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“Squeeze” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Friday – June 16, 2017

“Squeeze” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Friday – June 16, 2017


Cyber warfare is the only reasonable “shut down tactic” the cabal has left per military intelligence sources.

Fear generating physical attacks (real and false) are deemed far less of a concern now as to potentially halting the RV once it has begun in earnest at the T4/T5 levels.

People just aren’t afraid of them anymore. Mass consciousness has switched.

On Wednesday military teams with trained financial leaders overtook all off site exchange centers–as a precaution–but this was always planned here at the very end.

Dunford allowed Wells Fargo to believe they had total control of national redemption operations as a psy-ops to catch hidden cabal bankers laying low in the weeds.

It worked.

We know there have been two severe electromagnetic pulse attacks over the past two weekends, and then another cyber virus attack on Wednesday morning.

This came between when 196 members of the Democratic Congress filed its emoluments lawsuit (midnight) and the Virginia baseball field shooting (7:15am).

Be advised that the last remaining dark minions have taken a solemn oath to die with the con, not allowing humanity have their freedom or heavenly blessings under any circumstance.

And they are now self-terminating through the ranks via a series of false public reveals. In order to fulfill their commitment to their dark occult overlord, they step out and show their true colors with sabotage.

These last minions and their second rate plots were known and planned for. The final rounds are almost over.

Not to worry.

But this is why there was a need for months of pump fakes. The NPTB had to squeeze out all the deep seeded, latent terrorist juices from the evil cabal lemon.

This includes Trump and nearly all his cabinet appointees and staff within his administration. Not all, but most to all.

The strategy as we can best determine is to force Trump’s resignation through a constant but intensifying drip, drip, drip of incriminating news stories with Russian ties, forcing the entire Republican party to abandon its GOP leader–and seemingly do so all at once.

This sets up the RV release sometime before the end of Ramadan (July 27) as well as before the public restoration of the Republic we understand comes on the July 4th holiday weekend.

It’s also exactly mid-point through the earth’s calendar year, and summer is when the Chinese begin their fiscal year, not the fall. This is why the AIIB’s annual meeting is always held this week.

Keep your eyes on Trump’s quickening fall from grace because he alone represents the public removal of the cabal dynasty from global relevance–never to return.

Trust that love will win the day and that all is well. Because it is. Sobeit.

God is with us.