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Slowing Down | Shechina via Lee Degani

Slowing Down | Shechina via Lee Degani

by Lee Degani


I always love the second week of winter break when the children are still off from school. Although I miss my students, I also relish my time of quiet. I sometimes feel like a bear, going within to hibernate!

But that time of slowing down gives me a chance to look at the past year and allow how I wish to proceed to come forth. What projects will excite me, bring me Joy? What is the Divine calling me to do?

This year, the message is to slow down even when I return to my normal schedule. Does it mean giving up some of what I do? Not in the least. I love it all! But it is being in the stillness even as I “do.”

Here is what the Divine Mother has to say about slowing down. Hope you love her message as much as I do!

Shechina: Slowing Down

“Dearest One, I AM Shechina, angel of your heart, Joy of your heart, mother and friend. I am within the deepest longings within thee. I am in the stillness and in the slowing down that is inherent in each being. The slowing down that is called forth, that I call forth so you may remember who you are. And so you may hear within.

There are times that you say, “But Shechina, Divine Mother, I have so much I need to do. I am so busy. How can I slow down? And that beloved, is an issue that has come forth within your world. It was never meant to be that the busyness would take over. You were designed that with each action that you would take, you would be in conjunction with, you would be aligned with me, you, for we are one and the same. That you would find the ways to make each moment, each movement a slowing down.

Now how is that possible when you must run? Or in today’s world that you have so much you must accomplish? It is a matter of becoming the at-one-ment. Becoming the divine aspect of yourself and then you move with a flow. You move with a Joy. You move with a sweet exquisite knowing, a divine knowing in every essence of your being. It is that which each one yearns for.

And it is with this that I am calling you that you may experience, that you may remember, you may return to the way that you were always meant to operate in the physical world. And that is to be aligned with the Love, to be aligned with the Joy. And when you take that step beloved by going within, by listening, by following, everything else will fall into place.

Farewell. I leave you with much Love.”