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Skye Prince ~ Another Med Bed Update (It’s Already Happening!) November 8, 2023

Skye Prince ~ Another Med Bed Update (It’s Already Happening!)

Skye starts this presentation with reading a message that she received saying that med-bed roll-out is happening now. She gives details. It’s a lovely piece that you’ll just want to listen to.

At the core of this newly-accelerated process is the fact that team dark has been dispatched, and we’re finally free to embrace the new world of Earth.  Yippee!  I can believe it, and you know how I follow the geo-political happenings…it’s all falling into place now.

The message is from Amenorah of the Venusian High Council, and Skye doesn’t offer any insight as to how it was given to her.  One might consider it to be a telepathic message from one of her peeps in the sky.

She goes on to give the med-bed update, which is truly and absolutely the bomb.  There aren’t any further notes this time, because we just want to put this up right away.  You’ll surely want to give a listen.

Click the image above to watch…