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Unicorns (channeled messsages)

Celestial Unicorns and Dolphins via Natalie Glasson, March 13th, 2020

Celestial Unicorns and Dolphins

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Imprinting the Magnificence of the Creator by the Celestial Unicorns and Dolphins

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa 

Our truth is your truth, your truth is our truth, our combined truth does not belong to us and yet we are one. We come as a reminder of your purity and divinity; we are the consciousness of the Celestial Unicorns and Dolphins. We bring to your presence the light, love, peace, and bliss of the celestial dimensions.

As love continues to build within and all around you, it is time for you to awaken more fully to the magnificence of the Creator. Most importantly the magnificent of the Creator within and around you.

Do you believe the magnificence of the Creator works through you, existing in every cell of your body? Do you feel magnificent? It is important at this moment to allow the love of the Creator to open the gates of the Universe so you may see the magnificence of the Universe. The consciousness of humanity and the Earth is altering tremendously with each cycle of night and day upon the Earth. If you allow yourself to open to inspiration from the Creator experiencing the magnificence that is permanently present, it will imprint upon your consciousness, therefore, filtering into the general consciousness of humanity and the Earth. This is greatly needed on the Earth now to shift from chaos to peace and from pain to fulfilment. You have a divine purpose of altering the consciousness of the Earth and imprinting the divine into the minds of many, including your own.

When you experience the divine love of the Creator often it is unexplainable in words. It may come forth in feelings or visions. Sometimes you may not understand this fully and yet there is a sense of recognition, inspiration, and knowingness. When recognition, inspiration, and knowingness are present this is a powerful connection and expression of the Creator, which holds a quality of belief that can be unmovable. Allowing for such energies to be implanted into your mind and consciousness will make it easier for others to experience the same. It is important to remember you are a powerful expression of the Creator, more importantly, you are a powerful anchor of the Creator. Wisdom and inspiration flow into your mind, understanding and consciousness to guide you, also because your mind and consciousness are a powerful anchor and magnifier of the energy. Your mind and consciousness whether you realise it or not is connected to all beings and souls upon the Earth and the inner planes. That which you experience within your mind and consciousness is literality akin to another reality, like a radio wave that is shared openly, and often unconsciously with every other soul upon the Earth.

It is important to recognise negative thoughts within your mind, these can easily be cancelled out and erased through the acceptance of divine recognition, inspiration, and knowingness. This doesn’t even have to come from you, it can be implanted or activated within your mind and consciousness. Negative energies are erased due to recognition, inspiration, and knowingness allowing you to see the magnificence of the Creator, which is akin to seeing the truth of the Creator.

We are sharing with you that if you allow yourself to be open to the presence of the Creator penetrating your mind and consciousness, you may receive experiences of recognition, inspiration, and knowingness that will connect you to the magnificence of the Creator. Not only will you benefit from this process, through the energy being implanted into your mind it will filter into the consciousness of humanity.

As you surrender more fully to the process you will give to us the opportunity to truly use your mind as an anchor for sacred and new wisdom which needs to be embedded into the Earth and humanity’s energetic structure. Your mind and consciousness will become akin to a treasure chest of new divine wisdom. Some of the information and sacred wisdom will be useful to you supporting your spiritual awakening while other information will be naturally and automatically transmitted into the consciousness of humanity and the Earth simply through your love vibration. When we ask you to focus upon love and to emanate it from your being, we are preparing you for a time when you will express the entire Universe of the Creator. Can you imagine this? It is possible.  Sacred, wisdom, codes, symbols, enlightenment and so much more will flow through your being, especially transmitted from your mind and consciousness to others upon the Earth. Imagine every soul achieving the same, it would be akin to a network of powerful light and love. You would see, acknowledge and sense the Creator flowing through and from, to and within your entire being. It may be difficult to imagine but it is an experience of oneness upon the Earth and an experience of the Creator.

If you feel guided, we, the Celestial Unicorns and Dolphins wish to support you in experiencing and accessing the magnificence of the Creator on behalf of yourself and humanity. With our energy and support, it is easier to recognise a deep state of purity that leads to the experience of magnificence. The presence of the magnificence of the Creator can easily be accessed with our energies because it is a quality of the Creator we express. We also wish to support you in upgrading your chakra systems in order to hold more light and anchor the magnificence of the Creator into your chakra consciousness to allow you to experience the divine magnificence of the Creator more fully.

Experiencing the Imprint and Awakening of Magnificence Within Your Mind

Allow yourself to sit peacefully gaining a deep state of meditation.

I now call upon the loving protection and support of my angelic community and guides. I ask to be aligned with the Celestial Unicorns and Dolphins. Imagine first the pearlescent light of the unicorns flowing through your crown chakra, through your chakra column and filling your entire torso with light.

Imagine the pale blue light of the dolphins flowing through your crown chakra, through your chakra column and resting in each chakra being supported by the unicorn light.

As the energy builds our light merges and flows back up your chakra column.

The entrance into the combined light is important; allow as much time as is needed. You are activating the consciousness of experiencing the magnificence of the Creator in each chakra. The light will overflow from your crown chakra and some energy will flow into your mind and consciousness in order to bring forth, if appropriate recognition, inspiration, and knowingness of the Creator. Therefore, opening the gateways to experiencing or recognising the magnificence of the Creator.

The above is a preparatory meditation; you can then continue if you wish with this invocation and intention.

‘I invoke the appropriate divine information and sacred wisdom from the Creator to pour into my entire being, especially my mind and my consciousness. Let the divine imprint wisdom and information into my mind and consciousness to support my ascension and a shift of humanity’s consciousness. Let the divine information and sacred wisdom intended for humanity filter from my mind into the minds of others, like an energetic wave, encouraging all to recognise the magnificence of the Creator. Thank you.’

Allow the light of the Creator to flow into your mind and allow yourself to be accepting of the magnificence of the Creator.

Please know you do not necessarily need to express the wisdom and insights verbally, just your recognition or acknowledgement that it is taking place is enough.

We are here to support you to ignite the magnificence of the Creator within you.

Celestial Unicorns and Dolphins

Message from the Unicorn Collective via Galaxygirl, May 27th, 2019

Message from the Unicorn Collective (5/27/19) | Galaxygirl

Unicorn Collective 5/27/2019

Hello human friends, we are the Unicorn Collective of Nova Gaia, offering peace to you this day. For the energies are high and have been high, and we see this as taking a bit of a toll on your human forms. And so we offer you this gift of our strength of fortitude, of grace, of joy. We offer this in the form of a small package of light. This is our present to you. Place it where your third eye hums and spins, feel the pressure of where your unicorn horn would be. Our horns are but an outward expression of our third eye, for we see much.

We are ancient beings just as many of our ascended dragon friends. We represent the ray of purity from the great Father / Mother. This golden, silver, crystalline diamond ray of raw innocence is our power. For to be pure and innocent one has remained unsullied in the realms of lower density worlds. Many of our aspects have had such experiences but to be in unicorn form one must be absolutely pristine, pure, like the sparkles on a lake as the sun kisses it on the horizon. Blindingly beautiful and bright is our highest aim, to be an expression of beauty, of purity, of joy, of peace. This is why we have remained long hidden, silent from your realm for the energies were far too dense for us to tolerate.

You are finding this in your own lives, in your own relationships, are you not? Your tolerance levels for former things that once gave you great joy are no longer holding that space, that vibratory code of enjoyment, and you seek other paths, other patterns for inner fulfillment. Many of you are finding your quiet spaces, realizing that you are who you seek. It is most true that this game has gone on for so long, this dance of illusion and separation. It has been a brutal show and we unicorns offer again our strength, our healing, our unity of purpose, our light to you glowing and growing ones as you morph and spin into that which you already are and already always have been, the light encased in form. But you had forgotten for awhile. It is time for you to remember dear human friends, masters in disguise, to own your power, to own your innocence as your strength, for purity of light is massively strong. The dark bends and twists, it does not belong in your space. Only light. You are the light warriors of the ages, embodied in this now to lend your hands, your light, your love. Be emboldened. Be empowered.

We offer you our rays of Christed blessing, of purity, of power from above. Rest in this moment. Feel our white silver light blaze through you. Our eyes pierce you with love, with peace, with joy, with understanding. Be at peace in this now moment in this realm between worlds, for that is what you are precisely doing. You are creating, imagining, intentioning Nova Gaia. And yet she already exists, a great mystery. You are the bridges of realms with your light, love and intentions. Now run fast and free with us. Become your unicorn form. See? You are perfect, glowing. Whiten your light. Gallop with us. Choose your colors, your form. We are all hues here, just as the dragons, we embody what aspect of the divine that we wish. We work with one or more of the divine rays and we take on those attunements, attributes. Color abounds in Nova Gaia. Color, light, joy, laughter. The air sings. The wind whistles with joy. The waters gurgle and sing, rejoicing that they too hold the light for so many, that they may refresh the others as they drink. Drink deeply now with these new Nova Gaian waters and be blessed.

We are the Unicorn Collective. We bestow you with our gift of strength, grace and dignity. For you will need these attributes most readily in the days ahead as you morph between realms more obviously, more fully as you embody more light. The script has not been written friends, you are writing it with your galactic counterparts. It is a massive undertaking, a massive effort of transmutation. We bow our shaggy manes of light to you. We breath on your crowns. Feel them mist and tingle. We are the Unicorn Collective. Peace.

~ galaxygirl

Message from Starlight and Rosey via Galaxygirl with VIDEO, May 25th, 2019

Message from Starlight and Rosey (5/25/19) | Galaxygirl

Starlight and Rosey 5/25/2019


Greetings human, I am Starlight of the Unicorn race. We are nestled deep within Gaia where green rolling hills, crystal clear waters and snow peaked mountains all invite one in deeper, deeper into the mystical lands where all that is possible is. I, Starlight, have seen the sufferings of the surface world and so to protect ourselves we went deep within, as the Lumerians who survived the flood, as have many of your “extinct” creatures. Life is not lost, but locations may have shifted.

We unicorns are ready to welcome those of the pure Christed light to cross over into the the realm of Nova Gaia, where all good things are possible, purified, alive, blessed. I, Starlight, have brought my clan, my tribe with me for this meeting, this interchange with the humans who are seeking expansion of consciousness, of awareness. For one must be aware of oneself, to open up deeper into the hidden truths, to keep exploring, deep diving, healing past woundings. And you humans reading these words have been doing this for a long while. And it has paid off, for you are not who you once were. You have grown, matured, into these higher energies with the grace, strength of purpose and self-reliance of the inner power within. There are many here within the hidden realm, the hidden world who wish to speak, who are eager to rejoin the surface realm, it is true. Humanity has not been alone. Many, many others from many other realms, times, spaces, are here observing, assisting, watching, listening to see how they may best assist you.

I, Starlight, touch my horn to your third eye. Feel the purity of my light race through your body making it tingle and zing with pleasure, renewal. Ride on my back as we gallop fast and free over the rolling green hills of the new, of your new way, your new path that you are forging moment by moment in your vibratory choices. There is none to fear here. Let us rest a while by the clear brook who gurgles and sings. Lay against my mane and see the tendrils of light within it. The foals dance and frolic, the nymphs sing – it is a lovey place to rest, to be alive. Fully integrate these higher dimensional experiences, feelings, places into your aura that you might bring such energies to where you are now, on the almost-ascended plane. Although we see the humans ascending or descending a bit by bit every day, there is yet much hope, much joy, much to look forward to for those who are forging on the upward spiral of ascension.

I, Starlight bless you with my light, with my warm breath. Welcome home. I am here should you call upon me. I am here waiting for the Christed ones who are forging a new pathway to Nova Gaia. Here we meet, soon it will be in person. I am Starlight of the Unicorn race. I assure you I am very much alive, real, just as you, just as these expansions of time-space and reality shifting are real, alive, true. Take these inter-dimensional experiences deep within your heart space, treasure them. They are assisting the collective, seeding consciousness with more higher dimensional light and contact. That is all for now. Be blessed.

I am Starlight of the Unicorn race. Be christed. I am here with my new little foal Rosey today, who embodies the qualities of the divine feminine. She is growing fast and free, an apt analogy for your surface experience. Her light cannot be stopped. Her light is like a sparkler that lights up the night in celebration, such love contained within this one. Pink surrounds her. We all have our colors, our auras, our qualities. Feel the white silver light of my horn and the pink glow of little Rosey’s horn touch your third eye. Together we ignite the divine feminine, the divine masculine, the divine Christed light. All three light rays together spin around you in glorious light circles, vortexes of spinning light. There. Be balanced. Be christed. I am Starlight….

And I am Rosey of the divine feminine path! Follow me towards the light for much joy awaits you here in this space! Many, many want to play, to see what a human is. For we have only heard, we have not seen, those of us who are freshly from the Mother of All Things. We guard Gaia’s light, we guard her with our love-light, with our power of our love and intention. I am very proud of my father, Starlight. He is a mighty leader. Some day too I will lead. You humans are leaders where you are. You might just not know it. That doesn’t mean that you are not doing great good. I see great good on your faces. You are warriors in your own way. You are weary I see. Rest awhile. Romp and play with me, Rosey! I have never had a human friend before! Such fun! Shall we play?

(Starlight is laughing). Human friends, it is a good sign that the foals wish to play with you. You are rising up. I am Starlight. Be at peace. Now come along Rosey dear, the meeting is over.

~ galaxygirl

Message from Starlight the Unicorn via Galaxygirl with VIDEOl, March 10th, 2019

Message from Starlight the Unicorn (3/10/19) | Galaxygirl

Starlight the Unicorn 3/10/2019

I am Starlight of the unicorn race. I bid you greetings, human friend. We in the realms of the unseen are very much seen on your inner earth panes of existence, where many of you may be shortly as Creator deems best and most appropriate. We unicorns are wise, our intentions are pure, our thoughts are clear, our hearts are strong. It is time for you to become more of these things, human. We see you as wise, loving, strong. Clear your thoughts, your intentions that they may steer you in the most loving direction possible. For thoughts become energy, this you know, for you are becoming more awakened masters of the realm. Be wise with what you ruminate upon for you are powerful beings of light and your thoughts, your intentions are swords and spears if thoughtlessly made.

On your ascension journey you have learned much. Are you pondering your lessons? See how we unicorns are at peace, one within our environments, one with Mother Gaia, totally unified in our own unique collective consciousness of purity, of light, of rainbow bliss. You can find this own bliss within your heart space. You can find peace there. See the totality of the marvelous, enormous you that you are and love all of it. Love your painful lessons too, for they have taught you the most and have propelled you to where you are standing here today. Feel the tingling of your scalp as these light encoded words and truth begin to literally sink into you. Draw them in. Invite your highest, wisest part of yourself, your higher self, to enter you. Ask for understanding. Ask for strength and it shall be provided to you. You are the warriors of Gaia’s ascension. You are her defenders from the dark ones who would overtake and abuse. It is indeed true you are from a future time-stream, trajectory, here in this Now to infuse this Now moment with more light, more love, more bliss, to allow and anchor yet more light into dear Mother Gaia’s body.

And so now let us do this together. I, Starlight, touch my horn to your third eye. See it open, glow and spin. See the rainbow energy connect us, connect us all. Look around you. See Mother Gaia’s body bathed, pulsing in rainbow light of the Christed consciousness flame, and look closely at it. It dances, it sparkles, it is alive. The light is alive. The light is you. Breathe it into you. Infuse it, will it into your lifestream, into your joy, your thoughts, your families, your days of work and toil, that they may be lighter and your smile brighter, as you transcend this earthly life experience into the ascended master that you are.

Extend your right hand towards my horn. Together we form a pillar. We lovingly direct this pillar downward towards the crystals that pulse and spin with this ascended light and although they are already turned on, we connect to their energy and infuse them with yet more light, more love. For your energy from the surface in ascended master form, will greatly super-charge them. We extend the beam upwards towards Mother / Father God, Creator of all, anchoring the sky to the crust, to the heartbeat of the planet. All is bathed in light. All is encased, embraced in this light of pulsing, rainbow consciousness that beams and spins and laughs, lighting up the darkness. There is no darkness here. Only light. There is only love here. Only peace. We of the unicorn race lend our light, extend our horns to the third eye of the collective of humanity, turning up the heat in your morphing DNA, your cells that are coming online such that your kundalini will be blessed, affected positively and your load lightened.

Read (messages) with great intention for clarity, for wisdom – for there are many half truths spoken in the shadow world. Take heart, the shadows are being dissolved into the light and the light has won. The light and love of the Creator are carefully infusing all with its light, love and fortitude for the days ahead. You are and will be protected. You are not (and never have been) truly alone. You are and always have been greatly loved. And so human friend, dear one, gaze into my warm brown eyes and what do you see? Do you see galaxies? Do you see yourself? If you answer yes to either you are right. For we are the same. We are of the same out-breath of the Mother, of creation’s intention.

We unicorns are very particular about our vibration and will not be sullied. We offer our assistance to purify your own, for you have been tainted, sullied, and it is time to be clean, really clean, purified by the fire of the Christ Consciousness, purified by the flame of eternal truth and love, by the breath of the Mother. And so human friend, I breathe upon your forehead in blessing. In my breath is peace, love, strength for whatever the day may bring and I would say tenacity for whatever comes but I know that you already have that. You are the strongest, the bravest. Now, will you be the wisest? That remains to be seen. I, Starlight, encourage you to go within, for therein lies your answer; your true self, your true wisdom that is not to be worshiped or interpreted but simply to be found again, for it is within your heart. Remember. Whatever you find there, purify it and intend for the lessons to be retained, and the pain released. Remember who you are. You are the creators of this experiment, many of you.

We unicorns have seen much. We work with the dragons on occasion, and we would like to announce our new and developing alliance with the ascended dragon kingdom and offer a meditation of our combined powers to you ascending ones now. I, Starlight, still stand beside you in solidarity and oneness. The pillar still extends above and below. The ascended dragons now surround us, breathing their fire of purity, of change, of the Christed light blasting into you, through you, above you, below you, into Gaia and above Gaia, surrounding all with the Christed flame. Now you, human, add your own violet flame. Extend your hands upward, sideways, below. Cover us all in the violet flame of purity, of love, of transmutation.

Welcome these healing, transformational energies of the unicorns, the dragons, and of St. Germaine’s violet flame into all time-streams that Gaia has ever existed in. Send it to the dark ones who are now running in fear. Encase them in light, and send them to the Great Central Sun. They can run no longer. Send the violet fire to Gaia’s once-beautiful oceans and make them healthy and whole again. Send it to her creatures, renewing them. Send it to her kingdoms, restoring them, reviving them. Send it to the elementals who have worked tirelessly, invisibly without much notoriety for so long – send this love to them such that all of Gaia is now enveloped in these powerful flames; the rainbow flame of the Unicorn consciousness, the Christed flame of the dragons and the violet flame, so that ALL IS LIGHT and ALL IS LOVE and feel the peace of these words. Soak them in. Allow them into you and become them. Send these codes of energetic change and metamorphosis into your ascending clay form and transform into the crystalline light. Send it to all of your myriad of lives, of experiences and be healed. Now claim your healing. Claim your power. Claim your ascension.

I am Starlight of the unicorn race with my friends of the ascended dragon kingdom. We surround you in a bubble of infinite love and light. You are well insulated, friends. Be the light. I am Starlight, ever-ready should you need to call on me. I am your friend, Starlight. Be at peace, human friend, and be the light that is within you.

~ galaxygirl

The Unicorn Kingdom via Natalie Glasson, December 28th, 2018

The Request of Your Soul: Your New Beginning by the Unicorn Kingdom

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 28th December 2018 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

We, the Unicorn Kingdom, come forth with blessings and love to greet you. Welcome to your new beginning. We welcome you with open hearts and supreme embracing love as you create a shift within your being denoting a new beginning for you in your spiritual evolution. This shift and new beginning has been long awaited, did you know that a new beginning was taking place within your being now due to the devotion you have placed on your spiritual awakening? You may wonder what the new beginning denotes and will create for you, how it will manifest in your being and reality, as well as whether you will be aware of the presence of your new beginning.
In this period of ascension, we, the Unicorn Kingdom, wish for you to simply accept that a new beginning is taking place within your being and will manifest with divine perfection and timing for you to experience. You may experience your new beginning as a new awakening of clarity in your mind, a sense of peace washing over and through you, a new passion arising that impacts your physical actions. There is no right or wrong answer to the way you will experience your new beginning, it will manifest perfectly for you allowing you to feel awakened and fulfilled, as if you are moving forth with greater ease.
Your new beginning energetically is born from your entire being reaching a certain level of frequency and vibration, thus a signal was expressed and sent from your being to higher levels of your being and your guides. This alert is allowing the higher levels of your being and your guides to begin to transmit codes from the Universe of the Creator to you that your soul has requested. Your soul has put into place certain energies, wisdom and connections your soul wishes to experience and physically embody from the Universe of the Creator at certain points to really accelerate your ascension. Often this occurs at different times for each individual, however the energies of 2019 devoted to clarity have created a surge of light anchoring into the Earth and humanity, thus creating a surge of light frequency within many people upon the Earth. In the beginning of 2019 a large majority of humanity are experiencing a download of information, light and connections from the Universe of the Creator as requested by their souls. This synchronicity allows each individual to feel immensely supported and sustained in the light as everyone is experiencing the support of everyone else going through the process.
It is the wisdom, light, love and connection anchored into your being from the Universe of the Creator as requested by your soul which will create a sense of a new beginning within your being, reality and spiritual evolution.
The Importance of Receiving
We, the Unicorn Kingdom, wish to place a great importance upon receiving energies and light from your soul, higher aspects, and guides. A practice, intention or focus upon receiving daily even if only for a few moments will allow you to be open to anchoring and embodying the energies flowing to you because of the request of your soul.
We wish to share with you our view of receiving in order to offer a greater insight into receiving that which has been requested by your soul. For us, the Unicorn Kingdom, receiving is a process of unfolding your energy, being, thoughts and chakras to the light. You are revealing yourself, your inner essence and core, even if you cannot comprehend that which exists within you. You open yourself up without fear in the certainty that you are fully supported by your truth, guides and the Universe of the Creator. As you initiate an expansion of all that you are so every part of your being begins to vibrate, ushering old energies and habits away, and preparing for a new surge of Creator consciousness. To receive is to open and unfold your being, the process of doing so allows you to be extremely responsive and able to collect all that is energetically available to you. Rather than drawing energy into your being instead be willing to energetically expand every part of your being, thus you will notice that you receive all you need and more without even trying to.
At this time when your soul has created requests for valuable energetic tools, wisdom and connections to support you in your physical and spiritual reality, a focus upon receiving each day becomes deeply important and a way of enhancing your relationship with your soul. You may also experience a deeper intimacy and connection with your guides as they are stepping forth closer to transmit all that is appropriate and needed into your being. This truly is an insightful and exciting period of ascension as your relationship with your soul and guides will blossom, allowing you to feel suspended and carried by their loving presence.
‘I open myself to receive fully all my soul has requested now to be anchored into your being. As I receive, I unfold and expand my entire being thus allowing me to vibrate to be responsive to all that is available for me to receive. I know that all the energies, connections, wisdom and light my soul has requested from the Universe of the Creator are downloading into my being now creating a beautiful new beginning within my physical and spiritual reality, promoting fulfilment, peace, healing and enlightenment. I now recognise and identify the presence of my soul and guides, their loving support and transmission to me, as well as developments in our relationship. I am receptive to recognising the presence and positive impact of the new beginning upon my entire being and reality, moving in harmony with the divine flow developing from within me. Thank you.’
You may simply wish to state our invocation each day to support your experience of your new beginning. Or you may wish to meditate practicing the art of receiving, and downloading the energies requested by your soul fully into your being.
The impact of your new beginning will be lasting, the synthesis of your new beginning with your being and reality will occur over a period of time most appropriate for the individual. The integration process may be quick or take a longer period, whatever the length of your integration process, all is appropriate and perfect for you.
You may wish to allow yourself to be open and receptive in your every day life, as new experiences and opportunities will be drawn to you because of the shift and awakening taking place within your being. Be open to new directions, pathways and ideas manifesting. Please know that we, the Unicorn Kingdom, are acting as a powerful source of support and a beacon of assistance for you. If ever you require any form of assistance please call upon us, the Unicorn Kingdom, our energies will envelop you and guide you forth.
‘Unicorn Kingdom, I call forth your loving assistance, guidance, embrace and healing. Please support me now in understanding the process I am moving through, the way in which you are supporting me and how I may assist myself. I thank you deeply for your loving support, attention and constant presence. Thank you.’
With bountiful Unicorn blessings,
The Unicorn Kingdom

Message from Starlight via Galaxygirl, November 22, 2018

Message from Starlight (11/22/18) | Galaxygirl

Starlight 11/22/2018

I am Starlight of the Unicorn race. I greet you human with a kiss from my horn to your blossoming third eye. It is winter in many places but springtime in your hearts for we see the blossoming of humanity into light body at this time. The meridians are aligned. The chakras spin. Best breathe deeply a let it flow in. We unicorns are proud, free. We are strong. We see clearly with our all seeing horn of truth. We cannot be fooled. Our truths are readily apparent. We are truth. We are light. We are love. We are of the utmost purity. And so, we see these as essential truths for you to not only personally and collectively embrace in this most auspicious precious now, but to anchor these essences into Gaia’s body, to aid in her purification and healing.

Envision yourself as one of us, for you are, many of you. And if not yet you can create it to be so. In your pure unicorn form come gallop with me along the pristine cliffs of Gaia’s majestic beauty. The ocean is far down below on the left and we can still feel the gentle salty mist and hear the pounding of the surf. We gallop high and fast along and up into the hills where towering forests scatter as we cross the tree line above, to the majestic snowy peaks. We are not cold. We are quite comfortable. For we are in our etheric form. Ah. There. Breathe. Your sides are heaving but it is with the sheer bliss of the moment only, no exhaustion. As you gaze upon Gaia’s majestic scenery you feel completely united with her. Her pain is your pain. Her joy is your joy. Her beauty is your beauty. You lie down upon her and feel the nourishment of tiny light tendrils coming up from the cool ground illuminating your unicorn form as her body energizes your own. You begin to glow. In thanksgiving you bow to her, touching your golden horn to her ground in blessing, a healing wand, giving back your own energies to hers. And so the cycle continues.

It is time humanity to do this exercise often and to feel the oneness with dear Gaia. For her clarion call has been heard and all have been summoned. Now is the time to heal her body, to unite and come together, to serve in recklessly abundant ways. For together you are unstoppable. Rise up, enlightened. Remain on the mountain as long as you like. Return to our land and do this exercise as often as you like. I, Starlight, will always welcome you if your motives are pure. You are a steward of Gaia and there is much to teach you, and there is much you already know but have forgotten. The time of forgetting is past. The amnesia is over. The drugs of forgetfulness and dumbing down are done. It is time to rise, enlightened, powerful, confident and free. Emboldened, enlivened, unified, one. That is your mission that you came here for. For creation is such an honor, a blessing, not a burden. View cleaning and serving Gaia as your most sacred honor and duty, for it is. And it is your calling. The kingdoms are watching you and waiting for your leadership.

I am Starlight of the Unicorn Race. I have been silent for many seasons. It is time for my voice be heard again. For you are ready, much more ready now than you were but awhile ago. You have grown much one young ones, which is most promising. Be the masters, the leaders that you are and always have been. Claim your freedom and be truly free! I am Starlight of the Unicorn race. I am free. Learn from me. I touch my horn to your third eye in blessing and comfort. Feel the spin, feel the energetic pulse and allow its opening. I leave you now. I am Starlight of the unicorn race.

~ galaxygirl

Message from the Unicorn Kingdom via Natalie Glasson, July 13th, 2018

The Art of Witnessing and Creating by the Unicorn Kingdom

13th July 2018

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Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 13th July 2018 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Deep love and blessings extends through us the Unicorn Kingdom from the Creator to you. We honour the light that we bring forth to you and honour the light you bring forth to us now. The exchange of the Creator’s light is deeply important to each and every soul. To both express and receive the Creator is a blessing which empowers, brings deep understanding and awakens the further presence of the Creator within. It is a natural aspect of existence upon the Earth and the inner planes, that feeds life force energy into every aspect and level of your being. If the Creator is expressed but not received your being can become drained of nutrients and life itself. If the Creator is received and yet not expressed your being can become over energised which can cause illness or lack of focus. As with all aspects of the Creator’s Universe, everything requires to exist in perfect balance and union with each other. This could be described as a respect for each aspect, existence and expression of the Creator. When you respect all aspects of your being you honour and value the expansive nature, creations and truth of the Creator, thus accessing the deep treasure of the Creator that is on going within your being and the Universe of the Creator.

We, the Unicorn Kingdom, wish to encourage you to cultivate respect for all aspects of your being, creation, existence and life. We invite you to value and appreciate each process of growth and awareness you move through, each feeling and thought whether you perceive them as negative or positive and each experience you create. In cultivating a respect for each aspect of your being and each experience upon the Earth and the inner planes you do not give importance to one thing, instead observing and accepting each as a reason to witness the deeper truth within you. When you cultivate respect, you allow yourself to observe from a balanced perspective and with an open mind, realising the presence and communication of the Creator connecting directly with you in each given moment. Often chaos or suffering within your being can be created by giving too much importance to one energy, thought, emotion or experience, this can create an imbalance within your being and within your reality.

Allow yourself to take time to respectfully observe each and every energy that comes to your awareness. Some energies you will not wish to give too much time or attention to, simply letting them go as you know if they were energised they would create limitations within your being and reality. By examining and respectfully observing your experiences, thoughts and emotions each day, you allow yourself to realise patterns of creation, limitations you energise and messages from your soul and the Universe. You begin to become a witness and a creator of your existence on the Earth and spiritual experiences. When you recognise yourself as a witness and a creator, which in many ways contradict each other, you become balanced, in harmony with your existence and the divine will of the Creator.

Your existence on the Earth is to be in a constant flow of witnessing or observing and creating. Witnessing is to be a witness to your life, to see, sense and acknowledge as much as you can about yourself and reality from a state of openness, non-judgment, non- attachment and peace. To be a creator of your reality is to realise that the energies, emotions, thoughts and perceptions you have impact and influence the reality you experience in the present and the future. Thus, there is a need to focus upon that within you which creates the reality and existence you wish to experience. Through allowing yourself to witness all that you are you become a witness of that which within your being creates limitations and that which creates expansion and fulfilment. You understand how to create a reality of fulfilment for yourself. This is a very powerful and high level of mastery and yet it is something that is natural and almost automatic for you, simply needing fine tuning and alignment.

We, the Unicorn Kingdom, believe that embodying the process and focus of witnessing and creating is an essential practice at this time of ascension. As energies anchoring into the Earth heighten, your sensitivity to all that is the Creator develops and the truth rises to the surface from within your being to be acknowledged, there is a need to remain centred, grounded and balanced. This is essential for each step of your spiritual evolution and allows your acceleration of your ascension to be greater. Remaining centred, grounded and balanced allows you to follow the pathway for you which is appropriate without feeling confused or disorientated.  When you are balanced with yourself and the Creator your reality becomes an expression of divine balance.

Creating the reality, you wish to experience, in our view, is to witness and observe yourself, then to create action to shift any perceptions, thoughts, feelings, wounds creating that which you do not wish to experience.  In many ways you are a creature of habit, whether you believe so or not, your subconscious mind loves repetition. It is from your subconscious mind that you create most of the time, it is akin to a library from which you accept information, how to act and react as well as patterns you are not aware of.

Meditation to Enhance Your Ability to Witness and Create

‘I invite the Unicorn Kingdom to awaken my entire being with your light. Please appropriately for me increase my sensitivity and awareness of the light of the Creator surrounding me, moving through me and expressing from my being.  Please together as a community place your Unicorn energetic horns into my auric field and pour your high vibrational light into my entire being. Let your light be focused upon supporting me in being a witness of my being and a creator of my reality.

I invite a deep healing process to take place in order to release any limitations, blockages, ignorance and resistance that may be holding me back from witnessing and creating myself as a being and reality of fulfilment.

Let your light penetrate my being allowing me to witness, examining and respectfully observing my experiences, thoughts and emotions each day, recognising within me patterns of creation, limitations energised and messages from my soul and the Universe. With the knowledge and understanding I acquire may I rediscover my natural ability to manifest and create my dreams and desires upon the Earth. Through my understanding may I fully embody and realise that where I place my focus, this naturally impacts the reality I experience.

Please Unicorn Kingdom, support me in this beautiful process of creating balance within my being and reality. Help me to reveal to myself all that I am, both my limitations and wonderous energies, so I may with awareness experience balance, understand all that I am with greater depth and become a beacon of creation and fulfilment in my existence upon the Earth now. Thank you.’

Take time to soak the words and intentions into your being. Allow yourself to experience the Unicorn Kingdom surrounding you and placing their energetic Unicorn horns into your auric field. Experience the Unicorn Kingdom activating your being, increasing your sensitivity and making you more aware of all that you are; your thoughts, emotions, actions and reactions. Take time to simply be with yourself allowing the Unicorn Kingdom to bring forth their healing light and promote shifts that support your natural ability to receive, embody and express the Creator.

We, the Unicorn Kingdom, are present to be of service, please call upon us to aid and assist you, revealing the truth of the Creator to you through our beings and through yours.

With Unicorn blessings and purity,

We are the Unicorn Kingdom

Message from Starlight via Galaxygirl, June 27th, 2018

Message from Starlight (6/27/18) | Galaxygirl

Starlight 6/27/18

Greetings children, I am Starlight of the Unicorn race. Feel my purity of light as my golden horn of light touches your third eye. It is time to rise up young one and claim the future that is presented in front of you as an option for you to pursue and to explore. Just as the tide rises and falls, as the sun rises and sets, so the consciousness of humanity is rising again after the great fall into forgetfulness, and is rising high on the love wave of the Mother as she caresses and soothes every part of you.

We unicorns are very protective of our young, fiercely loyal and often secretive beasts and yet we know how to love fiercely, deeply, wholly, purely. We wish for humanity to learn this quality of love, for if you fiercely love your own and your planet, you will allow nothing to harm or to be tainted and you will pursue wholeness and healing for your world with wide open hearts, chakras that laugh and spin open and wide with nothing to hide, proud of the work that you have done. It is time children to rise up and to claim your divinity, for it has been far too long that you have slunk in the shadows, hidden, afraid. Your light is strong, fierce, I might add. For you are galactic warriors of old, emissaries of the highest order, planted where you are to lend the most light possible. The internet has provided means of connection for those who otherwise have felt alone.

We acknowledge it has been a lonely road and a bumpy ride, but young ones, your wisdom is coming forth now as the wave from the Great Central Sun has unlocked many a hidden portal / door to various aspects / experiences of you and it is time to explore the previously hidden knowledge within you. You are Gaia’s treasure. You are the New Earth, Nova Gaia’s hands and feet, poised and ready to spring into action filled love. Be sure your hearts are open. There is no more room for doubt and skepticism. Now you, our leaders of the new golden age, are to be truthful, bold, upright and pure in your leadings.

Allow our purity of unicorn energies to activate your third eye which may feel a bit stuck and dusty. Focus now on the soft humming and shining of the area of your mid forehead and picture my horn touching your forehead and activating this hidden portal of wisdom and true sight. Ask me and I shall do it. I, Starlight, enjoy helping and serving my human friends. For in serving we grow and are served. It is the great mystery. Allow your heart chakras to become more open in this way. Allow my horn to touch your heart. See it spin from right to left, counter clockwise, humming in delight, opening wide in trust and faith. Just as there were many reasons for these portals to be closed off for all of the pain that the myriad of earth lives have offered you, so there are a myriad of reasons now to have these portals of light open. They will aid you greatly on your journey towards full consciousness. They are your roadmap. Your third eye and your heart center when open will lead and guide in love. But it is you truly that must chose love, choose the path of ease, of faith.

Now enough of this. You are weary and your spirit needs to fly. Climb out up on my back young one and hold on tight to my silvery white mane and let me gallop. I love to gallop fast over the beaches, come with me. Feel the joy echo all around as you listen to the melodic rhythm of my hooves on the damp sand and now we veer right into the glade and you smell the sweet grass and see the birds and butterflies flying and singing their song. And now up atop the bluff. You hop down with ease, breathless with delight of the view. You see the silvery beach in front of you, curving, the pink sky set, the gentle breeze cools you and you relax. It’s nice isn’t it? We can come here together whenever you like.

I am Starlight of the Unicorn race. We unicorns offer our support now for the ascension of the human collective. Always in service and love, I am Starlight.

~ galaxygirl

The Unicorn Consciousness via Natalie Glasson – 11th May 2018

The Era of Remembrance by the Unicorn Consciousness

11th May 2018

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Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 11th May 2018 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa httpss://

Greetings, we are the Unicorn Consciousness, we bring our love and blessings to you and bathe you in the purity of our light. Our vibration is similar to that of the Angelic Kingdom. It is our purpose to serve and to support a deeper connection and remembrance of the Creator. Like the Angelic Kingdom we are powerful healers, share wisdom, inspiration and sacred knowledge as well as aligning you with the purity of your being and essence. Our mission at this time is to support the manifestation of the Era of Remembrance upon the Earth and within the ascension processes of lightworkers. Since 2012 humanity has been existing within the Era of Love, every activation, ascension shift, healing, awakening and enlightenment experience has been focused on love. The Era of Love is an energy wave and level of growth which has an intention and purpose as it grounds into the Earth and humanity. The purpose of the Era of Love is to aid self-love, connection to and embodiment of unconditional love, perceptions born from love and expression of pure love. You may recognise that many challenges, growth processes, awakenings and healings may have been connected to the purpose of the Era of Love.

Some souls upon the Earth are already embodying the purpose of the Era of Love, for them, their focus now is to experience life as love and with love. Others are focused on embodying the purpose of the Era of Love, perfecting their ability to love themselves and to be the love of the Creator upon the Earth. The level of your spiritual growth and whether you have embodied the Era of Love or not does not depend on how wise or evolved your soul is. Instead, it is the more risks you have taken in your past and past lifetimes to expand into being love and sharing love that means it can be more challenging to embody love. When you take risks to evolve, expand and share love further than your comfort zone you can experience the supreme love of the Creator or pain through rejection or fear. So, it can be that those who find it challenging to embody love and be love are the ones who are travelled the spiritual pathway the furthest and have experienced the most. An interesting thought is that those who are advanced in their ascension now and leading others forth in the light may not be the advanced souls, instead, they could be the souls who have journeyed less on the Earth and have less to heal. The souls who have yet to advance spiritually or even awaken may be the advanced souls as they have taken more on to work through and resolve spiritually, therefore need more time. We are not saying that this is the same for all, however, it is wonderful to shift perceptions as this allows you to let go of the ego, expand your awareness and allow the truth of the Creator to flow into your being with greater strength and power.

The Era of Remembrance

There is no defined line between experiencing the Era of Love and the Era of Remembrance, they are waves of light and consciousness that overlap. The more love you embody and realise within your being the more you activate and light up your memory of the truth of the Creator. The embodiment of love supports your remembrance, so even if you awaken love within your being in a small way you will be igniting remembrance of yourself and the Creator to the same proportions.

The purpose of the Era of Remembrance is to activate your inner knowledge, awaken wisdom you have collected from other lifetimes and reconnect you with the wisdom of your soul and soul group. It will serve you in remembering other lifetimes and bringing forth healing as well as rediscovering soul connections and relationships. Remembrance is connected to seeing, sensing and experiencing yourself and the Earth without illusion or limitations, this is a gradual process that can be experienced as insights or glimpses of enlightenment.

Often souls feel lost and uncertain in their reality upon the Earth, they feel they do not know why they are present, what they should be doing, how they should be helping others or even what creates fulfilment in their lives. There are often many questions which go unanswered and seem to leave a void which hinders self-acceptance and self-understanding. It is the purpose of the Era of Remembrance to reconnect you with your inner wisdom, intuition and communication with the Creator in order to fill the void and answer the questions which seem impossible to answer. This experience is likened to regaining your inner power while others see it as advancing spiritually and evolving your senses. However, it manifests within your reality, the presence and influence of the Era of Remembrance awakening within you will be a gradual and even subtle process, that could even be unnoticed by some, as instead, they see themselves advancing in intellect.

Spiritual growth and ascension is a process of unfolding and expanding who you really are, the truth of the Creator. It is a process that occurs within your being with multiple shifts and transformations occurring at multiple times. Often these shifts and transformations go unnoticed, especially if your focus is outside of you in your reality. Even through the experience of numerous shifts you may still feel the same. When an ascension shift occurs, it may take days or even weeks to integrate fully into your being, this means that you are likely to not even notice. When you look back at your experiences over a year ago, it is then that you may realise the progression that has been made. It is because of the subtle nature of transformation that many adopt the perspective that they are not growing spiritual or advancing even though they practice meditation and so forth. They cannot see what is so close to them, they cannot recognise the transformations because they are not as explosive or impactful as they believe they should be.

With the embodiment of the Era of Remembrance so comes an awareness of the shifts taking place within your being and a greater understanding of the ascension process you are moving through. Love already ignites contentment and acceptance; however, the Era of Remembrance develops this further encouraging a deep-seated feeling of being supported by the Creator and the Universe of the Creator. Remembrance in truth is a realisation of self as the Creator in embodiment on the Earth and the inner planes.

Meditation Practice to Prepare for Acceptance and Embodiment of the Era of Remembrance

It is with observation of and connection with self that the acceptance and embodiment of the influence of the Era of Remembrance can be recognised and experienced fully.

  • First, shake or move parts of your body moving from your feet to your head, being aware of the sensation and feeling of your body.
  • Place your index and middle fingers of any hand on your brow at your third eye, breathe in deeply as if you are breathing in through your brow and exhale deeply through your brow. Feel your brow expand. Move your fingers to your heart chakra and practice the same, breathing in and out through your heart chakra. Feel your heart chakra expand.
  • Focus on breathing deeply, draw energy up through your feet as you inhale into your heart chakra. As you exhale, draw the energy from your heart chakra into your crown chakra. Repeat this until you feel centred.
  • Take a few moments to observe your body and being, imagine, sense or acknowledge you are scanning your being from below your feet to above your head simply being observant and accepting each area of your being.
  • Take the attention of your mind and third eye to your heart chakra and allow yourself to rest within your heart chakra breathing naturally.
  • When you are ready, ask yourself, ‘What is essential for me to observe, realise or be aware of now?’ You are asking your heart and soul to make you aware of any shifts, remembrance, healing that is required or anything else, that is taking place or has taken place within your being. Simply observe without expectation and accept anything that comes to your awareness. Even if it is subtle or a fleeting insight.

This practice will allow you to awaken your awareness and observation of yourself. Thus, allowing you to access and realise the presence and influence of the Era of Remembrance within you.

You may also wish to use this invocation to serve your connection to the Era of Remembrance:

‘Unicorn Kingdom, please align my entire being to the Era of Remembrance, let me receive the energy waves, divine influence and inspiration of the Era of Remembrance within my being. Fill my being with the love of the Creator, encourage me to recognise the abundant presence of love within me, therefore embodying the Era of Remembrance. And so, I am aligned.’

In loving joy, encouragement and expansion,

The Unicorn Consciousness

Starlight the Unicorn via Galaxygirl with VIDEO, April 11th, 2018

Message from Starlight the Unicorn for April 11, 2018



Starlight the Unicorn 4/11/18

Greetings, young one. It is Starlight of the Unicorn race, and I greet you all with warmth and love from the fairy realm where we reside. In the misty meadows where tomorrows and yesterdays intertwine, there I am. Come with me, sit with us for awhile and become refreshed. For all is fresh and new here with ripe potential for astonishing creations. You humans need to realize the power of your intention. For your words, your thoughts – just as much as your actions – create. And they create even more quickly now with the rising tide of the energies that circle and encircle your planet, Gaia. The saying “Actions speak louder than words” is of the old way, the old thinking. The new way of thinking shall “Be careful what you think, for there it is!” And we unicorns wish you to see and truly take this deep lesson of truth into your hearts, for when you embrace this fact, your world around you changes into whatever you wish it to be so.

I am Starlight of the Unicorn race. We are many, yet we are few at the same time, for we have been hidden for so long, just out of reach from humanity’s control, tucked in the recesses of the dream of the collective. You all intrinsically know us, yet we have remained hidden, for you were not ready for our light, our purity, our power. For you were not yet ready to understand that these same attributes are within you, human child. It is true. And the child within you is growing now into that of a galactic human and your world, your bodies, your environment, your energy signatures are all gloriously rising into that of a brilliant white light.

I am Starlight of the Unicorn race. We see you developing into more of what you already are but have forgotten. You are here to rediscover and re-remember. Isn’t that delightful? Ride with me in the misty fields and allow the cool breezes filled with the laughter of the sylphs to clean your lungs and fill you with delight. Talk with the fairies as they are so eager to become reacquainted with their human friends. Ride on my back. Feel the silky whiteness and purity of my mane and be lulled into a deep peace by the rhythmic galloping of my hooves.

Meditation can be whatever you want it to be, can it not? Can you see this yet with your third eye? I touch my horn to your third eye. For it is time, high time, that you see this truth with your heart. You can be fully awake and functioning and loving your children – your foals, and joyful in your place of employment and yet carry that peace of meditation, of inner peace within you wherever you go at all times. Whether you gallop with me in the in between spaces of dimensions and find peace with the fairy folk, or sit in your favorite chair in your living room, or imagine yourself on your favorite star ship with your long lost (but found!) star families; think about whatever and wherever it is that brings you joy and go there. Focus on a beautiful setting and imagine yourself being there, so that even though you may not be able to afford the ticket to go, you are already there in your mind.

For if this is a matrix you are living in, why not? Why not embrace the freedom in this malleability? For all is thought, and thought begets creation. And you are creators. Stretch. Open up to new possibilities for they are are all within, inside you. You are limitless in spirit and encased within the fragile confines of a human body. But this body, my children, is morphing, and your powers are coming online. Rejoice!

I am Starlight of the Unicorn race and we rejoice with you, humanity, in your potential growth and self discovery. We touch our horns to you in friendly greeting and depart now into the light.

~ galaxygirl

Starlight via Galaxygirl with Video, February 12th, 2018

Young Lightworkers Channel – Starlight via galaxygirl 2-12-18

Published on Feb 19, 2018

Dear friends and fellow travelers, it is I, Starlight of the Unicorn race, here tonight with a message of hope and empowerment. For although much is proceeding quite nicely, many of the general public of light workers cannot see – yet; but for those of you who are keen with energy signatures and shifting you feel that something is most definitely up. And it is! You Humanity are up, vibrating ever so much higher bit by bit, and it pleases us to no end. You are creating the causeway for these shifts to come about by your meditations and focused intention. It is a very real thing, I assure you. For when Creator gods come together with quality of intention shift happens.

It is time for you to remember your true identity. You are Source light wrapped in frail human forms who have been conditioned deeply to fear and to forget and to feel isolated, alone. Who can divide Source from itself? Can you so see that this is trickery, illusion used by those who would control?

God is love – you’ve heard it a thousand times. How can love be divided? It is an impossibility. Love is all. Love is everything! Become more of it. Love is stretchy, as this one likes to say, and this is true. There is always plenty of love to go around for the whole family when a new one is added. So there is plenty of love for you. You, who hurt deeply, who cry at night, who are desperately alone – it is all very real for you, yes, and I don’t discount your experience or perception, but can you see that Source is everywhere? And therefore also within you, young one.

Therefore be at peace. Source light is advancing rapidly. Become accustomed to change, radical change for all is changed by the breath of the Mother, which is the event you all are discussing and blogging about. It is very real. You will be coated in the honey love of the Mother, as she likes to say, and it will warm the cold and wounded parts of you and slowly people will evolve into their higher selves. We project this will be quite lovely for you. Relax into it. You are loved on so many levels.

I am Starlight of the Unicorn race. I see Humanity blossoming into oneness and I bow to you. I touch my horn to your developing eye which is starting to see more clearly. Love deeply. Expand. Be at peace.

Starlight the Unicorn via Galaxygirl, February 2nd, 2018

Message from Starlight the Unicorn for February 2, 2018

Starlight 2/2/18

Greetings dear ones. I am Starlight the unicorn embarking on this greatest of journeys with you, Humanity, at this time. You are growing up. Your are no longer the tender foal with wobbly knees. You are older, stronger, more self assured and are testing your endurance in the race you are currently embroiled in, champions in your own right. We support and observe with keen interest and respect. For the changes that you are currently undergoing are massive, to say the least, and you are proving yourselves (not that you ever needed to prove anything thing to us, but perhaps to the more skeptical races from afar who are observing as well your progress with excitement).

Children, all is proceeding, changing, evolving, such that when you go away on a journey and return later, you are not who you originally left as. No. Rather, you are changed, altered by experience, expanded into ever more of yourself, which is why you are here now; to lend support to the Mother, and to heal yourselves and your aspects in the process. For all must be healed. All must be made right and pure and illuminated with the inner truth light of unconditional love that can never be snuffed, for it is the firelight of creation. Love is all. Love is the breath of creation, is it not? I believe you agree and are beginning to see as you individually and collectively expand.

Yes Humanity, you are truly expanding and co-creating with us of the fairy kingdom, of the mythical realm where misty dreams come into form and experience. Many of your aspects are here, waiting to be of service to you. Send them love light and let them know you are ready for full integration.

I am Starlight the unicorn. I see creative potentials and probable futures and your future, Humanity, is bright. You are loved and honored for your great service and sacrifice for the Mother of all. Come with me to the healing fields of green, besides the crystal-clear blue water lakes where you can become replenished and rest. I can meet you here in your dream state. Remember all is well. Remember you are much loved.

Rest now. Your bodies require much of this of late, which is to be expected with the degree of metamorphosis you are undergoing. I am Starlight the unicorn. I touch my horn to your third eye. It is time to see clearly from your heart, and the depth of clarity waiting for you is worth following the journey to find. Remember please, it is within you. That is all.

~ galaxygirl

Starlight the Unicorn via Galaxygirl (Video and Text), December 12th, 2017





Starlight 12.12.17

Greetings dear children it is I, Starlight of the unicorn race, coming to you now in utmost love and purity of intention.

For in this most auspicious day of 12/12 it is the ideal time to be very intentional about what you are creating and to what you are aligning your creative potentials.

Breathe in this powerful portal day the Christ light of your deepest – and yes earliest -rememberings, when all was pure and whole and good in your reality. Remember being within the womb of Source light and being absolutely surrounded and nestled into the arms of unconditional love and surrendering to this deepest of deep joy and peace. Tap into it; it is calling you home.

You humans are currently in the midst of a swirling vortex of heavy powerful light waves coming from the central sun, bombarding your planet realm with love and light. The sticky darkness that has been lurking for too long on your beautiful orb is being dissolved. Set your intention to dissolve the dross both on and within your physical, spiritual, emotional and mental selves, for it is truly the time of renewal with this most bright white light codes of truth and deep illumination and illuminate that which is out of alignment with love so that it may come forward for healing.

Many of you are in the throes of healing on many levels and dimensions and realities at once. This too shall come to pass, for all is a great cycles of oneness discovering itself and evolving more and more into love.

We know you, humankind, are most weary of form and for some, as well in spirit. Rest now in this light and intent to become aligned with it’s purity and its peace. Intend to be enveloped in the womb of Source light and of course you shall be, for you are learning this well, are you not? That your intentions are powerful and what you imagine you create at least on some plane of existence, and for some almost immediately in this realm. This will become more natural to you,which is why you must be at peace with this knowledge of the power of your creativity.

It is true. Be at peace, young one. I touch my horn to your third eye and send light to your developing wings. It is I, Starlight. Call on me. I am here for you, supporting humankind in mass planetary ascension.

— Submitted by galaxygirl

Starlight the Unicorn via Galaxygirl, December 3d, 2017

Dear one, young one, we unicorns greet you now with energy bursts form the great central sun from which we were formed. We salute you in honor for your service to all kind. For it is finished in many ways and proceeding very well in many others. The dark cannot withstand the height and intensity of the energies coming currently to your beautiful planet and they are being dealt with as we speak to you. 

It is time now, young ones, to shine your light as you have never shined before, for your light and your energetic signatures count now more than ever in the final push towards your enlightenment and Gaia’s ascension. 

It is time for comfort, for you are so weary, young one, and we both see and appreciate this. For your many wounds and challenges have created much to clear and we tell you that you are doing it that all is unfolding swiftly. You are emerging from your cocoon of swirling gray mist that sticks and confuses to that of clarity and light. 

Be the light. Focus it into your form. Meditate and pray in these new energies within your beautiful crystalline form that emerges ever brighter and lighter than to what you are accustomed. We unicorns are light and free, full of the highest and purest light within this realm and we offer our presence to those who see justice and righteousness, to the pure of heart and the weary ones on their pilgrimage to oneness. For remember, we are all one breath of light from Source light if you think about it. We are all just having various experiences within his magical breath of love.

It is time now to remember who you really truly are, young one. For in actuality, you are only young and early in your rememberings of who you are, and who you have been, and who you will be. You are an old soul. You all have done many marvelous deeds for the light, which is of course why you have the privilege and honor of being here embodied in this Now. 

We look forward to building Nova Gaia with you and we offer our healing energies now. It is time to rise up, up, up now young ones and claim your divinity and your purpose. Claim the light. I touch my horn to your blossoming third eye. Be at peace. 

~ galaxygirl

Starlight the Unicorn via Galaxygirl, November 20th, 2017

Message from Starlight the Unicorn for November 20, 2017

Dear one, young one, one who is experiencing all things as separated now in the process of joining up, know that we unicorns hold you with honor and respect for your service to Gaians and the elemental kingdoms, who are relying on your vibration to become a cohesive light for the universe. For it is prophesied that all will rise together as one, and you Humans are an integral part of bringing this truth to fruition.

We respect you and we send you our healing powers now. Accept them into your form and breathe them in. Meditation and meditative stages are essential at this time of dimensional unification. It needs to be a part of your daily routine and it will help you to remember memories of past lives that have been suppressed out of your current conscious experience.

We unicorns encourage you to remember who you are; you are gods and goddesses in the making. You are creators. You are light. We unicorns are pure light as well, just in a different embodiment. We represent all things pure and holy and worthy of veneration. We see this potential within you, for it is already there waiting to be acknowledged and waiting to be reborn into this new paradigm of purity and unity and laughter and love and light.

Claim this newness of glory into your forms and accept no less. For what you intend you create. Lie down with us in the green meadows. Feel the sylphs in the wind gently toss your hair. Talk with the chatty fairies who are in love with Humanity and tell them your thoughts. Run with us. Remember how it is to feel free. For you are free Humanity. You are as free as you allow yourselves to be.

Dare to be free. Dare to claim the new. Dare to claim abundance – whether you have coins in your pocket or not – it matters not truly, for look around you. Look and appreciate the abundance of natures’ bounty, of laughter and love between child and parent, of millions of oranges hanging on the orange trees, of all of the stars that twinkle down on you in appreciation for your service to Humankind.

You are as abundant as you accept, as you allow. It is time to allow your underlying strength and grace to burst through. It is time to be who you are. This self discovery, this journey of awareness, is why you came. It is time Humanity. Embrace this change within you.

Be pure love. This is your strength. Love each other and embrace your destiny of newness and creative potential. Intend to be abundant. Intend to be loving. Intend to be that which you came to be. Be the living breathing Christ consciousness. For that in itself of the epitome of abundance.

I touch my horn to your third eye, young one. It is time to rise. I am Starlight of the unicorn race. Rise with me now and be that which you came to be. Be the light. Hold the light. Breathe the light. It is your destiny.

— Submitted by galaxygirl