Love is our new reality

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Ashtar via Susan Leland, July 11th, 2017

“Expand into the Oneness of the LoveLight
to Create Miracles!!!”
Ashtar On The Road Conference Call – July 11, 2017
“Greetings, Beloved Family!  The excitement continues to rise, does it not?  It is as though any time you hear a story such as the one that Rama* just told, you are connecting in with that same energy that he felt on that mountainside, the gentleness, the peacefulness, the Love of the deer and the confirmation – yet another one among millions of confirmations now – not only of the ship’s reality, not only of its presence.  You have to understand that Master Rama takes himself up into very High levels when he goes out on his journeys, so the ship came to meet him and greet him!  He’s had this experience many times before.  He has come up to my ship many times!
“But we’re not here to give the history/herstory of any one individual, but to tell you this is Reality for all – particularly you, Beloved Ones!  Why do you think you’re here anyway?  Has it not occurred to you that you might have been here before – not just in these Gatherings, but throughout the course of your lifetimes, your timelines, your experiences, in other bodies?  And a lot of you are beginning to recognize that you not only have this DNA which is human, but you’ve got other goodies in your DNA as well. – your genetics of being star people coming from other places, your genetics of having served in many missions, most of them on Planet Earth, but in other places as well.
“And what is truly important is this Mission, our ultimate Mission for Planet Earth in service to Planet Earth, together – our partnership.  It’s more than a partnership!.   You’ve heard that word ‘Ohana.’  We are Ashtar On The Road Ohana!  That’s Family – I say, ‘Family’ in my messages to you.  I know that is a more familiar word in your lingo, but let’s expand that to include everyone here present, and everyone beyond who has yet to join us in this Gathering, or who perhaps will not be joining us for this particular one, but are nevertheless very much with us in spirit.
“You see, we are here to celebrate our togetherness, our Oneness.  And in that Oneness, we have identity with each other!  We have memories, if you care to unlock them as you unlock your DNA.  You don’t have to.  It’s not a requirement for partnering in this Mission.  I am simply telling you the memories are there if you choose to look into them – as well as other memories.  After all, you are individual identities as well!
“And you have NOT been, let us say, created off of an assembly line of sameness.  You are individuals, but again, we are One in this Family!  We are One in our LoveLight out of which we were all created, and that brings me to the final phase, if you want to call it that.  We are One with all LoveLight in the Universe!!!  And that goes to others in human form, and beyond. 
“And I am telling you that this Oneness is the glue – this recognition of the Oneness in all life, the Divine Oneness in all life.  It’s the glue that is making us successful, because as more and more come into that Heart-space Reality –  that miraculous place of Love, that demonstration of Love through all expressions, wherein the rules of the third dimensional game are set aside, cancelled, voided – however you want to say it – and where the guidance, the inspiration of Divine Knowingness comes in to lead everyone up, up and away – why not? 
“Put yourselves in the balloon of LoveLight, if you wish, and simply cast off and float upward into the Higher Dimensional levels.  This is where you came from, after all!!!  This is where you were birthed; this is where you came from and, oh yes, you enjoyed a physical birth as well.  Well, perhaps ‘enjoyed’ is not the word, but your parents, for the most part, were Joy-full at your emergence.  
“And you felt good about coming into the life, even though the life that you scripted for yourselves may have been filled with challenges.  Nevertheless, there was a Joy that you brought with you, because you carried within your genetics your soul memories – the knowing that you were coming in to partner in this absolutely ultimate Mission of Love, and the Mission of assisting others to recognize the Love within themselves – the empowerment of Love and its upliftment. 
“How else are you going to get up into the Higher Dimensionalities?  The grays couldn’t do it.  They could only go so high – you know, the lower levels of 4D.  They may have had their technology, but they were lacking Love!!!  I say ‘were’ – they’re pretty well gone from Planet Earth.  They sort of realized that they failed to capture that particular component that you have.  How about that?  They came from another place.  They, too, were tinkered with, and so on, and so on.  And that’s another story.  We’re not going to go into that here.
“What we want to tell you is that if you really want to get up into the Higher levels of 4D, 5D and WAY beyond that, you have got to be powered by Love.  That’s the only way you’re really going to get there!!!  Now, this Love is being incorporated even now into technology that is being brought out here on Planet Earth – with recognition of what it is!**  It is Higher Dimensional.  It is High spin-state. It is beyond the ‘rules’ – even the science rules as your scientists have put them forth – of the third dimension. IT’S BEYOND!!! 
“And so it is that this power does not have the darkness to it.  It’s not a fossil fuel kind of a thing at all.  Think of it – fossil fuel robbing Mother Gaia of the very blood in her body!  This is not a robbery at all – it is an expansion.  It is a bringing in of the Higher One.  You might as well figure they’re synonymous.  And that’s what Love Power is! 
“Love Power gives you all the Freedom you could possibly want – as individuals, as Family, as Family of the Universe – to then create whatever miracles yourselves, that you are inspired so to do!  And they do not have to be the same miracles as what your neighbor is creating because, as I’ve said, this is an EXPANSION!  This is where you partner with your High,Divine Guidance to create whatever it is that you are inspired so to do – and in doing that you are lifting yourselves up and away!!!
“Now there are some who you like to call ‘pioneers.’  We’re going to call them ‘old souls,’ and there are some new ones who are coming in from places far beyond Planet Earth, who are bringing this technology, this Science-Spirit of Love Power to Planet Earth because, as you might say, ‘Well, it’s the Now moment, it’s the time!’  It’s the timeline meeting of you, and you, and you, and everyone here whose Hearts are open and who are saying, ‘Bring it on!  We’re ready!  Let’s do it!’ 
“So if some of you are starting to have visions of yourselves piloting your ships – or your merkabas, or whatever – to other places, keep on doing it!  If some of you are having visions of serving the World – any or all of Mother Gaia’s kingdoms, in any capacity whatsoever – keep on doing it and expand, expand, expand!  Do not worry about, ‘Well, I need, you know, three million dollars to do this project!!!’  Forget that!  That’s old paradigm, that’s all 3D thinking – you don’t need that!  You simply need to say, ‘I am a multi-dimensional being.  I am here in service and I know that whatever I need to do this service with the utmost of High Vibe Love and all that Love creates– I know I’ve already got it.  I just need to literally reach up!!!’  I didn’t say ‘reach out;’ I said ‘reach up.’  There’s a reason for that – reach up and pull it in.  Put out your High Vibe LoveLight to attract, or draw to you, whatever it is that your visions are!
“Do not see this as, ‘Well, I can’t do this because I don’t have enough money, or because I don’t live in the right place, or because I don’t know the right people,’ or whatever!  Get rid of that and substitute in – ‘I’m a Divine Being here in service. I am an honored and honorable member of the Ashtar Command Ground Crew, and I call upon my Divine Self, my Divine Wisdom, my Divine Inspiration, and my Divine Guides, and all the LoveLight I Am, to expand into this energy – and beyond to pull in even more – so that I may perform my Service that I am here to do!!!’
“And while you’re at it, you can invite others to join with you.  You could start a little bit of a groupmeeting together.  For instance, do you have some homeless people in your community?  Go on my website.  See what two churches who were at opposite ends of the philosophical spectrum were able to do by coming together, setting aside the barriers that they saw between them, and instead recognizing the Oneness and the Love in each other!***  And they built a loving, beautiful community to give shelter to those in their community who had no homes, no shelters. 
“Be inspired by that, if that is your vision.  Get in touch with them.  Ask them for details as to how they brought this Divine Inspiration, this Divine Love into 3D.  And in so doing, of course, they lifted themselves and this community up and out of the density of the low vibrations of the third dimension!  In other words, break down the obstacles however you need to do it!  Transform them, put them in a red balloon and send them off somewhere where they will not be anything except transmuted into more Love – and start your planning!.
“Now, at some point if you have to deal with, you know, financial budgets and so on, ask.  You can give the Bank of Saint Germain as a reference.  You can go out into the community and just say, ‘We are asking for Love donations, donations made from Loving Hearts’ because that puts a Higher vibration on money. Money is just an energy anyway, so make it Love energy!!! 
“And when you do this, you can also ask to receive Love energy from people you don’t even know, from sources you don’t even know, because everybody is transmuting their attitudes, their programs, their old stuff that they’ve been carrying and, yes, that does sometimes entail going deeper into the crocodile pool!  But it’s well worth it, because what is the reward at the end of the journey?  It is the LoveLight!  It is coming into the LoveLight, the brightest Light in the Universe, becoming One with that yourselves!  And that, Beloved Family, is miraculous!  That is the Miracle that you are all here to accomplish.
“So if you want to say, ‘Mission Accomplished,’ absolutely, positively do it, because we see it!  It’s a done deal, as you might say, but you can also say, ‘Miracles Accomplished!’  And if you want proof of that, go look in the mirror and see yourselves shining as bright as you are seen by the Universe, and know that you are here to create Miracles, to inspire others so to do, and to be yourselves – the Miracles of Love, serving in so many ways in the upliftment, the moving into the Golden Age and the Ascension of  Humanity and the other Kingdoms of Planet Earth who have contracted so to do!!!
“So we honor you, Beloved Ones, for being with us in this Mission, this Mission of Miracles.  And we honor you as the Miracles of Love yourselves, because without you, WITHOUT YOU, we could not say, ‘Mission Accomplished.’  And so it is.  Salut!”
*    (Tara and Rama’s Report below)
Transcription by Marta.
Given through Susan Leland, July 11, 2017.  
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