Love is our new reality

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Starlight the Unicorn via Galaxygirl (Video and Text), December 12th, 2017





Starlight 12.12.17

Greetings dear children it is I, Starlight of the unicorn race, coming to you now in utmost love and purity of intention.

For in this most auspicious day of 12/12 it is the ideal time to be very intentional about what you are creating and to what you are aligning your creative potentials.

Breathe in this powerful portal day the Christ light of your deepest – and yes earliest -rememberings, when all was pure and whole and good in your reality. Remember being within the womb of Source light and being absolutely surrounded and nestled into the arms of unconditional love and surrendering to this deepest of deep joy and peace. Tap into it; it is calling you home.

You humans are currently in the midst of a swirling vortex of heavy powerful light waves coming from the central sun, bombarding your planet realm with love and light. The sticky darkness that has been lurking for too long on your beautiful orb is being dissolved. Set your intention to dissolve the dross both on and within your physical, spiritual, emotional and mental selves, for it is truly the time of renewal with this most bright white light codes of truth and deep illumination and illuminate that which is out of alignment with love so that it may come forward for healing.

Many of you are in the throes of healing on many levels and dimensions and realities at once. This too shall come to pass, for all is a great cycles of oneness discovering itself and evolving more and more into love.

We know you, humankind, are most weary of form and for some, as well in spirit. Rest now in this light and intent to become aligned with it’s purity and its peace. Intend to be enveloped in the womb of Source light and of course you shall be, for you are learning this well, are you not? That your intentions are powerful and what you imagine you create at least on some plane of existence, and for some almost immediately in this realm. This will become more natural to you,which is why you must be at peace with this knowledge of the power of your creativity.

It is true. Be at peace, young one. I touch my horn to your third eye and send light to your developing wings. It is I, Starlight. Call on me. I am here for you, supporting humankind in mass planetary ascension.

— Submitted by galaxygirl