Love is our new reality

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The Angels via Jenny, March 9th, 2018

A Welcomer of Grace

You are a welcomer of the grace of Heaven. Let the lovely Angels, your Angels, into your day right now. Say it in words so simple, “Dear Angels, be with me today in all my ways, in all the ways you can guide me and support me.” As you say these words, feel your breath ease and your shoulders relax. We are with you. Every situation can be bettered by your invitation, your allowing the great forces at play in the universe to flow through you. Easily they can flow through you today, right now.

Whether meeting an old friend or greeting a large group, your energetic emanations are nurturing. When your interactions start from the heart, good is the natural outcome. In any situation, if your intention is for good will and clear transmission, it will be so.

You have lived for many months with the outer turmoil increasing. Big changes are on the horizon—a great storm you might say. You can feel it in the air and in your bones. Within you, old patterns may still arise, but seen with clarity they are opportunities for growth. There can be stunning openings. Know that we are with you through all these fluctuations. Let some small magic also come in with the storm.

Again we say Trust. By your example you inspire trust, which benefits everyone. Carry this trust surely and know it for yourself. Great things are unfolding. Your strong and steady Light is a grounding force. You are perfect just as you are. Even now you are doing more than you know. It will be all right.

We love you. We love you, dear Ones of Light. We love you.