Love is our new reality

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Ohmnipure and Porda via Nancy Tate, February 4th, 2017

Wake up Call: Ohmnipure & Porda, Feb 04, 2017


We are Ohmnipure and Porda, and we are here today to let you in on a little secret, for it is time for it to be a secret no more. It is all about what is going on in the background and how it is affecting the release of all that you are waiting for. It is going to be released to the freedom of being able to live as you want and give your energy to the fun and peacefulness in which you can live as you desire, and that will benefit not only you, but also all of existence. It will build a super foundation of trust and Love that will bring more and more truth to the open. This will give those who are not in the same mindset that you are the ability to see what it is that so many people have been supporting the energy of. They know on an inner level that the truth is that what is going on in the background is what has been taking all of the mistrust and storing it away in a freezer which keeps it in storage.  Anyone who wonders what is behind it will seek and find it to represent what they have been being told from those outside of the freezer, and in the reserves of trust that are representing the truth.

I speak now of the ones who have been seeking the authority to speak for themselves, and to be able to spread forth the word of what everyone has put in storage since coming to the planet. They have agreed to walk in the shoes that have been needing to be replaced as they wear out, and as they become too small for the size of the truth as it comes to the surface. It is now the time to take off the shoes and walk in the promise that there is no strangeness of what is being walked on. It is the smoothness of the truth being lived and represented in ways that sing in harmony with what is being brought forward in the wake of the words that are being sung.

Take a moment, dear ones, and see what it is that is coming your way on the sidelines. See that what is being told to you represents what you feel has been misplaced over the millennia as ways to step aside and allow the ease in living to be a part of your lives. It is in the measure of what it will take for you all to realize that you have the ability to create that which you desire, as the parts of what it takes to live the way that speaks to you of harmony and ease for all of life. It is also a clear and easy movement that will bring it all into balance. See now what it is that you are waiting for, and step into the dance it takes to bring it to you. It is a step-by-step process that you are in. As you live it, you find that there is more justice in believing and knowing that you are capable of manifesting what it is that you desire for your life.

Come to the front, dear ones in your life and know that what it is that you are walking into is of your own creation. All you need do is to give it attention and know that every step you take will bring the equivalent of what you have in your heart that matches your instinct for living the truth. Your truth is that you are One with all there is. In that knowing you can produce and bring into harmony what it is that has been going on for so long. You are the ones who create your world, so go forth and celebrate with all of life and know that together you move in the truth of Oneness in every moment.

We leave you now and see that you are smiling and giving yourselves the truth of feeling the Love that you are. We feel it so truly, and we reverberate it back to all of you in a song of perfect harmony. Love is all there is!

Thank you so much dear Ones!

Much Love,

Nancy Tate