Love is our new reality

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The Collective via Caroline Oceana Ryan, November 8th

Message to Lightworkers – November 8, 2016

The latest guidance from our friends, the Divine Beings known as the Collective:

Greetings, Illuminated Ones!

We are glad to have this time to speak with you today.

And so there is great hubbub in the United States now, on this Election Day.

We see many struggling with what they feel is an unfair choice—one in which you must choose among candidates who mainly seem to be sunken in fraudulent, often destructive behaviors.

You feel some loss of empowerment, wondering, “How can I vote, when clearly, most candidates represent the old power structure in some way? Each is only contributing to the problems around us, by bowing to the powers-that-were, while here I am, standing up for empowerment of the human race?

“What does it matter, whether I contribute or not?”

And we would say, dear ones, that it matters a great deal.

That those of you in the United States, and every country where citizens are able to cast a vote, are doing far more than simply choosing not only among those the dark hats have decided to present to you—those they believe will ensure their continued reign.

Far more than that you are exercising a human right that did not exist on this Earth for millennia, then came to the forefront after many bravely sacrificed their physical safety and social standing, in order to stand against the status quo, and demand voting as a human right.

As you vote, you stand with them, thanking them for the freedom they won for you and all successive generations.

You are also saying to your higher self, and to all those now assisting Earth in the higher realms:

“I AM using my voice. And my voice is declaring human sovereignty—the Divine Government of NESARA Law. I use my voice and my presence as an anchor for all higher energies now!

“I AM casting my vote (etherically) only for those who will pave the way for Divine Government upon this Earth, regardless of who is elected. For all things contribute to the higher good of humankind and our planet now!”

Do not be troubled by the commentaries, the prognostications, the catch phrases, and the swagger of the “winners” who are lording it over the “losers.”

For there are powerful energies moving upon the Earth now—the blazing Violet Flame of St Germain, and the higher frequencies of many billions of Angelic voices rising in song and sacred chant, as well as the concentration of higher energies from Divine Beings of all forms, from your Galactic and soul families, from the very soul of Earth Herself, and all Her kingdoms and elementals.

You have seen that Earth Herself is now able to hold the higher energies of the fifth dimension.

See now that you yourselves, dear ones, are now able to hold those same fifth dimensional (and higher) energies—to anchor them wherever you stand, and all around your planet, as forms of a New Earth reality.

And do you need to be famous, or wealthy, or have a beautiful face known to many millions, in order to wield that astounding influence?

Not at all!

We ourselves are not always seen face to face. And yet—you see and sense Us all around you.

You see the beauty of the Sun as He rises, of the plants and flowers and trees, of the rich soil and the flowing waters, and the wind above them.

And you know, from these expressions, that Divine Love is a constant, and truly, the Only reality there is.

You yourselves carry these higher energies at every moment.

You came for nothing less than to be an expression of Divine Love and Light itself!

So do not listen, but smile at those who assure you that “All is lost” because this person or that was elected or not elected.

Watch the energies—tune into them intuitively—now and over the next few months, and you will see that you are witnessing a tidal wave of good will and higher reason, washing over this Earth and every single consciousness in and upon Her.

No one is immune.

There is no hiding place deep or dark enough for those entities that have held your Earth hostage for so long to hide in.

Forgive or release them, in whatever way you have found will work best for you.

If you feel that you cannot forgive the actions of those who have worn the dark hats—played the shadow role—for so long that they feel that is their only purpose and identity, then simply call upon us.

Say to us, “I AM holding the full intention to release and forgive all wrongdoing ever committed upon the Earth, and all those who enacted these.

“If I am not fully able to do this, then Divine Beings of all forms—forgive and release them through me, and help all on that path to live out their higher good now. I give thanks!”

That is all that is needed. We are here for you at all times.

You may find coming up in your consciousness a number of people in your own life whom you need to forgive, even if part of your heart-mind is still in a state of anger, or frozen in shock as it was in that moment in your past.

The same idea applies here as well: Hold the clear intent to release them to their higher good. Then open your hands, and let go.

Give them to us, dear ones.

The Light on your planet is such now, that you can no longer carry these grudges and resentments on your own. You must let go.

And so you step now into new forms of beauty, strength, inner realization of your Divine Self, and a time of requiring the Equality, Peace, Justice, Beauty, Joy, and Truth that you have for so long desired but despaired could ever occur.

Indeed it has already occurred in the etheric, or you would not be holding it in your hearts in such powerful and empowering ways.

Consider it done.

Namaste, dear ones! We all of us bow to your bravery, and we celebrate with you, as NESARA moves ever forward.

Welcome its very Spirit into your hearts, your homes, your words, and visions. You are birthing it, as nations, cultures, and individuals.

And this time, you are leaving none of you behind.

Be of good cheer! We are with you, always.

Copyright 2016, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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