Love is our new reality

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Avenda via Nancy Tate, February 27th, 2017

Wake up Call: Avenda, February 21, 2017


As we go into our system that is being fabricated with all of the desires and interests of each other, we are seeing the results of what we believe, and what we desire for our lives. We see the attitudes of so many people change and take on a different agenda. As this takes place we will go through the awakening process that will bring us to a clearer picture of what our journey at this time is creating for us. It is a Wake up Call that surpasses all that we have accomplished to this point in our journey. As we go through this we are contemplating several pathways that will lead us to the expansiveness that is in store for us as we take our journey through this experience that we are creating.

When we reach each chapter of our book that we are creating, we will see how each word is as powerful as each action that we are taking. We crawl and we fly. We dance and we sing. We stomp on our doorsteps and we whisper through the timetable that is set to open the various doors that will lead us to another eye-opener to our destined promise.

Take a moment and look at what we are doing in our pathways. See the differences that each day, each hour, or moment takes us through. Have we learned how to direct ourselves, or are we listening to others who speak outside of ourselves? It is more than a one-way road to the absence of trouble and disarray. It is an interesting map that we have drawn out for our journey back home to where we came from. Then when we get there we’ll discover that it isn’t all that different in many ways; yet at the same time we’ll see that we are directing ourselves through a whole different timeline. We are living in the moment in a way that we had only partly understood.

We are now giving ourselves so much to think about and to express in our way back home. We are discovering that it is all our way back and it is discovery at its very fullest. As others outside of us, and at our side, take their steps, how closely do we take their steps and discover that they match what we do, or completely take us out of our direction?

Go now and see for yourselves what it is that takes you in your direction and then settles you into a feeling of wellness as well as closeness to that which you have desired. Take a moment to look outside and see how others are reacting that shows you the degree of oneness that we all are. Isn’t it interesting how we are creating our whole new worlds through the steps and discoveries that we have made!

It is indeed a journey of understanding, cooperation and wonder that we are bringing to our lives. Lets keep on keeping on and allowing ourselves to follow our inner voice and seek our fortune in a way that tells us it begins within, not in the places outside of ourselves. I go now and walk the pathway to the peace, joy and love that is our creation in the journey of discovery of our trueness of being creative. It is all about self-love, that speaks for our love of all of Life.

Thank you so much Avenda, for being me.

Much Love, Nancy Tate