Love is our new reality

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St. Germain via Nancy Tate, February 09, 2016

Wake up Call: St. Germain, February 09, 2016


It has been quite a day on the money front. It is swirling around the disciples who are putting it all together for the distribution. I have been part of it, and as I interact with various ones who are at the forefront, they confide in me that there is coming a huge turnover for all of the people on the planet. They are saying to various individuals that there is coming a time when there will be no greed, no sustenance that is not satisfied, no need for anything except to be in the Love energy that is beginning to elevate around the globe 

This is the time for change. As it unfolds there will be tremendous opportunities for all of you to become that which you have dreamt of being. You will find that as the new ways of being unfold there will be less and less obstacles that will be met. There will come the day when there will be complete freedom in the path of everyone who comes down the pike in the new energy of Love that is creating abundance as I speak.

Yes, it is already in the hallways and byways in so many ways. It is being released in various ways to certain individuals for the distribution to be made with no danger of interference. That has been one of the most important parts of this whole process, as I’m sure you understand it needs to be. There will be a tremendous change in humanity when it comes to the point that the need for money to have a happy life will be in the background.

Once the truth is lived of the importance of abundance, it will then be realized and lived that the abundance of a truly happy and peaceful life is not in the pockets, but in the hearts and the creativity of one with another. Once you are living what it means to be in harmony with one another then you will see how the intermittent time of lots of money paves the way for not needing it in order to be in peace, joy and love.

There is coming a time when there will be a long procession of events that will bring it all to the front, as far as what people will be discovering has been in the background. They may have heard about these things from time to time, and discarded it as someone’s idea of bringing forth false information. They will at some point see that it is a matter of being able to live what they are being told, and seeing it come forth in their lives in a way that cannot be denied.

Till then my dear ones, live your life in the best way you can. Know that as you bring joy to your heart, and to others, you will be living your life in a way that will bring freedom to the pathways that you will find are open and clear for your journey to the truth. You will know that what has been in the background and whispered about, or made fun of, will be at the front of your vision. Then you will know that it is time to follow the whispers in your heart that lead you to the freedom of your life in a way that is in Peace, Joy and Love. Onward and upward dear ones, for you are the leaders of your lives and we are with you all the way!

Thank you so much dear St. Germain,

Much Love, Nancy Tate