Love is our new reality

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Starlight via Galaxygirl with Video, February 12th, 2018

Young Lightworkers Channel – Starlight via galaxygirl 2-12-18

Published on Feb 19, 2018

Dear friends and fellow travelers, it is I, Starlight of the Unicorn race, here tonight with a message of hope and empowerment. For although much is proceeding quite nicely, many of the general public of light workers cannot see – yet; but for those of you who are keen with energy signatures and shifting you feel that something is most definitely up. And it is! You Humanity are up, vibrating ever so much higher bit by bit, and it pleases us to no end. You are creating the causeway for these shifts to come about by your meditations and focused intention. It is a very real thing, I assure you. For when Creator gods come together with quality of intention shift happens.

It is time for you to remember your true identity. You are Source light wrapped in frail human forms who have been conditioned deeply to fear and to forget and to feel isolated, alone. Who can divide Source from itself? Can you so see that this is trickery, illusion used by those who would control?

God is love – you’ve heard it a thousand times. How can love be divided? It is an impossibility. Love is all. Love is everything! Become more of it. Love is stretchy, as this one likes to say, and this is true. There is always plenty of love to go around for the whole family when a new one is added. So there is plenty of love for you. You, who hurt deeply, who cry at night, who are desperately alone – it is all very real for you, yes, and I don’t discount your experience or perception, but can you see that Source is everywhere? And therefore also within you, young one.

Therefore be at peace. Source light is advancing rapidly. Become accustomed to change, radical change for all is changed by the breath of the Mother, which is the event you all are discussing and blogging about. It is very real. You will be coated in the honey love of the Mother, as she likes to say, and it will warm the cold and wounded parts of you and slowly people will evolve into their higher selves. We project this will be quite lovely for you. Relax into it. You are loved on so many levels.

I am Starlight of the Unicorn race. I see Humanity blossoming into oneness and I bow to you. I touch my horn to your developing eye which is starting to see more clearly. Love deeply. Expand. Be at peace.