Love is our new reality

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The Arcturian Group via Marilyn Raffaele, April 3d

The Arcturian Group via Marilyn Raffaele, April 3, 2016.

Arcturian Group April 3, 2016Dear Ones, once again we come in Love with messages of support, for we know you often grow weary within a world that seems to see things so differently from you.

The chaos you observe daily is reflective of the breaking apart of old manifestations as the energy that supported them dissolves. As these manifestations crumble and disappear many struggle to hold them in place through whatever ways they believe are necessary – often violence. These dear Ones can only fail, for nothing can manifest without the energy to form it. New and higher forms will replace them if allowed.

This is where nostalgia often enters in. A weary soul begins to yearn for some imagined past time, believing it to have been better and much easier. This can be a slippery slope for those seeking to spiritually evolve for it has the potential to hold one in bondage to concepts. However, for the enlightened, nostalgia can serve as a path into a deeper understanding of self vs SELF. A sense of nostalgia when recognized as such can illuminate deeply held concepts and beliefs still needing to be seen and cleared.

Nostalgia is simply the material sense of that yearning for peace that all souls unconsciously know is their birthright. Because now is such a powerful time filled with new energies pouring to Earth, clearings of old belief systems – and change – it is understandable that many have become world weary, even choosing to leave, especially those who do not understand what is actually going on. No one can recreate and live in the past – although many have tried.

Every generation reflects the consciousness of that particular time – the clothes, transportation, morality, laws etc. but all these things evolve as consciousness evolves. There was a time when the only mode of transportation was a horse, when women were not allowed to vote, and when humans were used as slaves, but the world in general has evolved and will continue to evolve as individuals awaken, each adding more Light to Universal consciousness.

Living in the past or the future is life lived on the level of the three-dimensional mind that sees everything as either good or bad. It can never be true living for that can only take place in the now moment. If you are one who enjoys books and films about other times or fantasy, that is fine but enjoy them without nostalgia or yearning, seeing them as the entertainment they are.

You are only required to live out from your highest sense of right in each moment and that is different for every individual. Do not expect an unevolved person to be loving and happily getting along with everyone, for he has not yet attained that state of consciousness. This awareness allows you to move beyond the personal guilt and resentment that comes up regarding roads not taken, angry words said to others, or unloving actions taken in some past time.

You were expressing your highest attained state of consciousness at that time. If you were to say or do those same things now, you would not be living out from your highest attained state of consciousness because you have evolved. Allow experiences of the past (the good ones as well as the not so good ones) to take their place as finished and move on, knowing they have only the power you give them.

Try not to fear or panic as you observe chaos in the outer scene. Limit your involvement with television news and much of its programming. Media in general has become simply a propaganda tool for promoting violence and the idea of humans as ignorant and stupid, all of which is serving to keep fear and obsolete concepts alive and well.

It is often only through what appears as chaos that change can happen. Much of what you are observing at this time represents the effect energy changes are having on the un-enlightened. Confused and angry, they lash out in whatever ways they can for they do not understand nor do they care to understand the deeper issues of energy and change taking place on Earth at this time.

Try not to despair when you see scenes of chaos in the news or hear the words of politicians so desperate for power and your vote that they say whatever they think you want to hear instead of having any original or new ideas of their own. Not all, but most see the world through concepts of the past and are thus unable to move into anything higher than what is already known.

This is the reason a totally-unqualified candidate appeals to so many – he represents change, albeit backward change, but change. The political arena does not want change for change may lessen their personal power. Most are incapable of seeing solutions other than through what is already known and it is the consciousness of the public that allows these old energies to remain in place. As the world becomes more enlightened, these self-serving so called “leaders” will disappear. The energy will determine who is elected.

Living each day according to your highest sense of right automatically guides you into whatever higher levels of consciousness you are ready for and in turn adds Light to the world-consensus consciousness. This is how mankind evolves. Try not to get too involved in the nonsense of an unaware world. Stand back and allow them to shout and play their games while you go about being, living, speaking, and knowing your and their Oneness with Source.

When you engage in anything, you are automatically giving energy to it, no matter how righteous you believe your position to be. You have entered into a new time, a time in which you must move beyond your old state of consciousness or be left behind. Opinions can be offered when appropriate, but do not give them a power for good or bad.

How is it possible to love those I really don’t like? Trying to love others humanly can be very difficult because the human consciousness will always interpret some as loveable and others as not so loveable. As awakened individuals you are ready to understand that only God is love and only God can love. Humanly you have no love to give. Abundance, joy, peace, creativity etc. are God qualities and to seek them outside of one’s self or claim them as yours personally is duality and separation. Sometimes you will succeed and sometimes not.

As you learn to get out of the way and let God love through you, you will find yourself loving and expressing the qualities of Divinity without thought. How to do this? Through your inner work and the realization of yourself and every living thing as Divine, this awareness gradually becomes your state of consciousness. As you begin living life from this higher state of consciousness, you will find yourself expressing love automatically and without thought or struggle. It is who you have become and many of you are already experiencing this.

Trust that all is proceeding as it should, knowing that you are spiritual Beings who came to Earth with a plan you yourselves created, and are being guided throughout your Earth stay, even if it does not seem that way. The things that seem to be so difficult represent illusion, the misinterpretations you created throughout many unawakened lifetimes, much of which you may still hold in cellular memory.

This is why you are here. You recognized that the powerful energies of these times on Earth were perfect to help you remember and discover who you really were while allowing you to finally end the cycles of unawakened lifetimes and clear remaining obsolete energies from cellular memory.

You all have come a long way through many lifetimes of struggle, but that is ending. You have awakened. Much that previously seemed so real and powerful no longer holds power over you and long-held fears are dissolving into the nothingness that they always were.

Never deny appearances, good or bad, but simply acknowledge them for what they are – mind interpretations of a Divine reality. It is fine to rejoice in the birth of a child, but know that this is just as much an illusion as the weak and dying. Appearances of both good and bad are illusory. Only God and the qualities of that Divine consciousness are real, lasting, and held in place by law.

Rest more, relax more, trust more. Most of you are clearing old cellular memory at this time which can leave you feeling flu-like symptoms. Taking drugs or trying to “fix it” in some way will interfere with your clearing process. Just go with it, knowing that you cannot take old energies with you and rejoicing that they are being cleared.

There are those who continue to take classes and study long past the point where these tools are needed. There is a point at which the continuous seeking and searching must end as it can only serve to hold you as a perpetual student and thus one who will never become the master. It indicates a consciousness of separation. To live a consciousness outgrown is very human.

Some of you have been serious spiritual students throughout your life, and are comfortable with studying and seeking as it is familiar and is what you have always done, but once you find what you were seeking you must begin to live it. Some may be guided to become teachers at this point.

Do not misunderstand. We are not saying you must never take a class or read spiritually-inspired books. We are saying that once you awaken to who and what you are, the tools must become the “added” things, no longer holding the importance they once did because you are now ready to be taught from the Self within.

Practice what you know in every experience that comes your way – physically, mentally, emotionally. Hold to the Truth in all appearances and situations and gradually Truth will become your attained state of consciousness.

Live each now moment remembering I AM.

We are the Arcturian Group

The Arcturian Group. Channelled by Marilyn Raffaele. April 1, 2016.