Love is our new reality

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The Arcturians via Sue Lie, April 20th, 2018

Being Master of Your Mind & Guardian of your Heart–Arcturians through Sue Lie


Being the Master of your Mind and the Guardian of your Heart.

The Arcturians through Sue Lie

In order to be the MASTER of your Mind

you must also be the GUARDIAN of your Heart

In other words, once your consciousness expands enough to sense the fifth dimensional energy fields, you will begin to leave the “time and space” of the third and fourth dimensions. Fortunately, the more you are the master of your mind, the more you are the guardian of your heart.

Your HEART may wish to stay on Earth and assist dear Gaia, and your MIND remembers the promise you made before you took this incarnation to assist Gaia with Her planetary ascension.

We Arcturians realize that you may need some definitions in order to understand this message. However, the meanings of: “Master, Mind, Guardian, and Heart” change with each incarnation, reality, and dimension.

You see, dear grounded ones, YOU are greatly changing, as is your entire planet.

Please remember that just as “the darkest night is just before dawn,” there is a “dark night” between each frequency of  your consciousness. This “darkest night” is your personal initiation that your Higher SELF prepared for your physical and astral self so that you would continue to grow and change as your moved along your earthly incarnation.

Within your “Dark Night of the Soul,” you will be called on to confront ALL of the many incarnations you have taken on Earth. You do not need to remember them all because you can unconditionally love and unconditionally forgiveALL the incarnations that you have ever taken on ascending Gaia – without remembering each individual life.

We say “ascending Gaia” because YOU came to Gaia to assist Her with Her Planetary Ascension. In order for you to assist Gaia with Her transmutation into Fifth Dimensional Earth, you will need to confront and live the great challenge of your personal transition from your third dimensional, physical self and your fourth dimensional, astral self into your fifth dimensional, Lightbody SELF.

This process begins, and continues, as you remember how to “BE the Master of your Mind,”so that you can “BE the Guardian of your Heart.”Conversely, in order to BE the Guardian of your Heart, you must also be the Master of your Mind.

This situation is an ongoing circle from your physical self to your Higher Self, then back to another incarnation of your physical self,  and then back to your Higher Self. In some incarnations your “Higher SELF” is your fourth dimensional Astral Self.

In fact, you will likely move back and forth from your physical self to your astral self, as you take an earth vessel, the earth vessel “dies,” you move into the fourth dimension to “debrief that life,” and then take another earth vessel on the third dimension.

However, in some of your incarnations you begin to remember that there is more than the fourth dimensional Astral Plane. It is in these incarnations that your challenge is to remember that there is a world beyond your physical reality. This “world beyond the third dimensional physical world is the fourth dimensional Astral Plane.”

Eventually, as your consciousness expands closer and closer to the “Threshold to the Fifth Dimensional frequency of reality,” you will know that you are becoming the Master of your Mind and the Guardian of your Heart.

Fortunately for Gaia, humanity is becoming more and more able to communicate with higher and higher frequencies of reality. However, to continue with this journey into ascension, you will need to focus your mind so that you can better LISTEN to the language of YOUR hearts.”

It is in that NOW that you will begin to expand your consciousness beyond the third/fourth dimensional limitations of “time and space,” “cause and effect,” and “sequences of changes.”

However, if you make this choice to expand your consciousness, and it is a choice, you will be called on to learn/remember that in order to accelerate the frequency of your consciousness into your fifth dimensional expression of SELF, your third and fourth dimensional consciousness must be trained to function within the HERE and the NOW.

Eventually, if you deeply focus your Mind and listen to your Heart, you will learn/remember “The Language of your Heart.”The language of your heart is based on your emotions, primarily the emotion of love.

However, there are many versions of love, which are based on the frequency of your consciousness as well as the true intentionof the love that you are holding within your aura and/or sharing with others

At athird dimensional Physical level– LOVE is an emotion.

At afourth dimensional Astral level– LOVE is a feeling that engulfs your entire being.

At a fifth dimensional Lightbody level – LOVE is All That IS!

To begin your journey up the spectrum of love, you will need to remember:

How you summon your Higher SELF

How you communicate with your Higher SELF

How you can communicate with your Higher SELF, so that you can remember the    “service to others” that you chose to give before you took this embodiment

How you can center yourself so that you can channel your Higher SELF

Howyou communicate with your Higher SELF to remember the “service to others” that you chose to give before you took this embodiment

How you channel your Higher SELF to assist others

How your Higher SELF reminds you to send your Unconditional Love into the Heart of Gaia, as well as into Gaia’s Earth, Air, Fire, Water and ALL the beings that life on or in Her Planetary Body.

As you give these services to Gaia and Her humanity, you will “remember/learn” more and more about your Multidimensional SELF. Within this process of remembering your Multidimensional SELF, you will also remember more and more about the reason why you took this specific incarnation.

This information is best received from your own Higher SELF. Please remember that when you communicate with, and/or listen to, your Higher SELF, there is a certainfeelingthat reminds you of the familiar relationship that you have always felt for, and received from, your Higher SELF.

In your Earth incarnations, as you have had many incarnations that were NOT on Gaia, there is a familiarity that goes back to the moment when your energy field entered your infant body. Then, as you “grew up” and moved through your life, this familiarity returned whenever the portal between your physical self and your multidimensional self opened.

Whenever this invisible portal opened, your Higher Dimensional SELF could more easily communicate with your physical self. When these communications occur, you may not see or hear your Higher SELF, but you will be able to ‘feel’ your Higher SELF.

Then, as you move through life, any time you begin to “leave your physical body” due to illness, injury, accident, a near death experience, or a deep meditation, there is a NOW in which you may remember something, anything, about the moment in which you entered your body at the moment of your first breath.

It is your first breath that connects your Higher SELF with your physical body. Then, as your third dimensional physical consciousness, and your fourth dimensional astral consciousness, fully accepts and integrates your expanded fourth dimensional consciousness, you will, suddenly or slowly, begin to remember your fifth dimensional consciousness.

It is these higher frequencies of consciousness that give you the desire, the need, the urgency, to remember more about the different expressions of your Multidimensional SELF that you have experienced during your many incarnations on Earth.

Your first breath marks your desire to wear, yet another, earth vessel. Of course, once you are wearing that third dimensional form, you often forget who your really are and where you came from.

As a child, your “imagination,” which is actually your “memory,” is forefront in your mind and alive within your emotions. Unfortunately, as you “mature” many of you release “your childish imagination” and accept the “fact” that YOU are justyour physical body.

It is then that you BECOME your body, and far too often, you forget your higher dimensional SELF who entered that 3D form in order to assist Gaia with Her planetary ascension.

Before you decided to that “first breath” within your physical body, you were still in the process of remembering the other human first breathsyou had taken. All these incarnations flashed past your awareness during that moment of decision to take another 3D embodiment.

You also remembered that, most likely, you will forget your Multidimensional SELF, your Galactic SELF, as well as all the memories of the other third, fourth, and fifth  dimensional lives of your Multidimensional SELF.

It is the ensuing forgetfulness of your true Multidimensional SELF that makes some of you pause before you take that first, third dimensional, breath.

Some of you have asked to be over-lighted by your Higher SELF for as long as, and as often as, it was possible in that particular incarnation. What we mean by this statement is that you are ALL are ALWAYS over-lighted by your Higher SELF, but far too many of you will forget!

Some of you have requested that your Higher SELF assist you to remember that you ARE your Higher SELF. These are the ones who are more likely to remember that you are in Constant Connection with your Higher SELF throughout your entire physical incarnation.

This seems like a wise request while wearing your fifth dimensional Lightbody in the higher dimensions. However, most of you who made that request have forgotten what a “high price” you might have to pay to be so very different from all, or most of  the humans around you.”

In Gaia’s earlier times, as well as within this NOW in some societies, those who remembered their Higher Self and KNEW that they WERE their Higher Selves were imprisoned, tortured and killed for daring to think they were “better than” the third dimensional humans of that era.

Therefore, some of you chose to forget your Higher Self so that you could focus on whatever Earth karma, or Earth life that you would have in order to assist the evolution of humanity. This evolution was very slow and riddled with many wars and “power over other beings” who came to Earth to “take over.”

Fortunately, more and more humans are choosing to take a body in order to assist Gaia with Her process of Planetary Ascension. These are the humans who are NOW awakening enough that they can perceive and acceptthe higher dimensional realities, as well as a higher dimensional expressions of their own Multidimensional SELF.

It is in that manner that they can fulfill the mission that they took for this incarnation. Once they realize that they have made a deep connection with their Higher SELF and the Higher Dimensions, they are able to receive important information from their Higher SELF.

With the dedication to assist others, as well as to assist Gaia, more and more of humanity are clearing their old karma at a young age. In this manner they can remember and engage in their chosen Mission while you are still quite young.

In fact, whether they realize it or not, more and more humans of all ages are suddenly, or slowly, beginning and/or continuing their ongoing communication with their Higher SELF.

Of course, ALL of youARE your Higher SELF, and this fifth dimensional frequency of your earth vessel rests inside the base of your spine awaiting the Awakening and Rising of your Kundalini.

When the Kundalini awakens, it courses up your spine to activate ALL your chakras. Then, your Heart, your High Heart, and your Mind can gradually, or quickly, activate the 98% of your higher states of consciousnessthat has been awaiting your full awakening to your true Multidimensional SELF.

It is then that YOU ARE your Higher SELF.

It is then that you become the Master of your Mind, and the Guardian of your Heart!


We are the Arcturians and ALL your Galactic Family.

If you wish to communicate with us, just “call us.”

We WILL answer!