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The Arcturians via Angel Skog, November 13th, 2020

The Arcturians via Angel Skog, November 13th, 2020


Divine beings of light.

If you only knew what power you really have.

And what abilities you have naturally embedded in your whole being.

Just like all other divine beings of light.

And if you could only really understand how you alternate your own reality.

How you control your own experiences every second.

And that you are infinitely powerful, just like us.

All you need is to remember your own divine abilities.

And with all awareness, choose thoughts and feelings that create exactly the reality you want to experience.

But you are bigger than that.

You are the whole universe pulsating into every cell of your being.

You are all aspects of the Creator as the lowest to the highest.

If you could only understand your own power and what this has the capacity to do.

Oh, dear divine beings of the light.

Our love for you is so strong and our desire to lead you into your divinity is just as great.

Remember who you are, remember that you are the creator yourself.

The creator of every moment of your own reality on levels far beyond what you can imagine.

And that your abilities are unlimited.

You can move mountains, you can walk through walls and floors, you can heal your own body like others’ and you can raise the vibration of your entire planet.

Dear beautiful earth creatures, understand that you can change your whole reality.

You are the will, courage and strength of the Creator.

You are the love and wisdom of the Creator.

You are the active intelligence and manifestation of the Creator.

You are the creator’s beauty, balance and creativity.

You are the science and evolution of the Creator.

You are the creator’s trust and devotion.

You are the creator’s transformation and alchemy.

YOU ARE THE CREATOR YOURSELF with all the power it entails.

And we stretch out our arms.

To show you that we are here for you.

To remember your own divinity.

Your own abilities and God-given power to create your own reality.

In every second.

With Divine Blessings // The Arctures




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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