Love is our new reality

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Starlight of the unicorn race via Galaxygirl, November 6th, 2017

Greetings Humans; I am Starlight of the unicorn race and I come to you today with great honor and respect for you and your contributions and service to Gaia.

We have watched and observed you all for so many thousands of years, just beyond the veil, and we see you progressing closer and closer towards your own awakening individually and collectively as a species. We are of the fairy kingdom; the realm of thoughts entertaining form, the misty place where dreams and reality meet together and play.

You used to be a part of this world, easily, and it was a part of your common understanding that fairy folk and gnomes, dryads and naiads, sylphs, fire salamanders, water sprites, mer people, all existing around you in cohesive bonds and perfect harmony. For you were One and you knew it. Separation was not a part of your conditioning as it is now, and has been for so many seasons. But know in your heart of hearts this is changing. Unity consciousness is reemerging.

The cosmic energies are all in unison, in perfect alignment. Open the portals of your heart spaces to let this light in. You must welcome it within you. Allow the peace and unconditional loving embrace of the Mother’s cosmic love tsunami to thunder into each and every one of your cells, embracing each cell with light. Be transformed by this time of unprecedented change.

Allow the mythical possibilities of realms just outside your perception of reality into your awareness. For just because you may not acknowledge something is possible doesn’t mean that it is not possible. Closing your eyes doesn’t halt another being from existence. I assure you, we are all very real and full of love for Humanity at this tender time of awakening. For you are being born a new in a way; shedding your skin, hatching your egg, stretching your wings…there are so many, many ways to say evolution in the Animal Kingdom. I assure you, we are keenly aware of you and your progress, for it catapults us all up with you, and it joins together that which was separated.

We watch you, we are with you, we love you. Attune your gaze to the fields and envision us frolicking and run with us. We welcome you to do so. The fairy kingdom is beyond excited to converse with you; watch out, they have a lot to say! I jest. We unicorns are more stoic and are amused by the enthusiastic chatter of our smaller friends.

Remember we are real. We are here. We are a part of your very extended family. Many of you have forms with us in this realm, which is why you can hear our voices in your hearts. Tune in; the frequencies are rising and becoming more powerful and palpable. It is within you. Tune in.

I am Starlight. I am here for you. I touch my horn to your third eye. It is time for your awakening now. It is time to rise.