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“Switcheroo & Tigger Too” – GCR/RV Update – Friday – April 28, 2017

“Switcheroo & Tigger Too” – GCR/RV Update – Friday – April 28, 2017

Tonight US President Donald J. Trump legally signed the gold standard into law. before leaving for Florida to play golf.

Yup, you read that right: Trump = Gold = Law = Golf. What a country!

The new USN will be legal tender for our Republic per Congressional approval as required by the Constitution–hidden not so subtly in the seemingly innocuous one week budget extension running through midnight May 5th.

If you’ll recall on Wednesday afternoon of this week, the entire US Senate was dragged in before Republic military commander General Dunford, who warned that no cabal agent dare interfere with the USN implementation process or risk losing their amnesty and pre-exchanged profits.

They clearly did not stop it.

This is a massive miracle if you understand how difficult just getting to tonight was for so many … over so long .. with so much on the line.

Meaning @ 12:01am EDT Saturday, the USD is no longer the cash and coin currency of the United States, and shall be replaced permanently by the new gold backed USN.

As a result of using this budget extension provision, no trace of said collateral or currency change will be included in the 2017 federal budget when it comes due for a second gold backed extension on Friday May 5th, running through September 30, 2017.

Translated: Obama marched the world’s fiat reserve currency (USD) right out the front door tonight, in full public view, and quietly made Trump sign into law a redenominated and REVALUED UST USN without anyone being the wiser.

Switcheroo and Tigger too! Hallelujah!

Talk about higher mind master planning executed flawlessly.

This also means both the RV and Trump’s exodus from power can now legally and morally begin at any moment after midnight Friday, and possibly simultaneously sometime this weekend.

Very early in the morning (2:00am) is most likely start time either on a Sunday morning because all worldwide banks and markets are closed. It’s also the slowest traffic time in the internet.

But the take away tonight is that, at least structurally, both events can now legally occur and at any second.

We’re that close!

God is with us.