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Judas Iscariot via Ann Dahlberg, July 23, 2017

Judas Iscariot

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Judas Iscariot and there is a saying, which goes: “The one who is waiting for something good cannot wait too long.” It has been a bit like that for you now dear children. Nothing is like the time of waiting, but the concentration should be inwards, dear Earthlings. Much is happening inside now. In order to be able to move the perspective from 3D till 5D much practice is needed, dear children on Earth. It is a great inner journey we are talking about here. It has a lot to do about trusting in one’s heart, in one’s inner self, in one’s soul. We are all on this journey today. We cleanse and we cleanse in order to find the inner calm of trust and belief in all that happens in both our inner as well as our outer world. When you raise your energy you see all from another perspective and you know that all is well and perfect and in harmony with all that is.

Follow your intuition dear Earthlings and try to be in the energy that you have there. You have there your power and strength to change what you want to change. The beautiful vision of our Earth must be maintained in our hearts. You must step out of the 3D thinking in order to step into the worlds of higher intuition. The mind does not rule this world. It is the intuition that guides you here It is the heart intuition that in harmony with the mind opens up for all the possibilities that exist and leads you to exactly the portal that you once decided to go through.

Think of this, dear children on Earth. It is the inner journey that is most important. It is the light in your heart that you should seek out. You cannot find it outside of yourself. All riches exist within you and they spread to the outer when you are ready for it. Are you ready for it? Are you in your heart and do you have only the best and most beautiful for Mother Earth and your fellow man in mind? It is only possible to construct a new Earth with a pure and light mind, which is guided by its higher heart’s intuition. Don’t you want this beautiful and light world around you? Then let the light into your hearts and feel the force and the winds of change that are blowing there. They are in force thanks to our light and it is our trust in this force that now changes a whole world – yes, a whole planet today.

Do not stop in your seeking, but follow your inner voice. Rest in your selves and find your strength there. This is important now. You live during an enormously important time, so set aside time for yourselves. Do not let time run out through your fingers. Let the light inhabit your hearts and strengthen your feeling of being One with everything. Do not let the dark and negative take over your thoughts and feelings, but raise your selves up to the positive and the light. Make sure everything is good and that your brother’s and sister’s paths are as beautiful as yours. Do not go over and over what is negative. See what is positive and put more weight on this. See what is beautiful and light and feel that it is this reality that you now belong to.

Be in your heart. There it is calm and peaceful and you can find there the faith and strength that you now need to take the last steps home – Home to the promised land. This land has long waited for you. We are pulling you with us now dear Earthlings. We pull you with the help of the rays of the light so that you will feel it extra clearly now. We look forward to your return and help you all we can now, so call on us, we are here for you in this fantastic special time of light, joy and song. We know you have the strength and the force within you. We help you to bring it forth if you ask for it. Your free will is our law and we rush to your help if you so wish. You are in a time of transformation so it might feel a bit turbulent, but it is a process that is almost over and you will walk on the path of roses. It is a path that will carry you home to the love and abundance that always will be with you.

I leave you know with much love,




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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