Love is our new reality

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Love Essence of Mushaba via Nancy Tate, Feb 13, 2016

Wake up Call: Love Essence of Mushaba, Feb 13, 2016

There is something I would like you to share with the world and it is that there is coming a time when all of you will be in the throes of feeling and living the freedom that is on the threshold around the world. It is a matter of being able to walk your talk and live your love in a way that is not only freeing to you, but to the rest of those with whom you come in contact, and share what it is that you not only live in your lives, but share with others in a way that they are open to. When you do that you are telling them that we are all in a position to free the world from the strife and bondage that it has been in for so long.

When you do that you are exploring the creativity that not only is in your heart, but is also in the hearts of all those on earth who are in a position to open up to that Creativity. It is there for all of you, and as you find the corridor to that openness you will also find the inspiration to create the freedom, peace and joy in your lives. That will send the message out to those around you that all is not lost. It is by far right in front of you when you realize that you are living it in the moment that you see and feel it.

Come now to your truth and see what it does with you in your lives. Show the world that you are not only powerful in the Love that you are, but in the joy that brings about your creativity. You can create a life filled with the freedom to do anything you desire that is in harmony with your inner and outer you, and of anyone else that chooses to see it and be it. We are all in this together, and as we flow through the steps that it takes to release the old way of living and of seeing things, we are going on a journey that will take us further and more joyfully forward in our movement to the freedom that we are destined for.

As I speak to you through this one, I do so in a way that shows you that you as well have the ability to hear me and feel me in your beingness. I Am the crystalline beauty that is you and all of life on the planet. I am the Love Essence of the Mushaba energy, and I have always been with you in your journey through non-time, time, and once again the absence of time in your reality that you are in the process of creating. I bring to you the truth of what your life can be, and as you follow your inner guidance you will find that life becomes more and more in tune with what is harmonious with all of life on, within and beyond this planet called earth. This planet is the sojourn vessel back into the Oneness of who we all are and what we can do to express that freedom in the Love that we are. It is a matter of knowing what it is that stirs you to the joy and passion that gives you the peaceful creation of life that is your gift to yourself and to others in the example that you present.

I go now and watch as you all rejoice in your lives and send that message out to anyone who chooses to see your light and what it can do in your life. You are the destined souls who have chosen this path to be the example for the others who have not as yet awoken to the truth of who they are. That time will come. Then there will be an outstanding relevance of one to the other that is being lived in a paradigm of great Love and peacefulness for all time.

Go now in joyful Love and know that your day is the wonder of what will be in the next, etc., throughout all of existence. Love is all there is, with all of the expressions coming forth in all of Us. I’ll see you in the farms of creation and we’ll walk forth in Peace, Joy and Love forever.