Straight Talk on Ascension via Suzanne Lie ~ Episode #3, January 26th

Straight Talk on Ascension with Dr. Suzanne Lie ~ Episode #3

January 26, 2016

Dear Readers, I invite you to listen to the newest Straight Talk on Ascension message in its fullness as I have shared various aspects of this latest message in a couple of recent posts. This must be an important message since it is surfacing in various ways to allow the fullest integration.  Please share your comments below and let me know what you think.

If you enjoy what the Arcturians share, I invite you to join us this weekend as we kick off the new season of the impactful Advanced Arcturian Lecture Series. If you are new to the series, it is a teaching format in which the Arcturians bring forth novel and pertinent information in the NOW to assist us in integrating the highest frequencies and holding the most expanded states of consciousness ~ for what could be more important than planetary ascension?  Learn more.
Listen to the Straight Talk on Ascension ~ Episode # 3

Full Transcript of the Message

The energy is VERY HOT right now. By “hot” we mean “HOT” as in electronics because you are experiencing an ever-increasing frequency rate of your neural synapses. The reason why your synapses are firing at a higher frequency is because your consciousness is resonating to a higher frequency/dimension.

In fact, your states of consciousness are beginning to match the frequencies of higher light that is penetrating and transmuting all your neural synapses. In your human state of consciousness, there are three major categories:

Unconscious Mind—alpha and delta waves—fourth dimensional self

Conscious Mind—beta waves—third dimensional self

Super-conscious Mind—gamma waves—fifth dimensional self and beyond

Right NOW, these transformational waves of Higher Light are everywhere within your current translation of reality. We say “translation” because each of you is beginning to perceive frequencies of reality which you had never perceived before—that is, in this incarnation.

Most of you have had many incarnations on Earth. Some were parallel realities and some parallel or simultaneous lives. You chose to take these simultaneous versions of reality in order to rehearse your ascension. Now it is not just a rehearsal.

That long awaited process of planetary ascension is here. What you are learning about that process NOW is that Ascension Is NOT leaving.  Ascension is RETURNING.

As you expand your 3D consciousness into your 5D consciousness, you become as creative as you always were in your “imagination.” This expansion of consciousness and creativity is because new areas of your physical brain are being stimulated by these higher frequencies of light.

Your unconscious mind is aware of these higher frequencies of light, but your conscious mind, which is too often separated from your unconscious and superconscious mind, is often not aware of these inner changes.

You can hide things from your conscious self. You can even lie to your conscious self and tell it a convenient lie rather than a difficult truth. Your conscious mind can hide out in the 3D and forget the myriad other components of your total self.

But NOW the higher frequencies of light are beginning to become CONSCIOUS.

Let us define “conscious,” which is quite complicated. Your ego self has been the “keeper of your conscious mind” for many of your incarnations. With this limited dimensional access of your conscious mind, you can only perceive that which resonates to your third dimensional states of consciousness.

Therefore, if your ego could believe that what it perceived was “real,” it could store it in your conscious mind. Unfortunately, your third dimensional ego is very tainted by the myriad challenges, traumas, lies, and disappointments of daily life. Therefore, it will often decide that something is real because it wants it to be real.

The conscious area of your mind is easily “brainwashed” because it only perceives the third-dimensionalphysical world. On the other hand, your unconscious mind can perceive your fourth dimensional reality, and your superconscious mind can perceive fifth dimensional and beyond realities.

What is occurring now is that the higher light has been altering your earth vessel at very baseline frequencies that were once undetectable to your conscious mind. However, now your conscious mind is increasingly able to detect the higher frequencies of light because your super-conscious mind has been teaching your third-dimensional brain how to expand its frequency range.

It is only within your conscious mind that you can lie to yourself. You, our beloved ones, have been repeatedly told that your conscious mind is your “best” mind, your Self, etc. In fact, your conscious mind has suffered the most “brainwashing” by the external lies, deceptions, and fearful information.

However, your super-conscious mind is awakening, and your perceptions and translations of reality are increasingly transmuting to consciously encompass the higher frequency of gamma waves. In fact, now, the gamma waves are penetrating your atmosphere, your reality, and your physical body.

Therefore, your innate gamma wave – fifth dimensional consciousness—is coming “on line” with your conscious perceptions, and is beginning to intermingle with your third dimensional perceptions. Hence, your 3D perceptions are expanding.

This expanded awareness may feel as if someone “turned on the lights.” Actually, that “some one” is you. YOU have turned up the frequency.

It is vital within this NOW that you recognize that YOU are on the cusp of allowing yourself to acknowledge that you can perceive a frequency of reality that is just beyond your physical perceptions. When you embrace this fact with your conscious mind, your fifth dimensional perceptions move into the category of being REAL.

In other words, your conscious mind was innately given the role of determining “what is real” in your ever-changing world. However, once your conscious and your super-conscious minds merge, that which is perceived via your superconscious mind will also be determined as REAL.

When you recognize…when you begin to allow a more conscious experience of merging your super-conscious mind with your conscious mind, there will be a flash of higher consciousness in which you will be able to perceive a fifth dimensional message with your conscious mind, and you will recognize it as REAL.

More and more of you are remembering how to share higher dimensional information with your conscious mind, as well as with others. Because you are still wearing a 3D earth vessel, YOU can participate in the experience of third dimensional Earth.

YOU are a Multidimensional Being who has volunteered to wear an earth vessel to better assist Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension. Your earth body is the “vessel” you must wear in order to calibrate your state of consciousness with a third dimensional frequency of reality.

From our perspective, it is a simple neurological adjustment that will allow you to expand your consciousness into the fifth dimension. That is, it would be simple, if it were not for the brainwashing and the memory of many difficult, painful, and frightening lives in the third dimension.

We are here, beloved ones, to remind you that YOU are a Multidimensional Being who chose to take a third dimensional earth vessel on Earth to assist Gaia with Her planetary ascension. We ask that you NOW remember that YOU are your “super-conscious self.”

It was the density of the third dimension, as well as myriad past lives, that led you to believe that only the third dimension was real. Yes, your third dimensional body is real in that it has a third dimensional form.

However, as the fifth dimensional light continues to activate your 97% “junk” DNA, your body, your consciousness, and your perceptions will begin to calibrate to a higher frequency of light.

Remember, you perceive the frequency of reality that resonates with your state of consciousness—brainwaves. Those of you who are able to perceive the higher light can do so because you can FEEL the unconditional love that resonates to that frequency of light.

Once you allow your self to KNOW that those perceptions are REAL, then you are in for quite an experience. We will not say more in this NOW, as this is YOUR script and YOU will write it.

ALL of you, the human and non-human members of Gaia’s Earth, are using your unconscious, conscious, or superconscious mind to choose the frequency of reality that you wish to experience.

Whether or not you are conscious of this fact, you are all calibrating your brainwaves/states of consciousness to the frequency of reality that you wish to live. However, only your super-conscious mind is able to take this risk of being one of the “Initiators of the Next Octave of Reality.”

If your conscious and unconscious mind is merged with your superconscious mind, you will be fully aware of this choice. In fact, you will be fully aware of your own Higher Multidimensional SELF. This Higher SELF is the YOU who has remained in the higher frequencies of reality.

The higher YOU is in constant connection with your physical YOU via your superconscious mind and even your unconscious mind. If you can look into your own heart, you will find your Higher SELF. Then, you will also be able to see the Higher SELF within the hearts of others.

It is one of your greatest challenges to look into the hearts of those who would judge you or even harm you and to send them unconditional love. However, to do less than that would lower your own consciousness out of your superconscious mind and back into the limitations of your conscious mind.

Your challenge is to NOT allow your state of consciousness to be lowered by “their judgment.” Allow your conscious mind to remember the past, parallel and alternate realities in which you lived during an era of “peak experience.”

These experiences are often during a timeline in which you are experiencing a reality shift. A reality shift occurs when it is the NOW for you, person and planet, to calmly and powerfully enter into a higher dimensional expression of reality.

This process will be greatly facilitated if you can connect your conscious mindwith your unconscious mind to review what you have learned in your myriad incarnations. In this manner, you will also facilitate the full activation of your superconscious mind.

We are asking you all to remember to love your self unconditionallyduring this process of personal and planetary shift. 
Please remember that:

Unconditional love for your self allows your consciousness 
to resonate within the NOW of the ONE.

Blessings to you all and see you in the fifth dimension.



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