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The Arcturian Council of Wisdom via Caroline, March 4th, 2018

The Arcturian Council of Wisdom, March 4th, 2018

Trust and Confidence

When you are born and incarnate on Earth you are programmed with a task for your life. If the basic conditions are not available or develop in order for you to be able to carry out your task or lesson in life confusion is the result. Some numb the confusion with alcohol and become addicted. The gap between the life one was intended for and the life you actually live has become too large.

If you constantly do not listen to the voice of your own inner clock you will veer off course. For every year you will find yourself further and further from your main path. This is when crisis appear in one’s life. These are crises where you are giving an opportunity to return to the original plan for your life.

The reasons for you veering off course can be that you let somebody else’s will determine and that you yield in spite of you deep inside feel that it is not ok.

Tricky, you do not say no to a voice from the outside that might be malign, but you choose to not listen to yourself, somebody who has been there for you your whole life.

In order to find out what your deeper purpose is you can via meditations or a guided visualization receive a picture, a sentence or some words, for what it is. See it as a framework – it is not fully developed. See it more like a jigsaw puzzle where you have the frame and some key pieces in place. This is so that you can see the contours. Then it is your job and your development that determines what the picture should look like exactly.

You are in your life offered many opportunities and it is you who choose which ones you will take advantage of. When you jump on an opportunity that is right you will see from the synchronicities that it is right. One thing after another falls in place and you can follow the flow.

In the opposite situation it is as heavy as walking up a steep hill. We can give you a piece of advice if it feels heavy – sit down and take a pause. Let go of the thoughts as to where you think you should, feel inside and listen for your inner voice. It might not be the one that is calling the loudest. But, when it softly whispers your name in the evening and says – how do you feel? It is then that it is time to listen to and follow the advice of your heart regarding which direction to go or change of course you need to make in order to again be in harmony with your inner light. I think you know exactly what I am talking about. Try and you will see.


Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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