Love is our new reality

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Solar Logos Helios and Vesta via Natalie Glasson, May 19th, 2023

Greetings, beloved beings of light upon the Earth. We honour you now for your existence upon the Earth and we delight in our connection with you. We, the Solar Logos Helios and Vesta, have a constant connection with you. We are distributing energies from the Solar Level within the Universe of the Creator delivering and directing them especially to you. We deliver many ascension shifts that come through the higher vibrations of the Creator and ground them into the Earth.
We wish to speak of an ascension shift that is entering into your atmosphere, into your auric field and into your being. Should you choose to accept it, you can imagine our ascension shift as warm golden beams of light from the sun, very much like the sun’s rays. Our purpose in extending our energy to you, is to support a health upgrade. The energies flowing from the Creator at this moment, are deeply nutritious and nourishing. This means that when you accept the Creator’s energies, you can nurture and nourish yourself, anything you wish to create or manifest or anything in your reality. Whatever, and wherever you choose to place your focus, you can distribute and magnify nourishment and nurturing.
Take a moment to contemplate this for a moment. 

What would you nurture and nourish within your being? 

What would you nurture and nourish around you?

 And what ideas would you nurture and nourish?
To nurture and to nourish, is to give energy to it, to give focus, attention, but it is also about the vibrations of light. It is a wellbeing energy that supports a greater complete wellbeing and health. You can contemplate what this would look like, feel like, be like if the energy of wellness, nourishment, nurturing was grounded into your being into certain areas of your being, into others, into your reality, into ideas and even into Mother Earth.
Can you imagine all the plants, the animals, the waters thriving? Being as green and as strong as ever, the waters being as pure as ever, the animals being as healthy as ever.
How would this support you and your reality?
What would you see, sense and acknowledge in your own reality?
Maybe you already feel well, nurtured and nourished, there is always more to absorb. Imagine your soul being nurtured and nourished and filled with wellness. Imagine your mind being nurtured and nourished and filled with wellness. Your cells, your body and so forth, there are so many areas to imagine and to contemplate.
You can call upon us, Helios and Vesta, to deliver our Solar Light of wellness,
nourishment, and nurturing into your being. Sit with our energy, meditate with it. Be aware of this presence, its influence, and its impact. Think of any areas that you wish for wellbeing, nurturing or nourishment. Direct the energy in these areas or simply let the energy flow to where it is needed. When you feel full and complete with the energy of wellness, nurturing and nourishment, then let it flow through you to Mother Earth, to areas of the world, to everything and everyone. What a blessing, this gift would be.
Within the Solar Level energy of wellness, nourishment and nurturing there are also minerals and vitamins within the light vibrations, that not only support your physical body and auric field in being well, in experiencing greater health, but also these vitamins and minerals are essential for the next stage of your ascension. I know, you may not believe that it is possible, but sometimes the level of vitamins and minerals within your being, can hinder your ascension if they are lacking. When your body, especially has all the minerals and vitamins that it needs, it is easier for your physical body and in fact, your entire being to rise to a new vibration of light, and to receive more light. Sometimes there are specific vitamins and minerals that are needed for specific ascension shifts. You might find that you eat something, maybe it is different to what you are used to or you eat more of it and it could be your body stocking up on a certain mineral or vitamin.
In order to support you in the next stage of your ascension, it is wonderful to see the body and the auric field working as one. Everything has a purpose and every aspect of your body and your auric field, your chakras and so forth each have such an important role in assisting each stage of your ascension. You can invite us Helios and Vesta to deliver to you the Solar Level energy of wellness, nurturing and nourishment containing the vitamins and minerals for ascension to boost your current health and well-being. Then allow yourself to receive. You can receive it during meditation or quiet time. You may also wish to receive each night maybe for a week or so while you sleep and this will not only support your physical body, but also your energetic bodies and your ascension. It will create a health upgrade, not only for you and for others as well. If your physical body is suffering with illness or pain, you may need to continue this process for longer than a week to receive the energetic upgrade. It may be that several months are needed. It is important to follow your intuition as to what is appropriate for you.
We give this energy to you, to empower you and assist you in your existence upon the Earth and your spiritual ascension.
We thank you for being present with us.

We are Solar Logos Helios and Vesta