first time in its history going back to its founding in 1948.
This specific day and time was selected to sync the GCR/RV with the first day of the New Year (Hebrew – 5777; Islamic – 1438) with the Julianne calendar’s Oct 1, 2016 fiscal year start in the Western world.
East meets West so Heaven can join in harmony with earth.
Sunday October 2, 2016 redemption deposits will be post-dated to Monday October 3, 2016.  Our deposits will also be funding our new Republic government (by Chinese Elder design).
This is why also at noon EDT today October 1, 2016 not only did TRNs become live and “in play” but they fell under the control of the Republic Treasury for the first time legally.  As 2017 was the agreed upon transfer of control date by which all debts are both reconciled and eliminated.
New books, new money, new year, near era for humanity.
Anytime now.  Literally any moment now that the new year has  officially begun.
Look for the TETELESTAI email for toll free numbers, appointment recommendations and the latest sovereign rates.
God is with us.


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