Love is our new reality

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Starlight the Unicorn via Galaxygirl, November 20th, 2017

Message from Starlight the Unicorn for November 20, 2017

Dear one, young one, one who is experiencing all things as separated now in the process of joining up, know that we unicorns hold you with honor and respect for your service to Gaians and the elemental kingdoms, who are relying on your vibration to become a cohesive light for the universe. For it is prophesied that all will rise together as one, and you Humans are an integral part of bringing this truth to fruition.

We respect you and we send you our healing powers now. Accept them into your form and breathe them in. Meditation and meditative stages are essential at this time of dimensional unification. It needs to be a part of your daily routine and it will help you to remember memories of past lives that have been suppressed out of your current conscious experience.

We unicorns encourage you to remember who you are; you are gods and goddesses in the making. You are creators. You are light. We unicorns are pure light as well, just in a different embodiment. We represent all things pure and holy and worthy of veneration. We see this potential within you, for it is already there waiting to be acknowledged and waiting to be reborn into this new paradigm of purity and unity and laughter and love and light.

Claim this newness of glory into your forms and accept no less. For what you intend you create. Lie down with us in the green meadows. Feel the sylphs in the wind gently toss your hair. Talk with the chatty fairies who are in love with Humanity and tell them your thoughts. Run with us. Remember how it is to feel free. For you are free Humanity. You are as free as you allow yourselves to be.

Dare to be free. Dare to claim the new. Dare to claim abundance – whether you have coins in your pocket or not – it matters not truly, for look around you. Look and appreciate the abundance of natures’ bounty, of laughter and love between child and parent, of millions of oranges hanging on the orange trees, of all of the stars that twinkle down on you in appreciation for your service to Humankind.

You are as abundant as you accept, as you allow. It is time to allow your underlying strength and grace to burst through. It is time to be who you are. This self discovery, this journey of awareness, is why you came. It is time Humanity. Embrace this change within you.

Be pure love. This is your strength. Love each other and embrace your destiny of newness and creative potential. Intend to be abundant. Intend to be loving. Intend to be that which you came to be. Be the living breathing Christ consciousness. For that in itself of the epitome of abundance.

I touch my horn to your third eye, young one. It is time to rise. I am Starlight of the unicorn race. Rise with me now and be that which you came to be. Be the light. Hold the light. Breathe the light. It is your destiny.

— Submitted by galaxygirl