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A Master in the Crystal Kingdom via Carina Davidsson, November 14th, 2020


A Master in the Crystal Kingdom via Carina Davidsson, November 14th, 2020


Dear Light Creatures, dear people on earth,

You are now anchoring yourself in a whole new version of yourself. You re-emerge in the new light that now takes on an expression on earth that you have not seen before.

The higher energy existence of the New Earth is a definite creation of the Universe. In order to clean out the old on earth that no longer belongs there, the Universe now shows the dark energies that have been a part of life and the truth on earth throughout its existence until now. They clearly show which doors it is time for humanity to close, which is why the three-dimensional life on earth right now is very turbulent. In truth, then, what is happening now is a transformation from darkness to light, where humanity is forced to opt out of the old and choose the new so that light, in its most shimmering form, can take over.

Your inner power now awakens to a new level of being of yourself. When you see and understand that the old parts of your incarnation are exhausted for energy, like a car that is about to stop when it has run out of fuel, it is time to feel the new parts of your self waking up to life.

When life feels most hopeless, it is either because you have lost the inner contact with yourself or because you are at the end of the road with your old version of incarnation. Right now we know that you and many others have run out of the old version of yourselves why it is high time to go within yourself and choose to become aware of the new version of yourself. The fuel you have previously used in your incarnation has too low energy and you experience life as bland and empty. You are now ready to start the first of your turbo engines and for that you need lots of light as fuel. This fuel is within you and it is available in infinite amounts. So as long as you choose to remember and see the new you, what felt hopeless will change shape into hope, faith and trust again.

It may sound strange that we talk to you in the way we do now in these challenging times but understand that every time in your life is a gift from yourself. Remember the truth that you all carry within you, you are masters of the light and when the darkness stubbornly intrudes you see that your light burns more beautifully than ever. It is so, you ARE masters of light and when darkness is at its darkest, your light will be seen best. It’s time to upgrade, it’s time for your higher truths to be discovered on earth.

The New Age is not the version of horror that many are living in right now. The New Age is the version that will emerge from the darkness that is now escalating and then withdrawing its energy. There is no energy struggle in what is happening now if you choose to see it from your higher consciousness in the light.

Remember, however, that you who are from the higher dimensions have different missions here on earth in its times. We would like to remind you to remember the collaboration that you all intend to work from. Some of you have chosen to stand in the middle of the low-frequency transformations of the physical settlements on earth and for you, life is very challenging right now. Other Light Workers have the task of keeping the light present and thus provide energy fuel for those who work with more physical transformation. You who feel drawn to give healing have an important task to fulfill when you give worn out Light Workers the power back through your energy work. You who channel the light give hope back to those who do not have the strength to keep their own energy level up and you who devote yourself to giving people guidance from their own guides are a very important part of this collaboration. There are many important missions in this network of light that all of you who read this are part of. Choose to remember and follow your heart and you will contribute to the continued power and existence of this network. Choose to remember that you are important with your spiritual gifts in this network. You are all important to each other! Help each other by contributing with yourself and your gifts !!

We applaud all of you who have the power and strength to participate in this common cleansing of the physical extensions of the transformation that is now taking place from a three-dimensional consciousness to a five-dimensional consciousness. You are masters of light! Choose to remember your gifts and choose to remember that your differences are your strength in this joint mission !!

We are here whenever you call us !!




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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