Love is our new reality

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Ohmnipure via Nancy Tate, November 8th

Wake up Call: Ohmnipure, 11-08-16


I am here to speak with you on this day of change not only in one country but also around the world. It is a day that will prove that the outcome of every incident and carrying on of change will affect all of life on this planet. It is a day of simply looking at the outcome and the circumstances of what is to take place in one corner of the world and how it can affect the rest of the family of earth.  

I send to you the images of closeness within your knowing. It is one that speaks of the timeliness of what is about to happen. See for yourselves what it means, and how it interprets your own ideas of what one incident can do to change the rest of the world. Is it the power of that incident against the power of the rest of the family? Or is it that the family is all one, and within that energy of Oneness comes the ability to change the totality of what is experienced around the world.

You as a person reading this message will see how it can affect your day and the rest of your life. It can cause a difference, even so slight or huge, in the way you approach your daily lives, or even the next moment in your life. Is it something that can go against what you believe is the best way to be, or is it the influence of what your decisions will be in the coming moments, days, or forever? Will you choose what you would have before the events of the days come forth as they will, or will you see the challenge of moving forth in what the days events have told you?

I am here this day to show you that I am part of the family of One that moves in a wave of harmony and Love. We are all in this together, and as we move in the pathways that each of us chooses, then we create that which is in tune with the choices we make for ourselves and for any others who choose to follow us. We all have that choice. We can take the essence of the power within and swing it in a direction that dances with the wolves, or with the angels who live within the wolves. We are a part of all that exists on earth and beyond. We are the soldiers and the dancers. We are the teachers and the students. We are all of us doing what we choose, and how others suggest to us what interpretation we many take from their choices.

It is a world that is being created as I speak. I come today to remind you that the coming times are in our hands. We all move forward in the luxury of freedom to make our own decisions. As soon as anyone realizes that, in the power that exists within, then we can move forward in the freedom of choice for each and everyone of us. We can all dance in the freedom of choice, and sing in the tune of joyfulness and peace that comes from our expression of the power that we have. I am with you all, and I am moving in such a way that there is only the moment of beginning the new dance of this beautiful planet in a way that speaks of who we are in the fullness of our Love.

Go now and play through this day in the majesty that you are and you’ll see what it is that you can do in the strength of your Love for all of Life, for it is the power of Love that creates the beauty of the Oneness.

Thank you so much Dear Ohmnipure,

Much Love, Nancy Tate