Love is our new reality

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Stefon and Mira via Galaxygirl with VIDEO, March 21, 2021

Stefon and Mira via Galaxygirl | March 21, 2021

Stefon and Mira 3/21/2021


Stefon, Pleiadian Commander of intergalactic fleet division 6. Greetings, friends of the light, I am your brother and friend, Stefon. I come through this one today with a message of hope for you, for earth times are appearing arduous at best. We are filling your skies with light, love and with healing modalities and technologies. We are in full support of the Mother’s Tsunami of love which is pouring toward your sphere. The dark ones are aware of this and are running out of time. They are very aware of this and always trying to create new timelines of fear to continue their plot, so it is best to maintain a high vibration to thwart this. There are many advantages of maintaining a high vibration. You reading this know, but perhaps you are not aware of all of the many benefits. First, your skin creates a radiance. In your holy stories of those who had seen the light of God and were trans-illluminated, this is how you will begin to appear to the others as the vibrations of your beautiful blue sphere continue to rise. You will glow. So it is best to get used to the idea and know that you are indeed changing for the better. This inner radiance that you are meticulously cultivating by your daily practices of light-seeking will continue to have their outward appearance. Why am I telling you this? Because your bodies are continuing to change. You have had much pain with transmutation and inner light work, darkness clearing. The outward signs will begin to become more apparent to the trained eye. Your inner radiance will create a glow. There are many light workers, there are many of you doing this and it is transforming the planet for it is grounding the glow of the higher dimensional variances of frequencies that emit rainbow codices of wavelength transmissions. But I am getting ahead of myself. Anyway, the glowing feels good. We want you to feel good! Feel good in knowing that your inner transformation is creating the outer transformation that is so desired by so many.

I am Stefon. You are in the midst of an intergalactic chess game that has spanned multi-millennia of maneuvers and out-maneuvers. The light is returning in full force and at long last the sexes will be balanced. Yours has been a society of sexual energy mismanagement. Divine rising of equality of the sexes, of nurturing and strength will remain steady as a constant reminder to the others in other balancing star systems how it is done. This is in essence what the Mother’s tsunami of love is. The great healing wave of love, of acceptance, of nurturing. There is much in need of nurturing on your world which is why it is essential that you nurture yourself, that you begin in your own microsphere of reality. For inner nurturing creates healing, balance and a feeling of safety. The divine masculine is supposed to create this sensation of divine safety, of protection and assurance. The divine feminine is ultimately the nurturer, the healer, the holder, the space-placer. All is in balance. A place that is nurtured and protected is a safe one, were inhabitants flourish for their inner wounds are mended and forgotten and they are stronger, more sure, more solid. This solidness of the higher dimensional realms will feel so good to you, so familiar to you. For you have been plunged into the realm of mist and untruths, of deception games. You are leaving all of this behind and all will be forgotten, for you will find yourselves in a space and place of healing and wholeness.

I am Stefon. Higher dimensional lights are surrounding you. Feel the nurturing and the protection of them, of us, your brothers and sisters in the skies and on the ground. I am Stefon and I hold you in the highest of esteem. Stefon out.

I am Mira. I trust you enjoyed a brief message from my colleague, Stefon. We work together on many projects. I wipe the tears from your eyes. It is not much longer now until we are reunited and the war-torn battlefields of survival will become green fields of peace. Feel this peace in your hearts. Feel the higher dimensional energies all around. Flood the under spaces with love light, just as the magma in Iceland is doing. Many underground spaces and places are being flooded by water or light, in this case lava flows to heal deep inner spaces that have so wounded the children and your planetary mother. Her healing is imminent. Your healing is by choice. Will you choose it? We know that those of you reading these words most likely will do so. Some will not. Many will chose to leave. Let them. Let them go with detachment and love. It is a mercy for those who are not ready to experience the higher dimensional ways to continue on their own chosen path of enlightenment. Some take the long way. Others want the shorter way. Not that this has been a short cut or an easy road. Oh, but do not be surprised if those who you think are ready are not. For the heart must awaken to its own inner music, you can not force them to hear their own tune. They must listen. This is one of the benefits of this year of silence as many have had more space and forced time to listen, to think, to question. Anger is part of the grieving response. This is why divine neutrality is so healing, for you are holding space for the others as they grieve through the process. In this way you are providing the love of the divine feminine, holding space and divine silence. You are grounding this light. We could not proceed without you, ground team. We are on the ground with you now, we have been for some time but now our numbers are growing. Remember you aren’t alone. You too are from the stars. You are alien to the lower dimensional ways, you are here to divinely heal and provide support. We support you in this process of your personal and planetary ascension. Peace. I am Mira. We love you.

~ galaxygirl