Love is our new reality

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Ohmnipure via Nancy Tate, October 4th


Wake up Call: Ohmnipure, October 04, 2016

There is coming a time in this world when all will be in an order that is in harmony with all of life on earth. In that enclosure of time will be the freedom to ease into the life that is desired, and in the activation of that which is a tribute to the upcoming times of the flow of funds around the world. Until then the figures that will be in movement are the ones who at this moment are sorting through what it is that they are destined to do with the funds and how to set the steps into motion.

It is an understanding that they have at this time that is partially in place. There will come the time when all is released through the various sources of the funds, that they will be able to access the additional information that will lead them in the predestined movements that they will be making. Until then it is wise for all of you to enjoy the flow of life that is in the works, and also that you see how you can move step by step to bring joy and peace to the world in the ways that are easy for you.

As you begin the journey that you designed for your time of this opening of new doors, you will find that there will be many obstacles that had been in place that will no longer be there. The movements that you will all be making will be free flowing and enjoyable, not only for you, but for the others involved. There will be others who will step in with you and carry their part in what you will be doing in a way that will be in constant harmony for all of  life on earth.

I am seeing as I speak the evolution of this world coming into guidance with the galactic beings who are already on the planet. They are here amoung you in ways that may seem odd at times, and at other times to be right on the same page that you are dancing in. They are part of what you will be doing, and they give their hearts joy out to the ones whom they see and feel that are in their range. They send you all their Love. They know that you who are in tune with them will at some point be there by their side, hearing the energy speak to them as to what you all will be doing with them.

I am with you this day to bring you this update on what is taking place in the outer reaches of space, and the inner reachings of everyone on this planet. It is all in harmony as never before, for in the process of the journey through the density of earthlife, there has been much preparation for these times that are in progress as I speak. We are all in the midst of preparations for the steps that are already in progress that will bring the applause down around all of you in the energy of Love, singing and the dance of peaceful Love that is awaiting the final curtain to arise. We are all with you completely in your next steps, and we are ready to give you all the Love that is at the next door that will be opened for eternity. 

I am Ohmnipure once again, and I am sending my Love to all of life on the beautiful planet Earth, which is so much in the energy of change in Love and commitment to all of life.

Thank you so much dear Ohmnipure,

Much Love,

Nancy Tate