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The Angels of Heaven via Karen Vivenzio, October 12, 2020


The Angels of Heaven via Karen Vivenzio

Dearest children of the heavenly light we are fostering hope of joy, peace, and happiness within you at this time. For the energies that surround you are of much conflicting waves of light, up and down and all around there is a mismatch of vibration – that is the reason for all the discord, too many timelines converging all at once. Those of the lower vibrations reaching up and pulling you down, others coming in sideways and pulling you off center. Brush yourself off, stand up proud and tall and set your intention to align with the holiest (highest) of the vibrational currents swimming before you right now. Jump up onto the highest wave and ride it into a state of ecstasy and grace. Allow the current to carry you home, rolling with the waves great and small and take the lesson every surfer knows, you ride the wave and you stand strong in the face of the currents that can take you under, you get up on the surfboard every time you fall and you continue to ride the waves, each and every one until you are carried home. Rough waters make people tougher but you never see the surfer waiver, they keep swimming and keep riding one wave after another enjoying the challenge, the grace, the beauty of the water. And that is how we see this time you are passing through now – a tunnel of waves and water, of energy that flows up and down and all around and we are asking you now to embrace the ride, get out your surfboard and dive into the unchartered waters and have faith in the wind, the sun, the moon, the energy underfoot and overhead to guide you / to carry you home – to the peace in your heart and the stillness deep within that knows everything is not as it appears but that it will be okay once the atmosphere clears.

For there are great waves of light washing over you now, in you, through you, and all around. Breathe with it, do not hold it in, the air needs to release so you can keep breathing in. Do not be afraid. Do not cower in fear. The heavenly realms are supporting you dears.

Allow all hurt and sorrow to pour forth, great cleansing and purging of all that has come forward. Many tales to be told about these days of old in the generations that come – of how their ancestors breathed new life into Mother Earth and the call was heard to keep moving forward. Great strength and determination in the face of travesty rising to the surface. So let it out, let it go, allow the million streams of light to flow and illuminate the path of the everlasting soul. For you are not your bodies you know. You are pure light – so let go and let it flow, to heal the ones in need of grace.

Light shining from your temples, your eyes, your crowns of gold. Light shining from your hearts, blessing the entire world. Let the love and light of Mother / Father God shine through you, for that is what you are – a beacon, a lighthouse, a shining star – blazing forth with the Glory of the Heavens to release what no longer matters. Let it go and move ahead, soon you will see dry land and you will step onto a space sacred and divine where all there is is light that shines, and you will feel the burdens lift off your chest, you will lay down your swords and rest. For peace is all there is.

In majesty, and grace, and the journey within – we bring you healing and an end to suffering dear friends. We are the Angels of Heaven strong and wise and we are standing by your sides. Open your hearts, embrace our light and together we will shine, shine, shine.

With love, light, and blessings – Karen

Author: Earth Angel: Find Your Power Shine Your Light

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