Love is our new reality

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Ohmnipure via Nancy Tate, September 27, 2016

Wake up Call: Ohmnipure, September 27, 2016

I am here today to let you in on a little secret. There are no secrets at all. All is in the mind of the beholder and therefore all are able to access what is the truth and see what it means to them and how to live with it in a way that is basic and loving to all of life. Do you see what I am saying? There is a way in which we are all one, and in that way we all have access to what each other is thinking, feeling and doing. What keeps them from tuning in is that there is no hesitation except for the inner desire to be private and allow others to. It is one of the ‘straw cottage’ agreements that began when life on this planet went beyond what it had been before this planet came into being for this purpose of closing in and allowing each other the privacy that was desired for the purpose of being here.

I am Ohmnipure, and I come through this one today for the reason that she asked on a soul level to help her to realize why she is feeling that there is nothing to do in her life that makes her feel one with others. She is now beginning to see why she has gone through these past days in a way that brings her to wonder why she is still here, doing the ‘nothing that comes to mind’. She feels that she is not alone in this energy of nothing to do, for she is tuning in to so many of you who are wondering why, what is the reason for being in this backlog of energy in which they wonder what to do in the next moment that means anything.

Well, I have something to share with you that can open up what you already know. You are all washing clean what has been in the way for so long, that which is coming to the front for you to do. You will be so ready when the opportunity arrives that you will realize that you have opened the door for it to greet you and say, “Welcome! Here we go on your new journey here at these times on earth. We are ready, and there is nothing that can disrupt and stop us, for it is in the magic of the soul that we are arising to our next reason for being here on this wondrous planet. We are ready to carry it forth and dance through the steps singing in joy and wondrous blending of the energies of all of life on this planet, and beyond.”

Yes, I realize that you are thinking, “This sounds like a master role that is in the works only for those who are able to go through the steps with a knowing that is in tune with all of life.”

Well yes, that is what I am saying and it comes from my feeling the openness in which so many of you have drawn yourself because you have realized on a soul level that is where you are right now. You are ready to begin the first steps in your new direction. Take the deep breath that helps you to relax and enjoy the ride, for you are the Creator of that ride. You are ready, and we are all with you for it is a tune in which we will all be in harmony. Beloved ones, we are One in the music that is upon us. Enjoy the dance, and sing your hearts to the destined Joy that is in your coming lives.

This is the essence of the Mushaba Love that is in full motion within each and everyone of you. It has been with you since you were created. Now is the time for you to feel it, and move in the essence of the energy that is all about Power, Creativity, Freedom and Love. You are the Creator of your Bliss. Live it, and know what Bliss is truly all about.

Thank you so much dear Ohmnipure,

Much Love, Nancy Tate