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SITREP 12:00PM EDT Tuesday October 4, 2016

SITREP 12:00PM EDT Tuesday October 4, 2016

12:00 EDT
October 4, 2016

Genesis 1:10

God called the dry ground “land,” and the gathered waters he called “seas.” And God saw that it was good.


It’s been romanticized that the entire earth was born from a single drop of water.  Talk about divine hydration!

And just as the first heartbeat had to start somewhere, so too did the first private redemption on Monday night at 6:00pm EDT (start of the international business week) and so on, and so on, and so on… until all sovereign citizens of the earth have been redeemed.

We have discovered the RV starting pistol went off already and that the long awaited private redemption phase / race has officially begun already!

So “go”!

Some friends & family and early redeemers in sub groups are getting offered much lower rates, a few are declining and walking out.  Guess it all depends who you are and more importantly what you know.  Some are choosing to wait this thing out with disciplined prudence versus redeeming out of desperation.

So we’re not late, thankfully, but our redemption window appears to have been severely tightened.  That would explain the blatant bank over staffing, redemption center over preparation and unusually ample number of location sites (7,000).

Looks like they were always planning to run us through a much tighter redemption window than we ever considered.  Hard to follow even for the Chosen Ones who are spiritually obligated to pay constant attention, let alone the casual redeemer.  But it is what it is.  Sobeit.

This strategy actually makes a lot of sense given the volume of money, but what of the volume of currency holders?  How does potentially 30M redeemers running through a single weekend exchange chute make any logistical sense?

Well, it doesn’t.  Unless of course they always planned to limit initial processing down to say 10% of all currency holders (3M) over a 72 hour period with over staffed redemption locations (roughly 142 clients per day, per location/per station (12).  That’s a manageable number.

That means they always wanted the other 90% to go through normal currency redemption protocols via brick and mortar exchange facilities–and they would only need to keep a few off-site “sovereign rate” locations open post the initial private RV weekend.

Hence, why if we can make an appointments within the first 48 hours after the toll free numbers come out we will have nearly three weeks to complete a sovereign rate exchange.

Clearly they want the vast majority of currency holders to exchange in bank at lower international screen rates versus off site at higher sovereign rates. Interesting.

So as we understand things Tuesday morning, we are already nearly one full day into our 6.2 redemption day period. And the long discussed “shotgun start” was anything but even.

Limiting our exchange window time line by default also limits the number of sovereign redeemers.  Even though technically they legally are giving people three weeks by which to redeem at higher sovereign rates.  Fascinating!

Curious too how the Chinese Elders’ “unrestricted release strategy” also includes restricting North Americans to just a few appointment setting days.  Talk about narrow windows of opportunity in which to change the world.But hey, it’s their gift to humanity, their rules, we just need to adjust and remain alert.

So instead of filling up our Republic’s drained financial swamp with dozens of high powered fire trucks in a single day, they opted instead to use one garden hose over a very long week.

It’s a smart strategy because it lowers emotional expectations and thus creates a safer redemption environment.  Plus it naturally selects those who are truly committed to humanitarian causes beyond just a-typical “get rich overnighters.”

Given this new development, however, we now believe they will wait till the end of the international business week now at the earliest (Thursday 4:30pm EDT) and more probably release 800#s after global markets close on Friday 4:30pm EDT.Then on Sunday night, flip the FOREX and begin public redemptions as though nothing ever happened Monday morning.

The second presidential debate is scheduled for Sunday night at 9pm EDT.  That would be a good event to flip the financial script without much detection before markets start on Monday morning.  We still believe the Clinton dynasty damming Wikileaks info is a political game changer that looms over the election intentionally as a hard negotiating leverage point.

What’s also interesting as it relates to coordinated timing is that the IMF and World Bank normally meet this week in D.C. on October 3-9 (7 days total) in exactly the same week both the private RV roll out begins, and the Chinese markets and banks are also closed this week per a normal national holiday.

So yes, everything appears planned to the second when it comes to monetarily transitioning the world’s economy.  It’s no simple or small task to save the world as it turns out.

God is with us.