Love is our new reality

Nancy Tate (spiritual writer and channel)

Mushaba and Porda via Nancy Tate, September 11th, 2017

Wake up Call: Mushaba and Porda, September 11, 2017

We are here this day to bring you all an update on what is taking place around the world. There is a great deal of controversy being created and it is not because people do not know what they are saying. They are being told some things by some people who are doing it for the well being of themselves, and no others. These ones who are still in the works to keep control are in the last vestiges of their experiencing what they consider to be the best way of living on this planet.

What they do not realize is that they are in the last movements of their lives here because the onslaught of what they are doing is in the works of taking them off the planet and into a new way of realizing what they have been doing for many ages on this planet. They are about to be removed in a way that they on a soul level will be choosing. This will be the entirety of their journey here.

As they see the new light that is shining upon them, they will realize what their lives on earth have taught them and why they came to this planet to experience it. They will also see that those that they have been manipulating are beginning to really live in the Light that they are used to, and that what they are seeing is the answer to what they have been asking for. It is a matter of them being able to realize that they too had a business here on earth to experience, and that they had been manipulated by many who were expressing what they chose to follow in their times here on earth.

It is all a puzzle to many people, for they see that some of the pieces that seemed to fit at one point now do not fit in they way they seemed to be meant to finish the picture. They are seeing that the pieces that they had ready to put into place no longer will fit, so they are now choosing different ones that will complete their part of the picture. That is what is taking place now around the world. The new energies of completeness are being re-created. Yes that is the energy that is being brought forward. It is the energy of the Mushaba Force and it is being expressed in so many ways right now. It is the beginning of the new expression of the power of everyone to create that which is desired and in harmony with all of life, not just the people on the planet, but all of life indeed.

We are here to show you what it is to be the power that you are. You are going to be living that power in a way that you had not deemed possible, for it seemed to you that it would only take the beautiful beings from out there in space to bring about the changes that you desire to live. We are here right now to let you know that the reminders of your power are coming in piece by piece and you are finding that they fit into place beautifully as you create the picture that you desire for yourselves and all of life.

What we are telling you now is that you are in the process right now of remembering that you too are originally some of those beautiful beings from out in space. You came to this planet to create the newness of expression that was brought to the front as a new way of creating what all of life is capable of. My dear ones, you are all in the process now of coming to that understanding in so many ways. You are going to be the forerunners of how this will turn about and help to awaken those who are as yet still caught up in the mirage of the whole picture.

We encourage you all to continue in your own feelings of movement and creativity. We know that you are the ones who are in the sways of the life that you choose. Continue to dance and sing in the way that you choose and enjoy the freedom of the Mushaba energy within you, for it is your clearing house and you are splendidly expressing it in the steps that you are taking.

We leave this message now so that this one can send it forth to you all. We will enjoy your expressions of what our message is for you all, for we love and respect you all so much. We are Mushaba and Porda (Anakhanda Mushaba’s Papa), and we send you all our deepest Love.

Thank you so much dear Mushaba and Porda,

Much Love to you all,

Nancy Tate!


Avenda via Nancy Tate, August 23, 2017

Wake up Call: Avenda, August 23, 2017


There is a time coming when there will be no desire to give of yourself in a way that is downgrading, and useless to see the advantage. It is a time for all of you to feel the Love that is the ultimate blessing that is in our lives and our beingness. We are the ones who agreed to come into this world and to fulfill that which we have known is the betterment of the planet, even though in many cases we have seen that it doesn’t seem that way.

Why did we come here in the first place? It was to bring forth that which we are capable of and to carry it forth into the various expressions that would come to us in many ways. It was also a means by which we could see how far we could stray from our beingness if we took turns that did not give essence to our knowing that we are capable of creating anything that we desire as long as it rings true with who we all are and why we are here to live in the camaraderie that we know can be the most powerful energy of all.

How often have people tried to show us that Love is the weakness when it comes to the inspiration to do what we feel forced to do in order to keep our power? Well, look where that has brought us in the escape mechanism that we have brought to the picture. In the steps that have been taken, and the ideas of taking from others in order to be more powerful, we have proven that the only way to escape the power of Love is to degrade it and try to prove that our strength is in taking from others at any cost to the others, as long as it builds up the strength of those who have taken that road.

It is obvious now to so many, even those who don’t want to see it, that Love is the answer to anything that we bring to ourselves, pass over to others and use to bring about the power that we can be in to live as One in harmony on this planet and anywhere else. We can use the Power of Love to bring about a direction that will prove to be the best way to live for everyone and eveything in life and Love for all times.

Once we get beyond the idea of time being a pathway to power, then we will know that we have returned to the knowledge of who we are and what we can do to create the kind of world that we desire for us and for all of Life. From the people, to the animals, the plant life, the insects, and all of life on this planet, all will be affected by the Love that is emitted in every moment on earth and beyond.

The power of Love is the music that sends forth the energy of the Creation of purity in existence. It is the way to answer every decision that comes forth to be realized for anything that arises in life here and in all of existence. We are here to live the Power of Love in every way that comes forth in our hearts, minds and actions. We are the Power of Love, and we are in the process of proving that to ourselves, and all of life. Sing it in the essence of purity that resonates throughout the land and all of Life.

 I am Avenda, and I have come forth this day to share with you what is so important to live in these energies of change on this planet, and beyond. Love is the answer for all of Life.

Thank you dear Avenda for helping me to express what I’ve been feeling so strongly!

Much Love to you all,

Nancy Tate


Baldor via Nancy Tate, May 31st, 2017

Wake up Call: Baldor, May 31, 2017


There is a time coming when all of the concerns that are present on the earth right now will be set aside and the solutions will be in place. That in itself will change all of the concerns to satisfied results of ease and peace on the planet. It will be as if these concerns had not been in place, but a mere medley of what it takes to bring oneself to a place of appreciation of what it means to be at peace, with joy, through the Love that is within and all around everything and everyone.  

I look forward to this essence of having all in place and everything going to the music of freedom and honor that each person on the earth and within has for all of life. Yes, even the animals, insects, trees, plants, and all of life will be in harmony. This is coming dear ones, for I see in the essence of truth that it is in the process of coming for all of existence. You all are a part of this freedom of life.

I, Baldor am so happy to see that you are coming to that stage of life where you can see the pleasures that are in the process of being the way of life for all of you. I see that so many of you are either living it right now, or are taking the steps to bring it into your life and for those around you. Take a moment to look within and thank yourselves for the beauty that you are creating in your thought process and beyond. That is the energy in which the truth is brought to the front. Life is the perfection of what Love is all about.

I leave this message now to go and sit in the cloud of Love that you have already created, for it is so wonderfully full of promise for the coming essence of Love expressed, which has already been in progress.


Thank you dear Baldor,

Much Love, Nancy Tate



Baldor via Nancy Tate, May 30th, 2017


Wake up Call: Baldor, May 30, 2017


Good morning, I am Baldor once again and I wish to say that I am impressed with what you all are doing. I know it is a mess in so many ways but you are helping to clear up the mess and bring to the refurbished planet the utmost peace, joy and Love essence that is to be seen and felt by all of life on the planet.

It is a way to let you all know that you are putting all of the pieces into places that they have not seen before. They will find the comfort and direct peace that is necessary for the harmony on earth to take place. As you all continue to grow in a way that is resonant with all of the universal energy of Love, you will find that your remembrance of your real history before coming to this planet has been in place in so many ways. It has been a puzzle in which the pieces keep being put around into places that change with the changing ideas that have been releasing the sameness that was keeping everything bound in a specific way. It is a way that brought on the power of the dark ones that brought the planet to the state it has been in.

Believe me my dear family, I have experienced so many ways in which you are now being able to make your differences and bring peace, joy and Love back to the power that it has in creating the kind of world that you will find is in harmony with all of creation.

Now today this one has included with this message and on the ‘Tree’ the number 3 messages and excerpts that will bring more clarity to your understanding of what you are experiencing in this moment in time. I give my Love to you so much, and I know that you are expressing your Love in so many ways. Blessings are upon you!


Thank you dear Baldor,

Much Love, Nancy Tate



Baldor (#1) via Nancy Tate, May 28th, 2017

There comes a time in everyone’s life when it is good to step aside and then look at the place you were in a moment ago. How does it feel; how does it look; does it tell you something you hadn’t thought of, or something that you didn’t want to think of, or remember? It is a time in everyone’s life when the course of miracles comes closer and more dear to the hearts of everyone who takes a moment and considers what they have created. Is it something they were aware of when it took place, or was it something that gave them a feeling of insight and accommodating dreams that were never fulfilled?

It is a time for fulfilling any of the dreams that have been with you in any circumstance and any surrounding events that took place but not as they were meant to be, or seemed that way. It is time now for a new idea to come, and then be acted upon in a way that represents the ability that you have to create in the moment what that idea was there for. It may have been something that was meant to show you what you thought was a good idea, but that turned out not to be what you hoped it would be for you. It could have been something that brought the opposite of what you thought it would bring, or something that you didn’t realize you actually wanted on an inner level and hadn’t asked for in the usual way.

That is why it is a good idea to look at what you think you want and see how it would look and feel in the coming moment and further. Is it something that actually feels and looks like what is the perfect answer, or is it something that would solve a present moment, but not work out what would come from the circumstances that were behind the scenes?

This is a time when the only circumstances that are the best are the ones that feel good for the moment and that bring a shining example of how it would work out in your inner vision. It is a time for you all to go to the extremes in your thoughts and ask yourselves if the result of that extreme is what is the best for you. Is it the answer for the over scheme of things, or is it the way to progress through the insight you have for what it really means in the progress it will bring about?

I am Baldor, and I am here to see what it is that you all feel in the ideas of what is in store for you all. I am one who has been with you through all of this in a parallel world that you have been a part of creating, along with me and all of the others on the planet Orloff. It is a time for this one to re-introduce the news of the parallel world to this world that you are creating. It could give you a new perspective of what creation is all about and how you are such a vital part of it.

I will leave now so that this one, Nancy can take the time to bring forth the information that she received several years ago and shared with those who were connected to her works. It is an interesting parallel, and could bring you ideas and recognition to how you are creating the world that is today. Your part in it is as powerful as anyone else’s. That is why I am here this day, and why this one, a couple days ago, thought of bringing the information to you all in the coming communications she brings forward.

Love is the answer for everything. You live it and you find the truth of it in every moment.

Thank you dear Baldor,

Much Love, Nancy Tate.

Baldor (#2) via Nancy Tate, May 28th, 2017

I am Baldor once again, and I want to add a new message to today’s sharing. It is not very long, but it is pertaining to the message #2 of today. I am here to let you all know that there is coming an event that will top off all events that have happened thus far on this planet. When I say on I mean that succinctly, for there have been similar events such as the one of speak of that have taken place within this planet that have set an energy for the coming one that will have an effect that will resonate with the ones within Hollow earth. It is awaiting the synchronicity that will bring into harmony the justice of the continuation of life ‘in the free lane’ not only within the earth but for the first time in the history of the surface life.

That is all I will say now for to say any more could influence the solidity of what is coming and take from the sweetness that will have more power than if it had already been known. I tell you this today, for it is an introduction to the many events that will bring a harmonic conversion into many events that are on the way.

That is it for today’s introduction to the next combination of messages. Love is in the hearts of you all and it will merge forth in your own individual expressions as you feel the newness of what will be experienced in the times to come.

Thank you dear Baldor,

Much Love, Nancy Tate.

Avenda via Nancy Tate, February 27th, 2017

Wake up Call: Avenda, February 21, 2017


As we go into our system that is being fabricated with all of the desires and interests of each other, we are seeing the results of what we believe, and what we desire for our lives. We see the attitudes of so many people change and take on a different agenda. As this takes place we will go through the awakening process that will bring us to a clearer picture of what our journey at this time is creating for us. It is a Wake up Call that surpasses all that we have accomplished to this point in our journey. As we go through this we are contemplating several pathways that will lead us to the expansiveness that is in store for us as we take our journey through this experience that we are creating.

When we reach each chapter of our book that we are creating, we will see how each word is as powerful as each action that we are taking. We crawl and we fly. We dance and we sing. We stomp on our doorsteps and we whisper through the timetable that is set to open the various doors that will lead us to another eye-opener to our destined promise.

Take a moment and look at what we are doing in our pathways. See the differences that each day, each hour, or moment takes us through. Have we learned how to direct ourselves, or are we listening to others who speak outside of ourselves? It is more than a one-way road to the absence of trouble and disarray. It is an interesting map that we have drawn out for our journey back home to where we came from. Then when we get there we’ll discover that it isn’t all that different in many ways; yet at the same time we’ll see that we are directing ourselves through a whole different timeline. We are living in the moment in a way that we had only partly understood.

We are now giving ourselves so much to think about and to express in our way back home. We are discovering that it is all our way back and it is discovery at its very fullest. As others outside of us, and at our side, take their steps, how closely do we take their steps and discover that they match what we do, or completely take us out of our direction?

Go now and see for yourselves what it is that takes you in your direction and then settles you into a feeling of wellness as well as closeness to that which you have desired. Take a moment to look outside and see how others are reacting that shows you the degree of oneness that we all are. Isn’t it interesting how we are creating our whole new worlds through the steps and discoveries that we have made!

It is indeed a journey of understanding, cooperation and wonder that we are bringing to our lives. Lets keep on keeping on and allowing ourselves to follow our inner voice and seek our fortune in a way that tells us it begins within, not in the places outside of ourselves. I go now and walk the pathway to the peace, joy and love that is our creation in the journey of discovery of our trueness of being creative. It is all about self-love, that speaks for our love of all of Life.

Thank you so much Avenda, for being me.

Much Love, Nancy Tate


Ohmnipure and Porda via Nancy Tate, February 4th, 2017

Wake up Call: Ohmnipure & Porda, Feb 04, 2017


We are Ohmnipure and Porda, and we are here today to let you in on a little secret, for it is time for it to be a secret no more. It is all about what is going on in the background and how it is affecting the release of all that you are waiting for. It is going to be released to the freedom of being able to live as you want and give your energy to the fun and peacefulness in which you can live as you desire, and that will benefit not only you, but also all of existence. It will build a super foundation of trust and Love that will bring more and more truth to the open. This will give those who are not in the same mindset that you are the ability to see what it is that so many people have been supporting the energy of. They know on an inner level that the truth is that what is going on in the background is what has been taking all of the mistrust and storing it away in a freezer which keeps it in storage.  Anyone who wonders what is behind it will seek and find it to represent what they have been being told from those outside of the freezer, and in the reserves of trust that are representing the truth.

I speak now of the ones who have been seeking the authority to speak for themselves, and to be able to spread forth the word of what everyone has put in storage since coming to the planet. They have agreed to walk in the shoes that have been needing to be replaced as they wear out, and as they become too small for the size of the truth as it comes to the surface. It is now the time to take off the shoes and walk in the promise that there is no strangeness of what is being walked on. It is the smoothness of the truth being lived and represented in ways that sing in harmony with what is being brought forward in the wake of the words that are being sung.

Take a moment, dear ones, and see what it is that is coming your way on the sidelines. See that what is being told to you represents what you feel has been misplaced over the millennia as ways to step aside and allow the ease in living to be a part of your lives. It is in the measure of what it will take for you all to realize that you have the ability to create that which you desire, as the parts of what it takes to live the way that speaks to you of harmony and ease for all of life. It is also a clear and easy movement that will bring it all into balance. See now what it is that you are waiting for, and step into the dance it takes to bring it to you. It is a step-by-step process that you are in. As you live it, you find that there is more justice in believing and knowing that you are capable of manifesting what it is that you desire for your life.

Come to the front, dear ones in your life and know that what it is that you are walking into is of your own creation. All you need do is to give it attention and know that every step you take will bring the equivalent of what you have in your heart that matches your instinct for living the truth. Your truth is that you are One with all there is. In that knowing you can produce and bring into harmony what it is that has been going on for so long. You are the ones who create your world, so go forth and celebrate with all of life and know that together you move in the truth of Oneness in every moment.

We leave you now and see that you are smiling and giving yourselves the truth of feeling the Love that you are. We feel it so truly, and we reverberate it back to all of you in a song of perfect harmony. Love is all there is!

Thank you so much dear Ones!

Much Love,

Nancy Tate


Avenda via Nancy Tate, January 21st, 2017

Wake up Call: Avenda, January 21, 2017


I am here now to represent this one’s feelings from yesterday’s inauguration. I am here to say that there is an absence of the idea of harmony with all of the family of earth. As the speeches continued it was in harmony only with the country that was being represented.

What about the rest of the planet? What about the people around the world working and living in harmony? Are we not living on this planet in order to learn what family is all about? Did we not come from a place of purity and Love in order to see how far away we could go from our truth? Have we not realized how strong and powerful it is to look within, and then walk forward without having to prove ourselves as the leaders and the ones who have all of the answers apart from the others who don’t maybe agree with us? We are the ones who agreed to come to this planet with the idea of seeing what we can do from within without remembering who we are, and where we would find our best way to live and resonate with each other.

We have found the way that non-remembrance can take us. Do we like it? Do we see that it is the new way to live, instead of being in harmony? Do we want to live as if we are the leaders, and the others in different places around the world are the ones who are less than us? I feel that this is the venture that takes us right back to the troubles that we have brought to our lives in order to be able to return to the truth of who we truly are and live it again. We can go on from that unbinding love that we have for each other, and dissolve the borders that we have created that separate us. We can tell each other in different homes that we are the ones who have the final word on decisions of how to live together, yet apart from each other within our knowingness. We are not better-than, unless we have persuaded others that they are less than. If we continue to do that, then we are in a whirlpool of lies and forgetfulness that is not the truth of who we are.

We are all from the one seed of destiny. We are all from the oneness that tells us that we can live in harmony with all of life. No matter where we are and what our thoughts and desires are, we can live in harmony and still be able to be individual in our expressions. This is the time for us to begin that journey back to the one family that we came from. We are still in the energy of prosperity, and that prosperity is based in Love and the ability to live in peace and joy in the Love that is the basis for all of expression.

Come now; join in with the expression of being One with all of humanity, all of life on this planet and beyond. We are all one, and we all have the freedom to live that oneness in the expression that represents the Love essence of who we came from and why we came to this planet to show ourselves what it means to be in the oneness that we are and always can be. We can be in that expression and carry on forward in so much beauty and love that can inspire us to further our expression in a harmonious way.

Step up now in your journey and live the Light of Love and be the example of who we are all are and can express in how to live in harmony forevermore. It is our destined purpose to reawaken and live our lives in the Love Essence of Mushaba and the Oneness that we all are.

I love you all so much, for you are my family born in Love, Joy and Peace!

Love to you all,

Nancy Tate, Avenda

Ohmnipure and Saint Germain via Nancy Tate, December 11th

Wake up Call: Ohmnipure and St Germain, December 11, 2016


I have been wanting to communicate with you again, and this time it is very timely. It is about what is taking place not only around the world, but out into the universe as well. I am Ohmnipure, and I am here with St. Germain. We are seeing what is taking place around the corner and under the hills. It is a resounding ring more or less like what you have been hearing. That is why we put it in place for you to hear in hopes that you would remember the repeat of the sounds calling you for a message. I will now go on with the message and then St. Germain will add his 2 cents worth.

There is coming a great deal of chaos that will be very short lived. It will be the impact of what has been being released from underground pits and several closures of the Sea of Galilee and the part of the ocean that is under shore now since Atlantis went under. As this ringing goes on it is representing the ungoing tribute to what is taking place in the caverns and the underwater seas that are springing forth the energies that have been being brought to the surface. They are about to carry forth to the surface of this globe.

When this happens there will be a huge rumbling in some places, and in others there will be a distinquishing flow of Love that will shine forth through the summer solstice coming in the next year. As this takes place it will bring many memories to a huge amount of people. It will begin the gathering of so many people to the happenings that took place before the deluge and after. They will remember bits and pieces of it, and then they will realize that many of the changes that took place then will be circulating back into the realm of another changeover.

This will not return the planet to the original, but to a new awakening within the people. It will not change the faces of the earth so much as it will change the faces of the people as they realize that they are in for a huge change that will bring so much unbelievable energy of Love and peace to the planet. That will bring a feeling of joy that will resound throughout their bodies as they realize that they are in the midst of the first stages of their ascension.

When I say first stages, I am referring to the last cycle of the stages of ascension that will bring about a huge change in their lives. It will be the lookout for them to be able to see what is coming and what is already in place that is different from what it has been for so long. It will bring about a huge feeling of peacefulness, It will cause many people to see what they have been wondering is the answer to what they had hoped might come to bring them clarity. This is only part of what will be coming in the events to come. I will now step aside and welcome St. Germain to the message.


I Am St. Germain, and I come for a small piece of the puzzle. So many of you are tuned into the RV and NESARA information, and what it can bring to the world. They are also wondering why all the delays and unexpected refusals of some of people involved to bring forth what they have said would come. I am here to let you know that they are giving you what they have been given, as far as information is concerned. They are playing a part in the present times in order to bring about the changeover of the people’s ways of living to that of being in the moment and bringing about that which they intend for their lives by their vastness of knowing that it is already in their lives.

As they incorporate this into their beingness they will bring it forth in the leisure and peacefulness of their lives. As long as they know that it is a matter of them playing the parts that are in place for them, and doing it in a way that is desirable and at peace within, then it will all resound together to bring it into being. It is an example of what you are returning to in the ability to create that which you intend in your lives. It is created from within and then brought to the surface, just as has been spoken of by Ohmnipure, as well as in other cases in the past, by different people and beings.

I tell you this now because it has been a time recently in which so many of you have become silent. I tell you that this is part of your return to your inner knowing of the power you have within to create and then to acknowledge that you have, as a whole, brought it to the surface.

We just have one thing to add for now and then we will leave you alone for the day. It is all about the coming times of controversy about the election that took place. It is going to all come out into the clear and it will become so unheard of to be able to go on without Trump, for what he is going to do and say will bring tears to many of the people who have been against him. It will be the way of taking charge of oneself and then being able to understand why things have been going on as they have.

That is it for now and we encourage you to enjoy your day and take the time to relax. With the soft musical ringing in this one’s ears, we have gotten her attention. Listen to anything that may be just for you to pay attention and receive what it is that is awaiting your claim. It is now, for this is the Now moment. Live it in the trueness that you are, and you will not only see, but live the result. Love is the answer for it all. 

Thank you dear Ohmnipure and St. Germain,

Much Love, Nancy Tate


Ohmnipure via Nancy Tate, December 3d

Wake up Call: Ohmnipure, December 03, 2016


There is a time coming in all people’s lives when they will ask themselves, what am I waiting for? I am supposed to be waiting for what someone else can bring me. Or am I supposed to be bringing what I want to my life, even if it is in stages. Perhaps I can learn through the stages and get so much more out of them.

That is what is coming to the front in so many people’s lives. It is not what they have been told is going to come to them through others. It is what they can bring into their own lives that will suit them right now as far as what they see they want in the next moment.

This is what life has been all about, you say. Well, what has it brought to your life when you have made the steps in the direction that suits you right now? Have you found something that appeals to you, or has it been something that you wish hadn’t happened? Perhaps you saw on your soul level that which you needed to see, or would benefit from seeing, before what you knew you wanted came into your life. It is a wonderful journey that has been taking place around the globe. It has brought many things to all of the people, not only through their eyes, but though the eyes of the others who have been part of the experience or have been told about it.

This is not a part of being able to bring the wealth to your door. It is a part of being able to bring whatever it takes to help to bring the harmony into your lives, and being able to see what it is that can bring it and serve you all in the process. It is being able to know ahead of time and trust it to bring what you feel is the next thing to experience. It will bring so many to the door of remembrance, and then to the path of re-creating in the moment that which you desire and intend to experience.

I speak to you now with the knowledge that you are all in the journey that you have chosen. Does this not make sense to you? It is the way you have always learned what is keeping you from being able to manifest that which you want in your lives. What have you done in the past when you have had to wait for someone else to bring you the next step of being able to live the way you want? Are you not still following that step by step journey? Are you not seeing that there is so much that is being said out there that is governing what you feel to do and wait for?

I suggest that you take a look and ask what your feelings are about how you have lived your lives so far. What would your next step have been back in the journey that you have created? It is wonderful to say, that the past is over, but then ask yourself if the past is not part of your future due to what it has brought to your present life? If what you did in the past had an effect on what your next choice was then is it not something to consider could be the next step in it’s own expression of the coming times? Ask yourself if there is really any such thing as time, and that can bring a whole new way to look at how your life has been and how it got you to the present, and only time in your life. That is right, no? It is the term that has come forward so much, “I am that, I am.” Take a look at that and see how it can influence your life in so many ways. Consider how all that has ever been can be experienced again in a way that creates it anew, and brings new energy of experience into your life.  

I am Ohmnipure, and I am speaking now in a way that I have so many of you considering, in your own unique way. I see and feel how you are listening to all of the voices around you, and then you tune in to what your inner voice says. This is your opportunity to combine what you are hearing and make your own choice as to the next step in your journey. You are beautiful, intelligent wise and wondrous beings. You are here on this planet for so much that you have been doing and will be doing in the coming expressions. I see you wandering around in the debris of the days, and also in the clearing of the moments, as you continue to create your lives in this journey of re-awakening to what you are capable of. I see you considering how you can bring forth the wonders of the journey in a way that can add to the experience of the coming times.

Go for the joy and peace in your lives and express it all in the Love that you all are. You are capable of what you desire. Go forth and prove it to yourselves in the Love that you shine forth to all of life.


Thank you Dear Ohmnipure,

Much Love, Nancy Tate


Ohmnipure via Nancy Tate, November 22nd

Wake up Call: Ohmnipure, November 22, 2016


This is the time to get through the encumbrances that are seemingly all around you. It is time to look at them in a different way and see them as messages of release. There is coming a new way to see things and that is taking it in a different place than before. As you do this you will begin to see what the inner cause for such encumbrances may be about. They may be the opportunity for you to go in a different direction. They may be for you to deliver a message to the ones who are involved in what it is that seems so out of harmony. This can bring to your world a new flavor, a new way to believe in the outcome of what may come from it. As you do this you may experience a new way of feeling about what gave you cramps, or uneasiness. It could be the very message that you’ve been missing due to the old way of looking at something.

I give you an example; it is about the way a person feels when someone tells you about how you look. That person may say that you seem to be out of place in what you are doing. It could mean not that you are wrong, but that you are expressing in a way that does not represent what you really feel, because you are confused as to what the outcome is all about. That is when you can ask the person, what do you mean that I am not doing this right? Then the person can say that you might consider doing it in a way that satisfies you for yourself, not for others. It might be that what you will like will be a surprise for others, due to the fact that they had not considered it that way. Or it could be the opposite; that they thought you were coming from a different place than they were. This is what is so important, right now especially. To be totally honest and see anything from the completeness of what it can mean. In this way, you will be open and ready to move forward with the clarity that is necessary in order to be in complete harmony with all of life.

As I say this I remember what it was that you have been feeling. You all are in such a feeling of confusion, and the feeling of things not coming to order in the way and time that they should. People keep saying this, and that, and none of it comes to pass. That could be because there are not enough words to make clear what is in the works, or there are too many that all say the same thing. It could be that as you deliver the messages from others you do not give your interpretation of how you feel in a way that is resounding throughout your beingness. Have you considered that you may be following others interpretations and not giving honor to yours?

I am here today to give you a bit of stuff to think about. You may be calling on others so much to bring you the news that you want, that you do not stop and consider that you have the answers to what can make you happy and at peace in this moment. You are maybe relying on others to give you the way to live, which is causing you to wait for something that is in the works, instead of creating what can give you peace, pleasure and a sense of creation in your lives. That does not mean that you should walk away from what others are doing. Perhaps giving yourself your own creations that can have an affect of all of life is the answer for all of what humanity desires to flow into action and bring about the desired results of living for the moment. It can help to find the peaceful and joyful way to live on the earth in a way that resonates harmony all around the world.  

I go now with the Love and knowledge of your ability to create a beautiful world by being the Creator of what is in harmony with all of life. That is the way to give yourselves first to you, and at the same time to all of life. Love is the answer in clarity and peacefulness with the mind of harmony with all.  Love is all there is.

Love and thanks to you dear Ohmnipure,

Much Love, Nancy Tate




Ohmnipure via Nancy Tate, November 10th


Wake up Call: Ohmnipure, November-10-16

I am Ohmnipure, and I would like to say to all of you that the dance has only just begun. It is in the works for the RV and all of the other funds to be set loose. It is going to go through a process that has been evolving through the energies of all of human life, and all of what has been taking place since the election in the country known as the United States. It is soon to be seen what the new changes will be bringing to the way of life, and the ones who will be creating those changes. It is a fine example of what you are all capable of and how you can create that which you desire in a way that may at this time seem to be a confusing way.

I will go on with this category of people standing in line waiting for certain moves to be made. They are the ones who have been following the steps that have been going on for so long. They are the ones who are deeply involved with what has been in the works and how it has been proven to be confusing, and at times disappointing. I understand how this can happen, for you are all going through so many upliftments of your inner beingness. It is a time for all of you to investigate on a soul level what it is that you have been creating within your own personal world in this process. Have you put so much on hold that the air is stagnant around you? Are you still awaiting the outside source of information to lead you in a way that will bring you to the doorstep of the funds you’ve been looking forward to?

Well I suggest to you now that you may benefit from checking in with your inner self for information. Look to what you feel about the questions you have, and then ask your higher selves for the answer. Once that answer comes, then investigate what it means as far as the steps you have taken, and the ones you may be inspired to take. Trust in your inner self, when you have a good feeling about what it tells you. Do you see a picture? Do you have a feeling that doesn’t seem to go along with your questions? Take the opportunity to play with this idea. See what images come up in your mind from them. See what feelings that these images create. Allow yourself to feel what is in keeping with what you believe is good for you. Is it the answer you have been searching for? Is it a surprise, or seeming not to have relevance to it?

Take the time to let go of it, and then after some time, if it flows back into your thought forms, allow it to grow from there. You are the creator of your world. You can bring into your lives that which you desire by trusting in your thoughts, feelings and surety of what you have already brought into your life. If you see something in your life that you have created, yet consider it very small in comparison to what you are awaiting, realize that in the inner world there is no size; there is no ‘better than’. It is all the same energy of creation, and in that reality anything that you desire and allow into your lives can be a cup of wonderful tasting coffee, a whole meal that is far beyond what you though it would be in enjoyment, or is a huge benefit that you were given that can buy your new house. It is all from the same seed of creation, and it all is possible with no limitations.

I have given you today a few things to think about and play with. You can go out and have fun in the yard, the town, the city, the country, anywhere, and it will all be of benefit to you. I cheer you on, and I know that you have the power to create the avenues to your abundance, no matter how it appears and how it comes to your doorstep. Go now and have a joyful day and live the rest for eternity, in joy, peace and Love for all of Life. 

Thank you dear Ohmnipure,

Much Love, Nancy Tate


Ohmnipure via Nancy Tate, November 8th

Wake up Call: Ohmnipure, 11-08-16


I am here to speak with you on this day of change not only in one country but also around the world. It is a day that will prove that the outcome of every incident and carrying on of change will affect all of life on this planet. It is a day of simply looking at the outcome and the circumstances of what is to take place in one corner of the world and how it can affect the rest of the family of earth.  

I send to you the images of closeness within your knowing. It is one that speaks of the timeliness of what is about to happen. See for yourselves what it means, and how it interprets your own ideas of what one incident can do to change the rest of the world. Is it the power of that incident against the power of the rest of the family? Or is it that the family is all one, and within that energy of Oneness comes the ability to change the totality of what is experienced around the world.

You as a person reading this message will see how it can affect your day and the rest of your life. It can cause a difference, even so slight or huge, in the way you approach your daily lives, or even the next moment in your life. Is it something that can go against what you believe is the best way to be, or is it the influence of what your decisions will be in the coming moments, days, or forever? Will you choose what you would have before the events of the days come forth as they will, or will you see the challenge of moving forth in what the days events have told you?

I am here this day to show you that I am part of the family of One that moves in a wave of harmony and Love. We are all in this together, and as we move in the pathways that each of us chooses, then we create that which is in tune with the choices we make for ourselves and for any others who choose to follow us. We all have that choice. We can take the essence of the power within and swing it in a direction that dances with the wolves, or with the angels who live within the wolves. We are a part of all that exists on earth and beyond. We are the soldiers and the dancers. We are the teachers and the students. We are all of us doing what we choose, and how others suggest to us what interpretation we many take from their choices.

It is a world that is being created as I speak. I come today to remind you that the coming times are in our hands. We all move forward in the luxury of freedom to make our own decisions. As soon as anyone realizes that, in the power that exists within, then we can move forward in the freedom of choice for each and everyone of us. We can all dance in the freedom of choice, and sing in the tune of joyfulness and peace that comes from our expression of the power that we have. I am with you all, and I am moving in such a way that there is only the moment of beginning the new dance of this beautiful planet in a way that speaks of who we are in the fullness of our Love.

Go now and play through this day in the majesty that you are and you’ll see what it is that you can do in the strength of your Love for all of Life, for it is the power of Love that creates the beauty of the Oneness.

Thank you so much Dear Ohmnipure,

Much Love, Nancy Tate

Ohmnipure via Nancy Tate, October 16th


Wake up Call: Ohmnipure, October 16, 2016

If I were you I would rely on what is simple, and in that I am also referring to the situation with the funds that are in the works. It is a good idea to live your life in the moment and know as you do it affects the way that the funds system will flow. If everyone is waiting for them to be freed, they will be slowed down because the energy will be as if it was already in place. What we put our attention to is what we have with us. When we have it with us it becomes that reality and not the reality of still waiting.

There’s more! If you all do what you see as your perfect life in the moment, then it will be. If you want your life to be more than it is right now, you will have to wait until it is for it to become the perfection of what you live and create in your life. It is a matter of living the desire and knowing that the process is up to date and that it is the creation of what you know is in perfection.

I’m not saying that you have to settle for what is in your life right now, physically. I am showing you that you know that the freedom of what you desire is in the works, and that it is in every moment. It is a matter of the freedom being the adjustment that comes with every moment. You have the freedom in the moment to change anything that you desire and intend to. It is a matter of knowing that the means by which you intend to live your life is enabling you to see what is the best possible way to live your life and to feel the simplicity of the process that enlightens you with the power to create in a way that also brings you the ease of peace, joy and Love in every moment.

So, everyone go on making your moves, taking your steps, finding a different way to look at what you’ve been observing. Keep on keeping on, and take a backward, sideways, or forward step at anytime you feel like it. Or just stay where you are for the moment until it comes to you to make another move that could be interesting to you. It is all part of the process, and it is all good; it is all creative in your own unique way. It all resonates together in a way that shows each other what it takes to bring about the creation that is there for all of you individually to interpret and to live. It is the game of the universe, for it brings to each of us the ability to be creative and to find out how it feels to have fun, give things a simple thought, and follow through with it. Follow our instincts, and know that we are all in this together. It is a most interesting, fabulous way of bringing it all together to go on and on in life in the perfection that is created by all of us.

We are the creators of our world! We have the power to bring it all into Creation in Love for all of Life.


Thank you so much Dear Ohmnipure,

Much Love, Nancy Tate


Ohmnipure via Nancy Tate, October 4th


Wake up Call: Ohmnipure, October 04, 2016

There is coming a time in this world when all will be in an order that is in harmony with all of life on earth. In that enclosure of time will be the freedom to ease into the life that is desired, and in the activation of that which is a tribute to the upcoming times of the flow of funds around the world. Until then the figures that will be in movement are the ones who at this moment are sorting through what it is that they are destined to do with the funds and how to set the steps into motion.

It is an understanding that they have at this time that is partially in place. There will come the time when all is released through the various sources of the funds, that they will be able to access the additional information that will lead them in the predestined movements that they will be making. Until then it is wise for all of you to enjoy the flow of life that is in the works, and also that you see how you can move step by step to bring joy and peace to the world in the ways that are easy for you.

As you begin the journey that you designed for your time of this opening of new doors, you will find that there will be many obstacles that had been in place that will no longer be there. The movements that you will all be making will be free flowing and enjoyable, not only for you, but for the others involved. There will be others who will step in with you and carry their part in what you will be doing in a way that will be in constant harmony for all of  life on earth.

I am seeing as I speak the evolution of this world coming into guidance with the galactic beings who are already on the planet. They are here amoung you in ways that may seem odd at times, and at other times to be right on the same page that you are dancing in. They are part of what you will be doing, and they give their hearts joy out to the ones whom they see and feel that are in their range. They send you all their Love. They know that you who are in tune with them will at some point be there by their side, hearing the energy speak to them as to what you all will be doing with them.

I am with you this day to bring you this update on what is taking place in the outer reaches of space, and the inner reachings of everyone on this planet. It is all in harmony as never before, for in the process of the journey through the density of earthlife, there has been much preparation for these times that are in progress as I speak. We are all in the midst of preparations for the steps that are already in progress that will bring the applause down around all of you in the energy of Love, singing and the dance of peaceful Love that is awaiting the final curtain to arise. We are all with you completely in your next steps, and we are ready to give you all the Love that is at the next door that will be opened for eternity. 

I am Ohmnipure once again, and I am sending my Love to all of life on the beautiful planet Earth, which is so much in the energy of change in Love and commitment to all of life.

Thank you so much dear Ohmnipure,

Much Love,

Nancy Tate

Ohmnipure via Nancy Tate, September 27, 2016

Wake up Call: Ohmnipure, September 27, 2016

I am here today to let you in on a little secret. There are no secrets at all. All is in the mind of the beholder and therefore all are able to access what is the truth and see what it means to them and how to live with it in a way that is basic and loving to all of life. Do you see what I am saying? There is a way in which we are all one, and in that way we all have access to what each other is thinking, feeling and doing. What keeps them from tuning in is that there is no hesitation except for the inner desire to be private and allow others to. It is one of the ‘straw cottage’ agreements that began when life on this planet went beyond what it had been before this planet came into being for this purpose of closing in and allowing each other the privacy that was desired for the purpose of being here.

I am Ohmnipure, and I come through this one today for the reason that she asked on a soul level to help her to realize why she is feeling that there is nothing to do in her life that makes her feel one with others. She is now beginning to see why she has gone through these past days in a way that brings her to wonder why she is still here, doing the ‘nothing that comes to mind’. She feels that she is not alone in this energy of nothing to do, for she is tuning in to so many of you who are wondering why, what is the reason for being in this backlog of energy in which they wonder what to do in the next moment that means anything.

Well, I have something to share with you that can open up what you already know. You are all washing clean what has been in the way for so long, that which is coming to the front for you to do. You will be so ready when the opportunity arrives that you will realize that you have opened the door for it to greet you and say, “Welcome! Here we go on your new journey here at these times on earth. We are ready, and there is nothing that can disrupt and stop us, for it is in the magic of the soul that we are arising to our next reason for being here on this wondrous planet. We are ready to carry it forth and dance through the steps singing in joy and wondrous blending of the energies of all of life on this planet, and beyond.”

Yes, I realize that you are thinking, “This sounds like a master role that is in the works only for those who are able to go through the steps with a knowing that is in tune with all of life.”

Well yes, that is what I am saying and it comes from my feeling the openness in which so many of you have drawn yourself because you have realized on a soul level that is where you are right now. You are ready to begin the first steps in your new direction. Take the deep breath that helps you to relax and enjoy the ride, for you are the Creator of that ride. You are ready, and we are all with you for it is a tune in which we will all be in harmony. Beloved ones, we are One in the music that is upon us. Enjoy the dance, and sing your hearts to the destined Joy that is in your coming lives.

This is the essence of the Mushaba Love that is in full motion within each and everyone of you. It has been with you since you were created. Now is the time for you to feel it, and move in the essence of the energy that is all about Power, Creativity, Freedom and Love. You are the Creator of your Bliss. Live it, and know what Bliss is truly all about.

Thank you so much dear Ohmnipure,

Much Love, Nancy Tate

Antikryon via Nancy Tate, September 18th

Love Essence of Mushaba

Message From Antikryon, September 18, 2016


Yes Bob, he (Anakhanda) is hearing news from upstairs in the ‘penthouse’, as Anakhanda says!

Greetings to you I am Antikryon and I was introduced to all of you before through Anakhanda in your last year. I am here to share with you basically, the “Family”.

It is at a point now to where things are about to burst wide open. There has been so much misinformation and out right lies being told concerning the RV, the New Republic, all of it. We have been very careful in what we have been sharing. We have not shared through any source any information that is contrary to what we had been sharing with you. In other words, the RV is on schedule to happen. The New Republic is Primed and Ready to step in at a moments notice. The announcements of NESARA and GESARA are scheduled as well. There have been so much meticulous workings in the background and so much time and effort on getting this thing right so that there will be no problems that can occur from these actions especially the financial transactions. It has been a difficult and challenging road for there were those of the dark minions that have agreed to return to the light and then suddenly try and carry out dark acts.

There has been so much weeding out going on among the dark minions to find those that are true and those that are trying to buy time while figuring out another way to stay in power. That cannot happen no matter what they do. You are on the verge of this entire process happening even though it looks bleak to many and like it will never happen. It has to happen for there is no other recourse. Look at the world situation and tell me how long can this go on. Look at the poor deprived countries around the world and tell me that they can continue to live in this way. Look at all the work and effort that Iraq has put in to reform their government and country and to have a currency of their own that is worth something so their people can thrive and become a part of the world community. Tell me how long can they continue not to move forward.

The resource that was in place and the key word is “WAS” were very sophisticated and reached far and wide. It took time to dismantle their entire network.  It was actually easier removing the Cabal leaders. How ever, this is no longer any issue and has been handle to completion. Their elaborate network is no more. Continue to be patient for you are at the threshold of change and that change that you are all wanting will come at any moments without warning. We know that the only thing that will bring you comfort is not words but the actual happening of the release. You will see that release happen. Everyone has had enough of this drama and it is being dealt with in the most expedient way.

Mushaba Love to you all!

I am Antikryon

Ohmnipure via Nancy Tate, September 15, 2016


Wake up Call: Ohmnipure, September 15, 2016


I am Ohmnipure, and I am here this day to fill you in on some progress that is being made on your planet. There is much taking place in the everyday measures of life. So many people are bringing love for each other and for what they do into their motions through the newness that they are feeling. They are reaching out to many who are homeless, in dire straits financially, and physically. They are giving money, or a room in their homes, food on their tables, and are helping others who need it in any way that they can. They are reaching out and giving them a living hug, if that is what they feel to do. It often brings tears to the eyes of the needy, and they release what it is that they have been carrying emotionally. That gives them a new freedom to go forward in life and make a better one for themselves.

Can you believe the power of a hug, a pocket full of coins, a loaf of bread given to those who have need of something to brighten their days? There is so much of this kind of thing going on around the world, and though it isn’t all making the mainstream news, it is making a huge difference in the hearts and souls of so many around the globe. 

How long has it been since you have walked up to someone on the street with a look of sorrow or loneliness and spoken to them softly, with a smile that brought a tear of joy into the eyes of the one who brought this forward through your heart? I know so many of you have been encouraged to help those who come into your lives. We’ve seen, as have you, the difference it makes in their lives, the power it gives them to look within and recognize their own feelings of moving forward in their own strength.

It is so wonderful to see what is taking place in the background, for we are already seeing the effect it is having energetically of the movements that are taking place in the news and the internet correspondence. It is reaching out in it’s power to all those around the world who are opening up more and more to bring the peace, joy and harmony in such a loving way to all of life on earth. Yes, all of life is being affected; the animal kingdom, the insects, the trees, flowers, weeds, etc. It is giving such a wonderfully, energetic effect on all of earthlife. It is a representation of the power you all have to restructure your world to one of harmony in Love forever.

I leave this update now on how the world is reacting, and glowing in the Love that is being submitted. It is with great honor that I bring you this message. I know it is continuing as I speak, and it will vibrate so wonderfully onward and upward in the power that you all have. Keep on, keeping it up, and you will feel heaven on earth, now and forever. I love you all so much!

Thank you Dear Ohmnipure,

Much Love to you all, Nancy Tate