Love is our new reality

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St Germain, June 23

Merlin: “Your Transformational Transmutations”

Ashtar On The Road Teleconference – June 23


“I am Merlin, Master of Transformational Transmutation!  As an aspect of Saint Germain, I am well versed in alchemy, but I can assure you that the Highest form of transformation is energized by the Light of Love and it is directed by Spirit.And so it is that Science and Spirit are one.


“You have lived many lifetimes – through eons of time – with the programs deliberately designed to separate the two.  They are not to be separated!  And it is you, most Beloved Ones, who are of great assistance in restoring the Truth to Planet Earth.  And the Truth is simply that which I have just stated!  So be in rejoicing that, as the Light comes in more and more, the Truth is showing more and more.  It cannot help but show!


“Now, as many of you know, I am most in Joy when I take on the body of a particular being which can fly and is most powerful, and that is, of course, the dragonfly!  I transmute myself and put my spirit into not just one, but many dragonflies.  For it is my way of coming forth in many parts of the World.  And it is that when I come into your fields – I shall say ‘fields of vision,’ but it is much more than that – it is a connection from my energy fields to yours!And so it is, if you see me – even if your eyes are closed and you are seeing me with your wisdom eyes – know that I am with you in special celebration in that moment of our Oneness, in Oneness of our LoveLight energies, and in commitment to the very transformational, transmutation process which you are all undergoing in this moment, and in those to come in your next now moments!!!


“Of course, I am speaking of your ultimate Ascensions!  That is your returning home to your Light Bodies.  No more density, no more being, shall we say, imprisoned.  You are as free to fly as I fly, and you can move your Spirits into any bodies that you might choose, on Planet Earth or elsewhere!!!


“But first, there is an intermediate step and that is, of course, the Golden Age of which Ashtar was speaking.*  Now it is that your ultimate Ascensions are what you are in preparation for even now!  And this will continue after you enter permanently into the Golden Age, because the majority of you are not quite there yet.  You are still experiencing some three dimensional programs, or programs which are still a part of the third dimensional lifestyle – let us put it that way.


“And if you are in existence at all in the third dimension, then you are, to a certain extent, subject to these programs.  That does not mean that you cannot clear out whatever fear attachments there are within your own beings.  I want to be absolutely crystal clear on that! You all have the capability to clear out all fear-based programs, emotions, thoughts, words, expressions, and deeds, so that only Love remains!!!


“And it is in your most loving energies that you are serving to bring about the upliftment of the entirety of Planet Earth, so that everyone who chooses to, of course, can go permanently through that portal and not be subject to any of the third dimension, any of its levels or programs any more!  Along with this, as I have said, is the transformational transmutation of your physical bodies, so that you will undergo these changes in the totality of your beings.


“Now it is Joy-full to bring in the Love, and to feel that Love circulating throughout the entirety of your energy fields.  And, yes, I can see that all of you still have some denseness within your physical selves, some places that can use a bit more clearing or, as I like to say, ‘LIGHT-ening up’ but I assure you that you all can do this!  It is simply a matter of continuing to bring in that LoveLight, circulating it throughout the entirety of yourselves, and radiating it out through your energy fields and then beyond.  And the more you do this, the more you will be transmuting your physical selves so that you become more the crystalline bodies!


“Now let’s talk about that.  You are moving from being carbon-based to silicon-based.  And that is, of course, a form of crystal.And crystals are wondrous messengers.They receive, they can store what you call ‘data,’ and they can send.  And you know that you have various technologies, devices, and so on, which employ crystals.You are becoming more and more crystalline yourselves!You have data stored within your beings which you have not opened completely.  Some of you have opened very little, some of you more, you see.  This will change!!!  The more crystalline you become, the more you are going to know and see.  The history/herstory of Planet Earth, for instance, will become what you call ‘crystal clear!’


“And for those of you who want it all now, you can certainly access it!  Communications will not require wires, cables, what you call power lines.  It will be one crystalline being communicating with one or more other crystalline beings, or a whole group of crystalline beings communicating with one.You call it ‘telepathic messaging.’  It’s all about becoming more and more crystalline!


“There are beings right now who have capabilities which are quite advanced.  They have awakened to ‘gifts’ – this is what Ashtar calls them.  I call them the ‘crystalline memories’ of Who They Really Are and what they may have done in, for instance, the position of high priest in Lemuria or Atlantis or Egypt even, so that they can bi-locate.  You can all do that!  You can access that knowledge outside of yourselves, or within your own selves!


“You have choices.  More and more the crystals will be coming into usages in so many ways. And I shall tell you specifically that as you, yourselves, move more and more into your crystalline transmutations, you will be more and more interactive with what you call your computers.  That’s right!  You will be able to communicate with your computers much more easily.You can do it with your voices.  You can even send your thought waves telepathically.  This is all doable now and there are those who are doing it!  There is a lot of that kind of Science which is absolutely necessary to have the Spiritual Aspect joined with it.


“Now, yes, we know that there are those who are using this in what might seem to be a non-spiritual manner that is unloving. And that is ending on Planet Earth!!!  As more and more come to the Light, there will be no more usages of science alone, but actual spiritual empowerment to the scientific processes by, let’s just say, Higher Level Beings who have learned how to do these things!


“This has been a temporary – even though it is long-lived-era on Planet Earth – it is all temporary!  And it is all for the purpose of bringing it into the Light and ultimately shining the LoveLight upon it so that it can be released, let go of and ended for all time.


“So as you proceed with your crystalline, transformational transmutations you may have some physical – shall we say, physical manifestations.  And as always, I must honor the human conventions.  I will say to you, if you have anything that does not seem to be functioning properly within yourselves, you can always go and get an opinion, a diagnosis from those who are qualified to do so.


“I will mention one other aspect of these changes that are going on, and that is you may be finding more and more of what you call glitches in your systems – your automobiles and other transportational methods, may suddenly become disempowered.I am not speaking of causing accidents or anything like that; they’re  just temporarily not working.  Some of your appliances and electrical gadgets and electronics, and so on, may stop briefly.  They are responding to the incoming energies, yes.


“They are also responding to the recalibrating which is going on within your own beings!  So be advised.  If something does not seem to be working – it suddenly has stopped – this may be permanent, it may not be.  But it is temporary that you will be inconvenienced by it, because if it cannot be fixed, it is either something you can do without or be something that will be able to be replaced.


“I say this not to alarm you. and not to build up anticipation within yourselves that these things are going to become a way of life.  As you recalibrate, so will everything around you.  The atmospheres and the energies around you, and thus what is transmitted to all of these devices, will recalibrate also!

“And I will tell you this – the day will come when you will not need an electric company to run your households!!!  You will have some very special devices and they will have crystals.  And if you want to toast a piece of bread, you will not need to have your toaster plugged in to an electrical grid system, but rather it will operate by means of this new technology, just as you are learning to operate with the new technologies within your beings!


“Why do I say ‘technologies?’  Well, it’s all Science, is it not?  And it’s all about you continuing to move forward along your paths, even as you are in the midst of your own transformational transmutations.  And I use that because it is to give you an opportunity to pause with the lengthiness of the words.  Pretty awesome, is it not?!


“From my perspective, I can tell you, Beloved Ones, that as you transform your physicalities, so also are you transforming your thoughts, your feelings, and your spiritual perspectives are broadening and becoming so beautiful, so cohesive, so harmonious with the Love that you are literally radiating and that others are radiating to you!!!  You are indeed the Master Creators of yourselves!  You would not be here on Planet Earth in this moment, undergoing your metamorphoses into the crystalline bodies, if you had not created your lifestyles so as to be participants in this!


“This is the biggest, grandest and indeed most challenging of transformational transmutations that has ever occurred on Planet Earth, because it is for everyone who chooses to participate so to do.And right now, those who are choosing to participate are between 95 and 99 percent, I shall say.  Some have chosen, but are not awakened to it, and that is a lesser percentage within that which I have just given you, but it is that at least 95 percent of all who are walking in human bodies or living in human bodies upon Planet Earth at this time have at least initially made the plan when they came into their present lifestyles to do this, to undergo this transformation!!!


“And we assure you that it is ongoing.  It is undergoing right now.YOU – ALL OF YOU, as I look upon you – are all engaged in this process.  And you all have the capabilities of moving through it to your ultimate Ascensions!  And I can assure you that Home will be a most Joy-full place for you to ascend to.  And if you choose to return to your Home that is the Light before you complete the process, I can assure you, that it will be equally as joyful, and that you will be equally as welcomed and honored and celebrated, because you are here now, joined in the Consciousness of One, the One We All Are!!!


“So I, Merlin, see happy days ahead on your paths.  I encourage you to greet your transformed, transmutated selves and to merge with that vision so as to empower even more the processes that you are undergoing.  Invite the energies of transformational transmutation to come into you in exactly the most appropriate amounts in any given moment so as to effect the changes within you with the greatest of ease, comfort and Joy!  And I, Merlin, assure you that I am with each and every one of you and that we have begun this journey, this adventure, this Grand Mission together!  And we shall proceed together, as you prepare yourselves to return to that place in the Higher Dimensions where a part of each of you already is – and is eagerly partnering with you – as you proceed along your paths!!!


“So be in Joy and know that all is well and Divine, and that you are succeeding in accomplishing that which you came here to do!I offer you my Love and support, and I invite you to join with me in the empowerment of this process for each of you and indeed for all of those on Planet Earth who would join us in this Grand Mission!!!  And so it is.  Namaste!”

Transcription by Marta.

Given through Susan Leland, June 23, 2015.

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