Love is our new reality

The Angels via Jenny, June 4, 2019

You Can Invite Blessings into Your Awareness

The trees drink in the light. They serve you in your transformation as they receive the light without effort. You do the same. Your daily life can include a deep and nourishing connection to the wisdom of the Earth.

Your real eyes are equipped to take in the light, fine-tuning you as the stream inflows. Light is both particle and wave, so you can receive in many ways. Much comes in now through your crown, that natural aperture where the top bones of your skull flex. When you were born out of your mother, the space was soft and pliable. Third-dimensional living has toughened the area. Yet now the light softens it, widens the field and the possibility of more light entering.

Your eyes also receive. When pure light enters you through these apertures, it touches the back of the retina to enhance your finer perceptions. Do you not notice more shimmering, more glistening in the air, on the water, on the branches and the wings of things? It is so.

Your skin takes in light and radiates its fullness back out. You become more translucent. It is marvelous to see as you grow in this wondrous way.

The light moves in and through you. It happens in your ease. Another great gift of the Mother, that you come closer to her by becoming more like her, more of her. We, your Angels, are made of her lovelight. So you come closer to us, closer to our realm, as you allow and become more light.

The simple statement, I AM Light has vast and powerful ramifications. Say it and notice. Our suggested practice of starting your day by aligning with the great I Am Presence directly and continually fills you with light.

So be blessed, dear Ones of Earth; you grow so quickly now. Your world is changing under you, around you, and most especially though you. You participate in this transformation by your will and with your intent. Let it be. Let the great light be with you now.

In love for you, in response to your call, in alignment with the great Plan of the Mother, we bless you now. We love you always.