Love is our new reality

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Ashtar via Susan Leland, September 27th

Ashtar: “The Golden Age is the Garden Gate to the New Earth!”

Ashtar On The Road Teleconference – 9-27-2016

“Greetings, Beloved Family!  What a day this is!  And for some of you indeed it may already be tomorrow, but put yourself into this energy of today, 9-9-9!   And if you did not catch it during our Beloved Masters’* report, think on it now and focus on it – greet it!  And if you have a little bit of a mantra or something you would like to add to that, do so.

“You know what ‘nine’ is.  This is TRIPLE NINE, which also adds up to another nine number.  You can reflect upon that and you can do some elementary crunching of numbers, as Saint Germain would say, if you want to look at it in its entirety – and that IS NOT at all an inappropriate idea.  Rather, it is an auspicious idea! You might even want to write the 9-9-9 and formulate some kind of a mantra or meditation on it, because what it means is ‘DONE – FINI!’  Out with the old and in with the new.

“Now, of course, there are details. There are always details, are there not?  If you’re expecting just a gigantic change when you wake up tomorrow, and here will be the New Earth and you in the middle of it, hmm, there are steps to go to get there, but the most important thing to do is Welcome The New Earth and all that it brings!!!

“And, of course, the very important part of that is NESARA.  And I shall speak to that.  Our Beloved Brother Pan – I’m sure you will find to be most eloquent on welcoming you into The New Earth. The Truth is, it’s already here!  Well, it’s just like I, Ashtar, ‘I’m here, I’m there, I’m everywhere!’  So we’re going to bring New Earth in tonight.

“But first, let’s talk about NESARA, because that continues to need support.  NESARA is essentially the doorway to the Golden Age, which is the doorway to The New Earth!  How about that? Or if you want to think of it as the garden gate, go ahead.  But it is the most magnificent garden gate in your whole solar system or, indeed, the Universe at this moment.  Talk about a new Lifestyle – pristine, High Dimensional, and so on and so on.  NESARA brings that!  It’s about Divine Governance!

“Now you’ve heard some most necessary and fundamental information about how things have been done, and the Joy-full news about Saint Germain’s actions* and activities which are going to support The New Earth Lifestyle, or the Golden Age.  We shall say that they are one and the same: (singing) ‘You Can’t Have One Without the Other!’  So!  That is where we are right now and we are on the very threshold!!!  Feel it, just feel it! 

“You know – I shall digress even further, but I’ll come back.  I don’t get lost.  So just focus along the way. You know, The Voice was talking about how it was in the beginning of Ashtar On The Road and we told her – and we spoke to the people directly, using her voice – It’s not just about words!  It’s about FEELINGS!!!  Most elementary and important, of course, is the feeling of Love which I am broadcasting Worldwide and beyond right now – as is the entire Company of Light – here in this Gathering to do the same. Indeed!

“And it is also an invitation to you to come up in your vibrations so that you can get into your Higher Dimensional Perspectives where the programs and the ‘yahbuts’ – I used to call them the ‘yahbuts,’  remember, ‘Yes, but this or that, I can’t do because…’  those are the ‘yahbuts.’  We’re not going to have ‘yahbuts’ where we’re headed!   As the matter of fact, we have fewer and fewer of them, because the more you come up into the High Vibes, the less you have any ‘yahbuts’ within your beings.  Got it?  All right!

“So!  We are on the move and for purposes of identification and resonance, we’ll just say, we’re moving up!!!   And it is most imperative to weed out your ‘yahbuts!’  Delete them, leave them behind – however you want to see it.  They’ll fit in very well on the alternate Earth, where some are headed.  Some are already there.  We don’t need to go into that with this Group, not at all, because we know that your destination of preference – in first class I will add – is New Earth!

“The Truth of it is, New Earth is already there – or here, I shall say.  It’s just a matter of lifting up a wee bit more, walking through or flying through, as you wish, the open door that NESARA provides, and then going through the gate to the Gardens, if you choose to do so.  That’s the New Earth.  It’s all kind of right in the same general place.  It can be found in your Hearts, can be found when you meditate or go out-of-body, is being found even now by those who are ascending, but I hasten to say, don’t hasten!!!  When you’re ready to ascend, you can ascend.  It’s that simple.  But for most of the ones in this most honored Family, there’s more to do while you are still in your human bodies, and that is primarily to uplift your human bodies and help others to do the same!

“So do not be discouraged if you hear that it is a very small number who have ascended or will be ascending.  Don’t be concerned with whether you’re in the so-called first wave, or first row.  Your time is on your timeline.  Talk about first-class seats! You are already in Ascension Status in that part of you which is your Light body – which has always been in Ascension Status!!!  That’s another way of saying located in the Higher Realms where only Love exists – LoveLight – and it is to connect with that more and more that is so uplifting for you to do.

“And I have spoken on this.  Sananda is teaching the method; I am speaking on it now in my Discussions!!!  This is the High Dimensional Perspective which gives you all of the tools, all of the information that you could possibly require to BE a leader, a citizen, an inhabitant of Planet Earth!  If you wish, DOERS living The New Earth lifestyle!  Take that into your Hearts, Beloved Ones, and just catch the feeling.  Catch the wave.  We’re broadcasting right now to all of you to feel what that feels like!

“And you will all have your own definitions.  For some it might be ‘stressless!’  For some it might be, ‘Oh, I’m so excited about all of the opportunities that I have!’  For some it might be ‘Oh, I’m finally going to let go of the last of whatever has been holding me back and causing me physical imbalances and pain!’  And so on and so on. ‘I’m finally a being of pure LoveLight, still in a human body.’  That’s the miracle of YOU!!!

“This planet is so unique.  It is a planet of free will.  How many times have you heard that?  When you’re trying to accept responsibility from, maybe having worn a dark hat a time or two, or whatever; when you’re trying to reconcile all of these millennia, these eons of time, under the control of these invaders – it couldn’t have happened if you hadn’t allowed it! Enough said.  Ho’oponopono!!!

“Lift yourselves up and free yourselves of guilt and all that kind of stuff – karmic baggage.  You all have done a grand job! We are applauding all of you.  Take a bow and get on with it, because you’ve got a whole new Lifestyle to live.  And it is a Lifestyle of pure Joy, pure Love and, yes, Service.  For those of you, and make no mistake – if you’re not already on the verge of ascending – it’s because you have so much Love in your Hearts that you’re going to continue to assist while you are still upon YOUR Ascension Paths.

 “In other words, it is easier to be a leader when you say, ‘Join with me.  I’m on this Path. Join with me. Wake up and get moving with me,’  rather than, ‘Well, I’m up here in the Light and I’ll just beam into your Higher Selves.’  Because there’s a part of you that’s consciously in the human body that needs to hear this and feel it as well!  So I shall let you ponder all of this. This is just more en-Lightenment for you, and information that is offered for you to continue to explore. 

“And I wish to mention along these lines, this Program** which obviously we have asked for, because of our Family members who have been inspired to make the request to connect with others in this Grand Family of Ashtar On The Road.  And we have asked that it be without any limitations whatsoever, that it be a High Vibrational Program, and from there that it be enacted upon, or defined, or interpreted however each individual member chooses so to do.  So you have free will once more. You can join or not!

“If you join, you can choose whom to contact upon that list.  Some of you might want to look for Family members who are like-minded, LightWorkers like yourselves in neighboring communities.  This is fabulous to do!  Some of you might want to get into an acquaintanceship.  Perhaps you have some ancestors who came from a country that is across the World from you.  And so you might want to connect, ‘Oh, I see somebody from that country on this list.  I’m going to contact them!’

“And you don’t have to finalize anything.  In other words, you don’t have to say, ‘Okay, I’m going to pick three and that’s all I’m going to do.’  You can do or not do as you choose, anytime you choose, so long as you have this list available to you.  It is a living list in that sense.  We cannot say who among you will choose to join the list.  That’s up to you.  You have free will to make your choices.  We will only say, this is a way of furthering and empowering the Missions that this Ashtar On The Road Family has!

“And these are multiple Missions, and I shall give examples here.  Of course, it is the supporting of the Announcement of NESARA. You know why!  Of course, it is the waking up, even if it is one person, that by connecting with someone else, you can have a different perspective perhaps than your own.  You can expand your perspective to help you, if you wish to awaken one or more in your family or your community.  It’s not required!  It’s just an example.  It might be a way of knowing that there are ones all over the World who are LightWorkers such as yourself, when you are feeling that you are all alone in your community.

“And how many of you have family members all around you who don’t want to hear about what you know?  And that is a rather lonely situation, is it not?  The Voice can tell you all about that if you want to know what that’s like.  And we know that many of you do know.

“So for all of these reasons I have asked that you come together – those of you who are inspired so to do – and reach out to others in this Family.  And you’ve already heard the guidelines and they will be repeated.***  The privacy of this shall be maintained and is to be maintained by everyone on the list!

“And here’s something else.  If two or more of you decide – and this is up to you – to enter into a meditation together, whether you are actually physically together or not, you can do so, of course, telepathically from any location.  And what happens is that when two or more of you are doing this High Energy Mission Work together, its power is exponentially multiplied and thus you are making even more of a contribution to the upliftment, the awakening and the moving into the Golden Age or the Age of Aquarius – however you choose to call it – by doing this together!!!

“And, of course, it will heighten not only your physical or verbal connections with your voices or your writing fingers or whatever, but it will also enhance or open even further your telepathic capabilities.  YOU will be even more in connection with the LoveLight of the Universe, with the LoveLight YOU Are and, of course, with your Higher Dimensional bodies, you know, your Higher Dimensional DNA, your Higher Dimensional chakras, and all your levels of Higher Dimensional being!

“So that’s pretty cool, is it not?  Oh, I love the lingo!  And I just am so de-Lighted – filled with LoveLight – that you are all here in this Gathering!  And I am honored to be with you.  And I love you beyond the expression of any words in any language!!!  And so it is.  Salut!”
*    Tara and Rama’s Report – The transcription will be published; Link to the 9-27-16 audio program (Begin at 17:17min):
**   Ashtar On The Road Family Contact List (See below):
*** Susan’s opening remarks (Begin at 6:00 min):

Transcription by Marta.

Given through Susan Leland, September 27, 2016.
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