Love is our new reality

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Avenda via Nancy Tate, January 21st, 2017

Wake up Call: Avenda, January 21, 2017


I am here now to represent this one’s feelings from yesterday’s inauguration. I am here to say that there is an absence of the idea of harmony with all of the family of earth. As the speeches continued it was in harmony only with the country that was being represented.

What about the rest of the planet? What about the people around the world working and living in harmony? Are we not living on this planet in order to learn what family is all about? Did we not come from a place of purity and Love in order to see how far away we could go from our truth? Have we not realized how strong and powerful it is to look within, and then walk forward without having to prove ourselves as the leaders and the ones who have all of the answers apart from the others who don’t maybe agree with us? We are the ones who agreed to come to this planet with the idea of seeing what we can do from within without remembering who we are, and where we would find our best way to live and resonate with each other.

We have found the way that non-remembrance can take us. Do we like it? Do we see that it is the new way to live, instead of being in harmony? Do we want to live as if we are the leaders, and the others in different places around the world are the ones who are less than us? I feel that this is the venture that takes us right back to the troubles that we have brought to our lives in order to be able to return to the truth of who we truly are and live it again. We can go on from that unbinding love that we have for each other, and dissolve the borders that we have created that separate us. We can tell each other in different homes that we are the ones who have the final word on decisions of how to live together, yet apart from each other within our knowingness. We are not better-than, unless we have persuaded others that they are less than. If we continue to do that, then we are in a whirlpool of lies and forgetfulness that is not the truth of who we are.

We are all from the one seed of destiny. We are all from the oneness that tells us that we can live in harmony with all of life. No matter where we are and what our thoughts and desires are, we can live in harmony and still be able to be individual in our expressions. This is the time for us to begin that journey back to the one family that we came from. We are still in the energy of prosperity, and that prosperity is based in Love and the ability to live in peace and joy in the Love that is the basis for all of expression.

Come now; join in with the expression of being One with all of humanity, all of life on this planet and beyond. We are all one, and we all have the freedom to live that oneness in the expression that represents the Love essence of who we came from and why we came to this planet to show ourselves what it means to be in the oneness that we are and always can be. We can be in that expression and carry on forward in so much beauty and love that can inspire us to further our expression in a harmonious way.

Step up now in your journey and live the Light of Love and be the example of who we are all are and can express in how to live in harmony forevermore. It is our destined purpose to reawaken and live our lives in the Love Essence of Mushaba and the Oneness that we all are.

I love you all so much, for you are my family born in Love, Joy and Peace!

Love to you all,

Nancy Tate, Avenda