Love is our new reality

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Surya via Elaine DeGiorgio, August 14th, 2017

Surya: Coming Revolution in Higher Consciousness

vio flameSitting in the Sacred I AM Presence with my Main Guide in his Vibration and Lifetime as Lord Surya and my Spirit Guide Team I have been asked to share the following message with you all.

Dear Ones, I, Surya of the God Star, salute thy Christhood and thy Light. And I declare that it is our determination to roll back the barren­ness of the planetary homes of this system which have fallen into disuse and imbalance in the four elements in Matter because of the mis­qual­i­fi­ca­tion of the Mother flame by the Nephilim and their evolutions.

Therefore these fallen ones have gone for the ruination of the planets of your system of worlds; and one by one they have become uninhabitable for this lifewave and evolution. Thus, they have camped on planet earth, for the climatic conditions are indeed ideal. But in their very encampment they bring the force of turmoil, of Tiamat, chaos and confusion, and they unbal­ance the fire with the air with the water in the earth. They unbalance mole­cules of light. They tamper with the nucleus of self. And their own heart chakras are only darkness and vortices of darkness.

Beloved ones, we are determined. And therefore we come this day from out the Great Central Sun for the turning back and around of the negative spin that has been put upon the children of the Light upon earth that they may not create, that they may not fulfill their fiery destiny. For the positive spirals of Alpha and Omega must go forth.

Beloved hearts of Liberty, beloved ones of the living flame of Love, the ruby ray has gone forth, the violet flame has gone forth. Now let the descending light of the first ray once again summon the alignment of atoms and molecules and lifestreams.

Therefore, the cutting edge of Archangel Michael’s sword of blue flame does go forth to cut free ring upon ring of Light-bearers who are the devotees of the will of God and of El Morya and of the legions of the first ray. Therefore, the legions of the first ray assemble for the guardian action of the sacred fire for Saint Germain’s going forth with the mighty word of the Coming Revolution in Higher Consciousness.

For this earth must be transformed, and swiftly!

Blaze the Light into the mental belt from out the sacred fire that does press through from the legions of Light and from the Great Central Sun in this hour! Let it press through into the astral plane. Let it bind there those who hide and attempt to hide behind their darkness or behind the folds of the Mother’s garment as she does pass through.

Blaze the Light into the astral plane! Blaze the Light into the astral bodies of all mankind and especially the Light-bearers! Clear the way. Clear the way.

I AM Surya and I AM commanding the Light-bearers and the legions of Light to come forth in this hour of the triumph of the God flame.

And we ask that you and your twin flame, by the power of Orion and of Sirius, the Holy Divine Masculine and the Holy Divine Feminine, by the power of your causal bodies, now pres­ent before the living God your presence and receive the appro­ba­tion and the action of the divine alchemy for the posi­tion­ing of twin pillars of your great causal body in the earth.

And therefore souls of Light, twin flames of Light take their position around the planetary body. Wherever they are, wherever they may be, let the twin pillars descend into the very heart of the earth and ascend to the heart of the Great Central Sun.

We come, then, in this hour, called by the Cosmic Council and Alpha and Omega, to do all in the power of the Great White Brotherhood and the hosts of heaven to hold the balance the God flame might continue on earth through his Keepers of the Flame in every nation.

I AM Surya of the Sun. I AM Surya of the Sun. I AM come in the heart of the Flaming One. I AM come in the heart of the Flaming One. And I AM come for the raising up of planet earth in this hour. And therefore, O earth, I command that atoms and molecules of Matter align now with the God Star, align now with the polestar of the Mighty I AM Presence of all sons and daughters of God upon earth.

I AM Surya and I speak today to the hearts of you all. I speak through Elaine this day. – Channel: Elaine DeGiorgio