Love is our new reality

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Mary Magdalene via Ann Dahlberg, Sunday, April 3d, 2016

Mary Magdalene

Sunday, April 3d, 2016

Channel: Ann Dahlberg

I am Mary Magdalene and I great you all. We now find ourselves in the final of final of times and we now march full speed into a new époque. The wisdom and understanding of how it is to live in the third dimensional reality is now completed. You have enough of knowledge and understanding to be able to help and lead others with similar problems. It has been a long process that has etched itself in deeply.

Your whole history is written down in the Akashic records and it can be of use and understanding for others to learn from. Those that want to dig into this have an incredible amount to go through. There are millennia after millennia to go through, all with varying degrees of experiences. You can look for almost anything and it is to be found there for those that are interested. Added to this you have your own book with your life experiences that you can share if you so feel like. There are many stories that are told at different meetings, but everything is voluntary and is only brought up if it fits within the context. Yes, you have much that you will go through before you ascend as masters of yourselves. There will be a mentor that shares all with you that you need to know and understand when that time arrives.

Earth is on its way up and she is very beautiful to behold. All colors, everything is in harmony. It is so very beautiful to look at. We that can see how she looks in the fifth dimension are exalted over her incredulous beauty. We are grateful for being allowed to help her in her large transformation. She is slightly ahead of you, but you are not far behind. She experiences and feels the love in the fifth dimension and now sends as much love as she can to heal the surface world.

Much is going on, there are many who are trying to heal Mother Earth now, as well as they can with the means they have available. Other technologies will emerge as soon as NESARA and GESARA have become the legal basis and then things will move fast, dear children on Earth. This is what many have longed for, to establish peace on our Earth and to heal all scares that have emerged in the path of greed and power. You can find here all that you need, we just need to share, so that all can get their rightful share of the cake. No fighting is necessary when you have all that you need. You can then put down your weapons and your fears and embrace each other instead. Work side by side with a common understanding and in joy for the highest good of all, people, animals and nature. Earth is one unit together with you, you belong together and need to help and support each other. This is when you will understand true life in a third dimensional creation.

With these words I close and wish you a continued fortunate journey towards the goal.

With much Love,

Mary Magdalene



Translation from Swedish: Per Staffan