Love is our new reality

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Wake upp Call via Nancy Tate, March 11th


Wake up Call: Nancy Tate, March 11, 2016


“When God Yawned”!

Last night I was watching a few music concerts and at some point, well into them, I was feeling the amazement of how the musical instruments have become so wondrously perfect for the creation of the backing and adding to of the voices that are so entertaining. As this realization was streaming through my mind, I suddenly realized that this is an example of how our whole world of creation has become more and more in harmony and in expression with our intentions and desires to create a life that represents what we are able to do in our lives that satisfies in the moment that which we are choosing to experience.

That told me that it is more than us just building the instruments, houses, vehicles, etc in order to have our lives be in flow with what we choose to do on this planet. We have come from living in a cave somewhere and picking something off a tree, or from a plant on the ground to survive, to gradually creating what it is that can bring us comfort, ability, and harmony with all of what we choose to experience on this world. As I was sharing this realization with Bob I realized that we came here to this planet in order to prove to ourselves and all of creation that we can physically create that which we intend for our lives, rather than depending on our inner abilities to bring into our lives in the moment that which we desire and choose.

That says to me that we have chosen to express our power to create in a way that is unique to our universe. Before coming to inhabit this planet our ability to create began through our inner ability to create by having the intent and then in the moment to bring it forth. We have been told that is where we are working our way back to. It is for us to live and bring forth into our lives that which we must know we can create through our intent, rather than through our physical creation. What I realized is that it is the opposite. We as beings of the original creation of this universe had the ability to bring forth, through our intention, from the ethers, that which we chose to have. 

When this universe was created it was for the purpose of the creation of what we chose through our self-empowerment, in the freedom of expression through our Love of all of existence. That is what the Mushaba energy is all about. This universe was created from that energy, and this is the planet that was created for the purpose of expressing the physical creation of what we desire and intend for our lives. Rather than using our inner abilities to create in the moment, we are using our inner knowing and inspiration to create physically what we desire and intend for our lives. It is a new way of expression that we agreed to come here for.

This planet earth is one half of the original planet, Tiamat, which was separated by Nibiru; Maldek was the other half. After the separation the earth was being prepared for habitation for the expression of our physical abilities to come forth in expression. In the meantime Maldek was inhabited by many of us as fifth-dimensional beings who were visited by the Dracos and challenged by them to gain power over them. When Maldek was destroyed by the Dracos, because they could not take the planet over, then our souls were spread forth throughout the universe and gathered back by our home planets and beings. This was done in order for our souls to be restored and readied for our destined time on earth, with the subconscious memory of our experience on Maldek.

This has been the experience of time here for us, and now we are readying ourselves to prove our ability to create not only in the physical, but at the same time in the expression of our inner abilities that we have never lost. We merely chose in our experience of time here, to live in our physicalness that which is the expression beyond our inner ability for creation. In other words, we have already expressed the harmony of living in both the inner and outer way of creation that has been the example of what we chose before coming to this planet. 

Our expression of the creativity that we carry in our beingness is never-ending. It will go on forever, expanding and allowing us to create in our lives the kind of life that we choose. It can be with the moment’s creation, or the combination of the moment and the physical expression of the intent we have to explore in an unlimited way what we have the ability to create. This is why we are here, living our lives in the way that we are. We have expressed beyond merely being able to create in the moment from the ethers, to being able to combine that with our physical ability to create in a way that can go on forever.

It’s a whole new concept for me. It tells me that what we have been expressing is all a part of what we came here to do. This is the evolutionary expression of the Mushaba Force energy now evolving to the Love Essence of Mushaba.