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Message from Starlight via Galaxygirl, November 22, 2018

Message from Starlight (11/22/18) | Galaxygirl

Starlight 11/22/2018

I am Starlight of the Unicorn race. I greet you human with a kiss from my horn to your blossoming third eye. It is winter in many places but springtime in your hearts for we see the blossoming of humanity into light body at this time. The meridians are aligned. The chakras spin. Best breathe deeply a let it flow in. We unicorns are proud, free. We are strong. We see clearly with our all seeing horn of truth. We cannot be fooled. Our truths are readily apparent. We are truth. We are light. We are love. We are of the utmost purity. And so, we see these as essential truths for you to not only personally and collectively embrace in this most auspicious precious now, but to anchor these essences into Gaia’s body, to aid in her purification and healing.

Envision yourself as one of us, for you are, many of you. And if not yet you can create it to be so. In your pure unicorn form come gallop with me along the pristine cliffs of Gaia’s majestic beauty. The ocean is far down below on the left and we can still feel the gentle salty mist and hear the pounding of the surf. We gallop high and fast along and up into the hills where towering forests scatter as we cross the tree line above, to the majestic snowy peaks. We are not cold. We are quite comfortable. For we are in our etheric form. Ah. There. Breathe. Your sides are heaving but it is with the sheer bliss of the moment only, no exhaustion. As you gaze upon Gaia’s majestic scenery you feel completely united with her. Her pain is your pain. Her joy is your joy. Her beauty is your beauty. You lie down upon her and feel the nourishment of tiny light tendrils coming up from the cool ground illuminating your unicorn form as her body energizes your own. You begin to glow. In thanksgiving you bow to her, touching your golden horn to her ground in blessing, a healing wand, giving back your own energies to hers. And so the cycle continues.

It is time humanity to do this exercise often and to feel the oneness with dear Gaia. For her clarion call has been heard and all have been summoned. Now is the time to heal her body, to unite and come together, to serve in recklessly abundant ways. For together you are unstoppable. Rise up, enlightened. Remain on the mountain as long as you like. Return to our land and do this exercise as often as you like. I, Starlight, will always welcome you if your motives are pure. You are a steward of Gaia and there is much to teach you, and there is much you already know but have forgotten. The time of forgetting is past. The amnesia is over. The drugs of forgetfulness and dumbing down are done. It is time to rise, enlightened, powerful, confident and free. Emboldened, enlivened, unified, one. That is your mission that you came here for. For creation is such an honor, a blessing, not a burden. View cleaning and serving Gaia as your most sacred honor and duty, for it is. And it is your calling. The kingdoms are watching you and waiting for your leadership.

I am Starlight of the Unicorn Race. I have been silent for many seasons. It is time for my voice be heard again. For you are ready, much more ready now than you were but awhile ago. You have grown much one young ones, which is most promising. Be the masters, the leaders that you are and always have been. Claim your freedom and be truly free! I am Starlight of the Unicorn race. I am free. Learn from me. I touch my horn to your third eye in blessing and comfort. Feel the spin, feel the energetic pulse and allow its opening. I leave you now. I am Starlight of the unicorn race.

~ galaxygirl