Love is our new reality

The Arcturian Group via Marilyn Raffaele, July 23d, 2017

JULY 23,2017

Greetings, again we come to give support and love as we witness the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual struggles of so many  at this time.  Energies flowing to earth have become increasingly intense, causing issues normally not problematic to seem much larger and important.  You are becoming more sensitive to energy and thus experiencing more of it in ways that would previously have gone unnoticed.
As consciousness becomes Lighter, more refined, and open to the higher frequencies,  individual psychic abilities are gradually opening as well, allowing easier accessibility to Light beings, Guides , and even  loved ones on the other side.  It is simply that new and higher levels of consciousness resonate more closely with the frequencies of the higher dimensions.
Many believe that those with psychic abilities that allow them to tune into the other side are different or special.  No dear ones, everyone has these abilities because all are spiritual beings, but some are more aware of it than others.
Some have chosen to shut down their psychic abilities out of fear, having been burned at the stake for using them in some other lifetime.  Others do not believe they are real, thus perfectly manifesting their absence.  Some choose to block  them  in order to fully concentrate on certain life lessons chosen for completion in this lifetime while others are simply not evolved enough to responsibly handle these gifts  and their Higher Self has temporarily blocked them.
Many do not realize that Consciousness, which is all that exists, (ONE)  is energy.  The denser and more un-awakened the state of individual consciousness, the deeper, slower, and heavier are the its frequencies  (absence of Light).   In reality, everyone is pure consciousness but because of the density of third dimensional energy,  souls must manifest as physical on earth.
Everyone can easily sense dense energy,  but most do not understand what they are feeling.  Physical locations  where war, struggle, pain, and suffering have taken place will often continue to hold the energy of these events until cleared.  Clearing is being done the world over those with pure intent and the ability to clear and bring in Light energy.
Clearings also take place through natural events like fire.  Many Civil and Indian war sites have been cleared through fire.  Do not forget that Gaia is a living soul who is also evolving.  She is not a simply a piece of dirt to be used for mankind’s benefit.

As  individuals spiritually evolve,  their energy field becomes lighter and lighter because the essence of Divine Consciousness is pure Light.  Individual energy fields are easily seen and felt by those sensitive to energy or with the ability to see auras.  This is why you may be drawn to or repelled by certain individuals even if you do not actually see their energy field.
Everyone senses the resonance of others because there is only one which brings about either alignment or non-alignment with the whatever energy is present  be it a person or place.  This is why you may feel the need to avoid certain places, events, or people–you simply feel out of sync with the predominant energy.  Honor that.   On the other hand, it is also energy alignment that draws together people, places, and events be they positive or negative.
Evolution is the slow and often painful journey through lifetimes of experiences necessary for a soul to finally awaken from the illusions of sense into that enlightened state of awareness that has always been fully present but which has been hidden behind false concepts and beliefs.
Every new truth attained  (not just intellectually known)  expands one’s energy field causing it to  grow brighter and lighter and allowing him to more easily acess  spiritually evolved ideas, beliefs, and people of the same resonance.  This is the Law of Attraction.
You may question why there are those who have psychic abilities who do not appear to be spiritually evolved. Their psychic readings and predictions often reflect the third dimensional belief system and are filled with doom and gloom.  Many of these people developed and carry in cellular memory psychic abilities attained in previous lifetimes often through techniques for the manipulation of energy and the accessing of other dimensions.
Teachings about energy manipulation were a large part of the mystery schools and were intended to aid the student toward enlightenment.  However, there were a few not yet ready or evolved enough to use the techniques honorably.  Some  broke away and began to use what they had learned for selfish gain which was the origin of what is termed the black arts.   Unenlightened energy  is seen and felt as dense, dark, and heavy.
There are still those today who seek to use the manipulation of energy for personal gain.  Pure energy  is neither good nor bad, but just is.  However, it can be and is used for both in accord with the state of consciousness and intention of the user.  Healing modalities are based in  the ability of a healer to flow Higher Light energy and bring into balance discordant energy.
Healings will remain as long as the patient stays in alignment with the new frequencies.  It often happens that individuals simply return to their old ways (those that brought about discord in the first place), allowing the situation to return.  For these, at some point  energy healing will cease to help for they must learn to do their own work.

Energy  manipulated for selfish purposes, appears dense and heavy because of the absence of Light.  When used for healing, it appears as crystalline colors or gold Light.  This is why there are so many tales told about sorcery, energy manipulation, and negative witchcraft as well as white wizards and powerful healers. These stories  tap into collective cellular memory and are not simply imaginary.
It is important to know that not everyone who is psychic but holds no interest in  spirituality was  a negative manipulator of energy.  Many seriously studied and learned in the mystery schools and used the information as  intended.  The teachings of the ancient mystery schools (there are still some on earth today) were presented mostly from levels of duality and separation because that was the predominant consciousness of those times.
Today many who are psychically gifted, especially those in all the healing arts and self improvement modalities, worked in the Sacred Healing Temples of long ago and still carry these  abilities in the energy of cellular memory.
As you spiritually evolve, your ability to access heretofore unavailable frequencies increases because your personal resonance is now able align with them.  You may start  to see people and animals who have passed on.  Many of you are doing this now. This usually happens in the sleep/wake state when you are not yet fully awake.
There is no reason to fear these experiences.  Know that those who come to you may be confused and do not know where they are, or even that they have died. They  are attracted to your light.  You can explain to them that they need to go to the light where help and guidance awaits
Many of these dear ones who linger have been thoroughly ingrained with beliefs of hell and damnation and as a result are terrified to move out of earth energy.  Request that Guides or relatives come to assist them into the Light.   If after some time they refuse to leave you can simply tell them to go.

Never be afraid of these experiences.   Too many stories based in the ignorance of duality and separation have been passed down through lifetimes and are still a part of many religious teachings.  This false programming has caused many to be afraid, believing that anything “psychic” is evil and therefore must be feared and rejected.  In reality the “other side”  is everyone’s true home and thus  much more real than earth experiences.
It is unwise to open yourselves to the other side without thought through games, drugs, or ceremony.  There are un-evolved beings who would love to communicate with you if you allow it.  Do not ever fear connecting with your Guides and teachers but state an  intention to be open only to Beings of Light before you practice channeling or connecting.  This intention needs to be done only once.

If or when you go into fear with regard to experiences of the psychic kind,  immediately bring to mind who you really are–not a human being subject to any and all beliefs of duality and separation but rather an expression of God in manifestation.  This acknowledges that there is nothing absolutely nothing real that could ever separate or make you less than the Divine expression that you are.  As you center and align with this higher awareness, you  automatically shift into a higher consciousness, one that fear and lower resonating energies cannot enter.
All fear is arises from the belief that something or someone has seeming power over you.  Fear cannot exist in a state of consciousness that knows no power but God–the God of your own Selfhood.  Negative appearances can only exist where there is an energy of belief in them to form them.
This is not to say you will never again have a fearful thought, experience, or witness fearful three dimensional situations, but as you grow more and more into a consciousness of truth, they become further and further apart, no longer having energy to feed them.
Most of you have already begun to notice more synchronicity in your lives. Things are beginning to fall into place without effort, and solutions seem to appear when needed.  This is because you are beginning to identify as Self instead of self  and understanding that the real Self is complete and whole now, not at some future time.  An attained consciousness of wholeness and completeness expresses outwardly in seemingly ordinary ways.
You are creators but have not known it and so have looked to a God in the sky or human solutions to fix what you yourselves have created.   Use every experience to examine your belief system, and never doubt that peace, harmony, unconditional love is your birthright.
The whole journey is about ceasing to seek these things in the outer world and instead  remembering that they are already fully present within and then allowing them flow out as your every experience.
We are the Arcturian Group                                                             7/23/17
Note to readers–There will be no Arcturian Group Messages until late August.