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The Arcturians via Susanne Lie, February 6th

Transcript: Sue Lie and the Arcturians on Gamma Waves, the Ascension Energies

archangel michaelAn Hour With an Angel with Sue Lie and the Arcturians, Feb. 6, 2016

Suzanne Lie    Channel for the Arcturians

Steve Beckow, Host, InLight Radio

Steve:  Good evening, everyone, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel.  I’m Steve Beckow, editor-in-chief of the Golden Age of Gaia, and with me tonight is Suzanne Lie, who, if I tried to enumerate your accomplishments, Sue, I’d run out of time on the program.

But she’s here as the channel for the Arcturians and of course author of numerous very erudite books, I might say.  So, welcome … after that introduction!

Suzanne:  Yes!  Really!  Yes, thank you.  Thank you for having me!  We always have a good time when we have these conversations.

Steve:  Yes, and we learn a lot from you and the Arcturians.  And, before we begin, listeners probably hear a change in my voice.  I just mentioned to Suzanne before the show that I’m in a great deal of bliss today and this is novel to me. I don’t have a user’s manual for it.

So I feel a little bit awkward, but nonetheless let’s see what comes out of the conversation as a result.

Sue:  Yes!

Steve:  So, Suzanne, anything you want to say before we turn to the . . . I understand that the Arcturians would like to talk about consciousness and perception today, which I think is a wonderful topic, and I’m pleased to be part of that conversation.

Sue:  Yes.  And we’ll start at the beginning part of it, for people for whom it’s new information. For some people, it’s not new information. Just hold on and we’ll go through that.

Steve:  Wonderful.  Anything you wanted to say personally before we get underway?  Oh, you’re real complete (laughing).  Complete and sufficient unto yourself (still laughing).

Sue:  Thanks a lot for joining us.

Steve: We are complete (still laughing).  That is wonderful.

Sue:  (Laughing.)  We are complete.

Steve:  Well then, if we are, then as an Arcturian, I certainly welcome the Arcturians.  Welcome.

Sue:  Yes, yes.  And we are very happy to join in this conversation through Suzelle.  And should we just begin with an introductory piece about how consciousness and perception creates one’s reality?

Steve:  I’d be delighted if you’d walk us through it in the most basic of ways because I don’t think we have very good comprehension of that whole field, if you don’t mind me saying so.

Sue:  Yes.  So, we started with this topic about a year ago with Suzelle, who had primarily been trained to be a psychologist.  So we just say, for the listeners, everything that’s happened in your life is a part of what your mission is.  And some events may seem like they didn’t do you any good but it was some stuff you had to go through so that you could allow yourself to take in that higher frequency of being yourself.

And by “yourself,” we mean the You that initially might feel like your [inaudible].  But it is your body. It is your voice. It is You.

So now, what we’d like to say a little bit is the states of consciousness — and we’ll start at the beginning, like Steve has asked.

There is a beta-wave consciousness, which is your daily, everyday life and your third-dimensional perceptions, third-dimensional discussions.  In beta-wave consciousness, you are able to perceive the third-dimensional physical world because that state of consciousness is calibrated to your third-dimensional physical world.

So, much like a camera or a radio station, if you want a certain radio station you have to put it on that frequency to be able to receive that radio station.  And the same with your brain.

If you want a certain degree of information, a certain frequency of information, you need to calibrate your consciousness to be able to conceive that.  Now.  Beta-wave consciousness is 3-D consciousness and so you will perceive your physical world as your physical world.

Now the next frequency up from that is alpha-wave consciousness.  And alpha-wave consciousness is when you are dreaming, when you are in the midst of a creative act or having a peak experience.  And with an alpha-wave consciousness, you are more innately creative.  So whereas beta-wave consciousness is “How do I get through my third-dimensional day? Let me write down my chores. Oh, I have to pay my bills and pick my kids up at 3. Get the dinner off by 3 because we have the PTA we have to go through.”  All of these third-dimensional components of life have to be lined up sequentially in a physical line-up within your beta-wave consciousness.

Steve:  Okay, before we leave beta-wave consciousness, you said you had to calibrate your consciousness.  How does one calibrate one’s consciousness?

Sue:  By meditation.

Steve:  All right, but even in mediation, is it just simply an act of will?

Sue:  Well, via meditation, via prayer, via creative actions.

Steve:  Yes.

Sue:  So we will go through the way to get to that state as we move on.  How’s that?

Steve:  Sure.  Thank you very much.

Sue:  So beta-wave, you’re just it.  That’s life.  Now, alpha wave is when — who’s the man who sat underneath the tree and the apple fell on the ground?  He was dreaming?

Steve:  (laughing … blissfully!) Johnny Appleseed?

Sue:  Isaac Newton.

Steve:  Isaac Newton!  (laughing)

Sue:   He was in alpha wave.  He was dreaming, that was a lovely day, leaning back against the tree, and an apple fell down.

Steve:  He was in alpha wave.  Ooh!  (laughing)

Sue:  And an apple fell down.  Why did that apple fell down?  If he was in beta wave, he would have probably – oh! – checked to see if it was edible and taken a bite out of it.  But in alpha wave, he said, “Wait!  What does that mean, that that apple fell right then, right there?  Why? How did that happen?”  Because he was thinking more creatively.  Because he was semi-in-a-dream.

The same with Einstein and E = MC squared.  He had a dream of the snake with its tail in its mouth.

Steve:  I didn’t know that.  That’s interesting.

Sue: And he woke up and he got that E equals MC squared. So alpha wave is your dream state or your like-meditation state, doing something you enjoy. So if you’re singing a song or dancing a dance or watching a play that you really enjoy, you’re probably in alpha wave.

Steve: Is that experiential? Is there another name for that wave? Is it primarily a feeling state?

Sue: These are measurable brain waves. When you take an EEG you can see the alpha waves and all of these waves. They’re all measured differently.

Steve: No kidding. So the waves are a real, physical thing?

Sue: It’s physically measured by EEG’s on your brain.

Beta waves move a little slower. Alpha waves, up and down, move a little faster. OK, so beta, alpha, theta. Now theta waves are what they call “Shaman Waves.” And so the Shaman Waves are when people can go on an inner journey where they are meditating as opposed to sleeping.

In an alpha wave, you’re likely going to be asleep. When you wake up, maybe you’ll remember your dream; maybe you won’t. Or maybe you’re dancing a dance or singing a song or something that makes you feel joyous.

With theta waves you usually are in very deep meditation or asleep. Most likely in meditation. Because meditation has a spiritual focus in which you are looking up toward God or Jesus or an Ascended Master or whomever one would pray to. And also then people will have experiences, like a shaman’s experiences, where they move into what is like an awake dream.

So they’re awake but they’re not really in the physical.

And now there are shamans that are able to capture this state of consciousness and then carry it down through themselves so that they can maintain those theta-wave states of consciousness while they are interacting with people. Now in the physical, beta-wave frequency, you just see the physical reality. That’s all.

With alpha waves, the next step up, if you squint your eyes a little bit, you see auras, auras on other people, auras on trees, but you have the ability to see that there is something else.

And when you first awaken, the best time to get messages is the second you awaken when you’re still in alpha.

You haven’t really come down to your beta wave. Just grab a journal and write down your dreams and you’re able to remember them more quickly and completely. You can even say dear One, dear God, dear Ascended Master, whoever you wish to address, help me to understand this dream.

And you might be able to get a whole, great dream interpretation. And this is actually how Suzelle began with her channels. She went through a year’s progress of getting up in the morning and writing down her dreams.

Steve: Journaling was her entry [into channeling]. Oh, wow.

Sue: Now, we’re moving up to theta, which is the shaman. This can be a healing state. It can be a state where you’re still aware of your physical body but you actually feel almost a bit beyond that physical body.

Steve: Yes. I think that Hindus make a difference between sleep and deep sleep (laughs). And this sounds like alpha sleep and this other is deep sleep. But it doesn’t mean you’re asleep. It just means your mind is still.

Sue: Right. It means that you’ve turned off your external focus and you’ve tuned in to your internal focus. And so via your internal focus you’re able to travel into the Fourth Dimension. Accomplished meditators can go into the Fourth Dimension. And shaman work on that Fourth Dimension, where they can perceive.

Now the Fourth Dimension has time, but it is a very different time. An example Suzelle likes to give is one time she had a long dream and this song was playing throughout the dream. And she woke up and the song wasn’t even halfway over. And it was on the radio so the song was three minutes. So this long dream took about a minute and a half.

Steve: (Laughs.)

Sue: And there’s another story that’s told where a shaman is talking about moving into the Fourth Dimension and somebody comes up and he has a bowl of water. And he says, “Come here. I want to explain to you what being in the Fourth Dimension is.”  He takes the person, he puts his face in the water. So he can’t breathe, he’s under water. And then the man finds himself on the Fourth Dimension. He meets a woman. He falls in love. He has children. He has grandchildren. He’s a leader. It’s this long, long life. And then he goes, “Unh?,” wakes up, and he’s in the Third Dimension again with his head out of the water. What? Less than a minute?

Steve: Yeah, less than a minute (laughing). I actually had a personal experience of that. I had a vision in 1987 and it took about 8 seconds for the vision to occur. I was driving my car and I remember because I know this part of Vancouver very well. I remember exactly where I was. And when I came out of the vision I looked to the side to see how far I’d gone in that eight seconds and I hadn’t moved an inch. Not an inch. So this whole thing took place in a fraction of a second (laughs).

Sue: Yeah. Exactly. Fourth-Dimensional time is much faster than Third-Dimensional time.

And then after the theta wave is the delta wave.

Now, delta waves are what occurs when people have a near-death experience. It’ll happen out-of-body, like they’re in surgery and they’ll look down and they’ll see the doctors there, saying something. And they’ll come back and they’ll tell the doctors, “Hey, you said so and so.” And they’ll go, “Oh, how do they know that?”

So it’s a frequency of letting go. And when people, like, dive into that letting go, they’ll go into delta waves. But, as more and more of humanity is able to have a greater mastery over their states of consciousness – by mastery we mean that they are able to adjust their consciousness in a manner — we’ll go into this in more detail in a moment.

Let’s say as an example if you perceive something that you don’t want to perceive, – and more and more humans are going to the place – just say, “I refuse to participate in that reality and I send it unconditional love and the violet fire.” And I find I’m instantly out of there.

Once you get to the point that you have an ability to move into theta waves, your psychic perceptions become much stronger. . . . I’m going backwards, back to to theta.

Steve: Okay, good, good. Theta waves.

Sue: In some of the higher alpha waves, you’ll be able to have the higher perception, which is clairvoyance, being able to see what is not perceptible to the Third-Dimensional world; clairaudience, being able to hear what is not perceptible; and clairsentience, which is being able to feel what’s not perceptible.

Clairsentience is the first to come because light language in higher frequencies alters the physical body. And so that first recognition that, “Wow, my body’s all kind of tingly and weird. Ooh, this feels really good.” And then the kundalini starts kicking up the spine and it’s like, “Whoa, this feels nice.” So like clairsentience, where your whole body speaks to you, kind of tells you. …

Alpha waves can be like when a dancer does an incredible leap or an athlete does an impossible thing – how did he do that? Or she. And it was done because they were in a state of consciousness where they didn’t have any of those limitations.

Steve: Yes. I have actually done this once in my life in a gym where karate students were working out. Faced with a threat from the bleachers – about ten teenagers had come in and were razzing us – I went to the far end of the gym and ran a certain distance, went up in the air and did a flying scissor kick, which no one had ever taught me and I never did again in my life, ever.

Sue: (Laughter.) Yes. OK. So, we went through the theta and the delta. And what delta means, if it’s not someone in the midst of a near-death experience, it’s that, for those of us that have been long-term meditators, we come to a place where there’s like this little threshold, it’s like, “Whoa, do I want to cross that one? Whoa. This is Yikes, what is this?”

And basically that little threshold says, “Can you let go of life as you have known it? Can you let go of these things that happened in your childhood or these things that happened.” It’s the ability to say, “Okay, I’m done. I let go of it.”

And psychologically it’s a very good thing. Because if you can go into that state of consciousness you can let go. You don’t have to lug around everything that happened in your whole life. If you’ve got the message and you’ve learned from it, then just let it go.

So those delta waves allow us to let go.

Steve: Are we in those? Or have we been in those? Because now we’re in gamma.

Sue: Gamma’s coming, but not a lot of people are having gamma waves, but they’re in the air. So we’re going to have more of that, but — I’ve had them myself, here.

Okay, so the delta waves are – like with theta waves – really associated with meditation. But people don’t usually meditate into delta waves. It’s almost a near-death experience. Or something like, “Whoa, pay attention NOW!!!” That type of thing. And it’s an emergency of, “All right, I have to make a decision.”

It remains pretty much as a brain state, but of course your brain state does influence what happens with your adrenal system as well.  These are waves that are right here on good, old physical Earth.

Steve: Are we talking about it as our brain’s activity or are we talking about it as a wave that comes through and impacts the brain?

Sue: Both.

Steve: So we’re just talking about delta waves. They’re a certain frequency.

Sue: There’s a frequency of vibration which is basically a frequency of light. There’s light and there’s solid, like the Earth. And so people that just work hard and sleep, they pretty much spend their lives in beta. That’s where they live. And then, if they maybe have a big family gathering and they see all their friends and they laugh and they feel camaraderie, they’ll go into alpha waves.

Then theta waves, maybe that has more of a spiritual connotation because it’s the beginning of the interdimensional waves. And so, we think of spirituality, God, Jesus, up there, higher frequency. Our brain is used to that concept so our brain can embrace the fact that some higher thing is coming into us.

And we can translate it in that manner. Especially with the theta waves. With the alpha waves it could be that you’re having a peak experience or something.

Beta, Alpha, theta, delta (laughter), then gamma waves. Gamma waves are Fifth-Dimensional states of consciousness. It’s kind of like a brand new, baby, like “What is this all about?”  Some planets or solar systems will actually emit gamma waves. Gamma waves are only in the outer atmosphere. They don’t normally pierce the inner atmosphere of a planet.

Steve: They’re up there in our upper atmosphere but not in our lower atmosphere.

Sue: Well, very often they’re not even in the atmosphere of the planet at all. There’s an atmosphere, the ionosphere, the lithosphere, all these different spheres. [Gamma rays?] stay outside of the sphere of the planet.

Within the atmosphere of the Earth, there’s the effluvia of all of the pain and suffering. So it hits the wall. So you’ve got this immensely high frequency and then it hits this wall. And it doesn’t go in it.

Steve: Yes. Now is that why we’re doing all this clearing?

Sue: Yes. We’re doing the clearing so we can receive it. We always have known that this was a very special time coming up.

Moving through outer space is like being on an ocean. You’re in the ocean and you’ll have warm sections of water and really cold sections of water. In outer space there’ll be lower-frequency sections and higher-frequency sections. And there are these Gamma rays that we have been moving into. This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, which actually involves moving into this area of space where they actually have gamma rays. Now, gamma rays can pretty much pierce anything, but it’s hard for us to perceive them.

Steve: Wait a minute, you said gamma rays can pierce anything but then they were bounced off the effluvia of the planet.

Sue: Yes, because it was too dense.

Steve: How do you reconcile the two then?

Sue: Back to the Arcturians.

Realizing that everything in the Multiverse is alive. And gamma rays are alive. Delta waves are alive. Light is alive.

Steve: Wow!

Sue: Light is alive. And especially gamma rays. Gamma rays are very powerful formative rays.  Gamma rays are intelligent waves. They will respect the barrier, and also there’s been a quarantine around Earth. But as we move deeper and deeper into alpha waves — there’s more and more of them coming in – the shields of the Planet are beginning to say “Maybe this is okay.”

Steve: Yes.

Sue: Gamma waves can be very damaging if they —

Steve: Or too much of them could be —

Sue: Definitely! Remember they talked a while back about the wave of higher light coming in. That wave of higher light is the gamma waves.

Steve: Yes, I’m not surprised.

Sue: The gamma is that higher frequency of light.

Steve: And that’s the Ascension energy.

Sue: That’s the Ascension energy.

Now it’s difficult. Humanity seems to hold to a belief that all these humans are alive and sometimes some animals are alive but plants are just plants and light is just light.

Steve: Yes. I have that point of view.

Sue: Everything is alive. Planets are alive.

Steve: What does it mean to say “alive” when we’re talking about a gamma ray?

Sue: It’s light. In the beginning there was light. Light is what created life.

Steve: So everything’s alive.

Sue: Everything’s alive. Well, what is life? Do you know what I’m saying? What is life, if everything’s alive?

Sue: Well, we’ll be discovering that. But the thing is, you can only perceive the reality that you have within your state of consciousness.

So there are people whose consciousness never goes above beta-wave thinking. They see the nuts and bolts of life and that’s it. They don’t see more.

And then there are the artists and musicians and athletes and dancers and architects and all those people, and they’re alpha wave. And they can see this whole other reality. And they can almost see into the future a little bit, in that they can get this idea, like Newton, when an apple falls. And instead of saying, “Oh, that apple fell,” he says, “Wait! What made that apple fall?”

Now, if anyone has ever flown in a smaller plane or been at a very high altitude or been in the ocean or a lake or a river, you know that there are currents, and all these different currents interact, and some currents you are drawn to go into and some currents, you say no, I don’t want to go into that current. For whatever reason, it’s too cold. It feels too warm. Whatever. And cold would be a lower frequency and warm would be a higher frequency.

Steve: So, you know, can I just interject for a moment?

Sue: Please do. If you’re confused, they’re confused. So let’s get you unconfused so they won’t be confused.

Steve: Very good. It’s more a process of letting go of my existing thinking, because my thinking is that the Third Dimension is all Third, right? In your language, I guess I’d say it’s all beta wave, perhaps. But to think that there are gradations of higher frequencies going in and out of what is ostensibly the Third Dimension [i.e., alpha, delta, theta, and gamma waves] is paradigm-breaking for me.  Do you understand?

Sue: Yeah, yeah.

Steve: I’m having to let go of theories right and left.

Sue: Well, this is a time of paradigmatic thinking [breakthrough]. And these higher waves of light were not coming through the planet before.   Not to this degree.

Now in times like the beginning of the Roman Empire, there have been peak experiences on the planet, and likely, that’s when we’re were passing through the higher waves in space, and then peak experiences are able to happen. But then we move out of that higher energy field and it falls apart. Because the higher light isn’t there to support the higher consciousness, and then the higher perceptions are no longer there.

So if your state of consciousness is 3-D and you are in beta-wave consciousness you are going to see the Third Dimension, period.

But if you’re having a dream or you just got out of a dream or you had a nice meditation or you’re doing something that’s really creative, then you kind of like move beyond that and it’s almost like this flowy shadow world is kind of there.

And things will happen, like, oh, a humming bird will stop right in front of you and sit there for a minute and fly off. Or you’ll notice a tiny little bug and instantly that bug is the most important thing in the world.

So you move into this whole other world. “Wow, look at that aura,” or you look at chemtrails and say, “Blaze, blaze, blaze the violet fire. I release all chemtrails.” You take a second, you close your eyes, you look up and the chemtrails are all gone.

Humanity is moving into a state of immense power over their abilities to transmute their reality to a higher frequency. And this has a lot to do with the gamma rays.

Now this is me, Sue. I’m going to tell you about one experience where I was in a gamma-wave consciousness. I was meditating with a friend in a whole different country (laughs). And he was asking me questions and kind of keeping me in it.

And I had this solar-system view, and I looked at the solar system like a human family.  And I could see different things that were happening with the sun and the moon, and all these different types of things, and I was outside looking into it.

Now obviously I was in my room by myself, fully in my body, on the computer. But my consciousness was at such a high frequency that my perceptions were not bound to my physical body. My perceptions could go into a reality that had always been unknown to me. I’d never had gamma waves. And gamma-wave consciousness is what people get when they meditate in one of those little stalls for 20 years. It was really, really hard in the past.

Steve: Yes, very hard.

Sue: But now, we are in this stream of gamma-wave energy. It is actually coming into our environment. We have to let go into the stream of it. In the past when I said, well, it doesn’t enter Earth. It doesn’t enter Earth because it isn’t the Now. It isn’t the Now to merge and it’s intelligent. If someone could blast you with a gamma wave, it’d probably kill you. It would totally upset your nervous system like crazy. It’s very high frequency.

Steve: Hence a lot of our waiting, we’re gradually being brought to this ….

Sue: Yeah, people are saying, “When is this going to happen?” You have no idea what’s actually going to happen! And so, when it happens, it’s “No, wait! This is too soon, I’m not ready!”

Steve: (Both laughing.) Right, not ready.

Sue: ‘Cause we won’t be. But to the extent that we can expand our consciousness, if we can just have some experiences of this Gamma-wave consciousness. It’s not easy to get to. You have to really be centered. You have to be someone who’s a long-time meditator.

When I had that experience, I’d been meditating since the 70’s.  I’ve been meditating for a really long time. And I learned how to let go!

So that’s what that delta-wave thing is, when you come up to a threshold. There’s a threshold. Meditators will know this. You’ll get to a place where, “Okay this is it. I can’t go further.” That’s a threshold. That means that something has to adapt within your own consciousness before you can perceive that.

This is a free-will planet. These energies don’t bombard us. I mean, there are bombarded energy fields that the Illuminati have been putting on us for a long time, like those cell towers.  And then they would blast people with 50 decibels? And that makes people kind of like brain dead.

They become easily manipulated. But the thing is, anyone that has any desire to have power over others is not even going to be able to make it more than a little bit into the alpha wave. These [higher] waves are faster and they’re closer together. And it makes your life happen faster. And what you think about you bring about more quickly. So if people go into these states of consciousness with mal-intent — pfft! — that mal-intent comes back to them.

Steve: Oh, okay. It will come back to them eventually but you’re saying it comes back to them rather quickly.

Sue: Yes. Part of the reason why it’s so difficult to work with the dark ones is because they have that really low state of consciousness and so the energy feels like a long time to go out and a really loooong time to come back.

And so, maybe they don’t need this to come back for two generations. Or now the whole planet is speeding up so maybe it comes back in thirty years. But the cause of it is thirty years ago so they don’t know if they created that.

And so part of moving into personal mastery is that you move into higher states of consciousness and you begin to realize that that thought that I put out — Whoa! it just came back! I just had that thought two weeks ago and here it is. It’s right here now.

We’re beginning to see that we are the creators. We put out our emotions. We put out our thoughts. They blend into a thought form. And the thought form goes about looking for a place to live.

A thought form is a thought and an emotion. And so people will say, “Wow, this thought just came into my head out of nowhere, I wonder where that came from?”

Steve: Where did it come from?

Sue: It’s a thought form.

Steve: It’s a thought form. It’s just floating around. Okay.

Sue: It’s like it was in the ocean. There’s little pieces of this and that in the ocean. But we can’t perceive that with our physical vision. We have to go into a very high state of consciousness, and even then we don’t perceive it in the same way that you perceive stuff in your Third-Dimensional world.

So we picked up this errant thought form and now we’re acting it out as if it’s some kind of good idea (laughs).

Sometimes you’re walking down, doing your thing, and this nasty thought comes to you and you ask, “Where did that come from?”

Steve: Lately. A few times (laughing).

Sue: I’ll just say, “Blaze, blaze, blaze the violet fire of unconditional love. I refuse to participate in that reality.” Because it wasn’t our thought form.

And see, we couldn’t do that before because that’s more of an alpha-wave or even a theta-wave type of thing.  My Ph.D was on the right and left hemispheres and the asymmetric perception, how you perceive reality differently in different hemispheres.

And as long as you’re right and left hemispheres, your outward and your inward, are detached, you’re going to stay in a lower frequency of reality.

It differs between some people who are left-handed. If you’re truly left-handed and you write normally with your left hand, then your orbs are reversed. But if you write like, [inaudible], they’re not as separate. But usually they’re very separate.

Your right brain is more the imagistic types of creative actions and your left brain is more the logical-sequential type of actions. And then there’s the Corpus Collosum which goes down the middle of your brain. And that’s a neural network where they can intermingle….

Steve: And that is the Eye of Horus, that is the actual Eye of Horus.

Eye of Horus

Sue: I hadn’t heard of that but that makes sense.

Sue: So that Eye of Horus is that you are able to integrate these different versions of reality and bring them into a cognitive whole within yourself. And now more and more people are being able to do this.

I mean I talk to so many different people that fully have the picture. They have the big picture. They know what’s happening. And they are moving, they’re having the experiences of delta wave.

I had one class, one webinar and I was talking about the stream of light, the higher light, and how it comes through, comes into your heart chakra and then flows out through your body, and it feels like wings of light.

And then after I posted it, a girl called up and says, “I have wings of light. I can see them. I can feel them. They’re heavy.” It’s like “Whoa!” And other people have had that experience, too. So, this higher light, the gamma rays are coming in and transmuting us.

Steve: They’re also activating the 97% junk DNA, right?

Sue: They’re activating the 97% junk DNA, and they’re breaking the programming of the young Illuminatis.

We’d like to think that “Oh, good is good, bad is bad and never the twain shall meet.” But you know what? These, the young Illuminati people, they’ve been put through horrible initiations when they were children, horrible!

Steve: Yes, yes, I know.

Sue: They’d take them down into the darkness to do horrible things to them. And so then, in order to survive, the kids have to sit there and watch, and not yell out or they’re next. They’re trained for atrocity. It is not within the human nature to have these atrocities. And they’re trained, they’re programmed, they’re brainwashed into it.

Steve: Conditioned.

Sue: But the higher light is coming in and it’s breaking the programming.

Steve: That must be some process.

Sue: And so that means that they’re not going to have those future generations to carry out the dark work.

And meanwhile, you know the Galactics will be getting closer and closer and more and more interactive with our reality. So we’re going into some pretty interesting times.

Steve: Yes, indeed. Wow. Breaking that level of programming, and that degree of mind control, conditioning, torture, sexual abuse and all the rest of that. And they probably have to break free in a clandestine manner, not like us who can share about our process and deal with our issues with help.  They’re doing it on their own probably.

Sue: To a large amount. And that actually this may sound weird but the Illuminati really needs our unconditional love.

Steve: Oh, no, I can imagine that even though it’s difficult to encounter.

Sue: Jesus said: Forgive them, Lord, they know not what they do. It’s that unconditional forgiveness that makes people ascend. All of the Ascended Masters came to a place of complete acceptance of everything that happened.  “I forgive everything that’s ever happened to me in all of my incarnations, and I have unconditional love.” And they go into that state and then they ascend!  So that’s the format.

Steve: Gosh, there’s a lot we have to do, isn’t there? (laughing.)

Sue: (Laughing) But the Masters, they did it, you know, 2,000 years, 4,000, 6,000, all these different eras. So it was dark, dark, dark, dark. But as the planet gets lighter and lighter it’s going to be easier and easier to reach that state of consciousness.

Steve: Yes. There was something I wanted to say about what the Arcturians had said earlier.  What I’m experiencing in these states of bliss and ecstasy is that it’s just automatically easier. Once you’re in bliss, everything becomes clear and everything becomes simple.

Sue: Yes.

Steve: So, that might explain why people like Sri Ramakrishna would say, “Just get in the lake any way you can. Run in! Jump in! Get thrown in!”

Sue: ‘Cause it feels so wonderful! And when you say states of bliss, that’s like theta-wave consciousness. Yes.

Steve: Oh, Okay. Well, let me tell the listeners, it’s wonderful.

Sue: No! It feels wonderful! And I’ve had states of consciousness where the kundalini starts activating and I kind of stop it because I have more stuff to do. But I do know that if I wanted to leave, I could.

It’ll [Ascension will?] just be a state of consciousness. You just are living in unity consciousness.  I grew up in Viet Nam times like you did, too, but you were in Canada so you didn’t have to worry about it. But my very, very favorite thing is they had this banner with one flower. And it said, “What if they had a war and no one came?”

Steve: Right. Yes, I remember that.

Sue: When we’re in theta-wave consciousness, we’ll  say, “Oh, that’s cute you want to have a war but we’re not playing.”

I’m not going to go over there to the lower astral plane — and I think you still have wars going on there. We’re not doing wars now, thank you.

Steve: So the vital thing to notice about what you just said is that it’s a very simple step between “yes” and “no,” right? But our will is firmly anchored in the “no.” We’re immovable on it. We’ll go to jail for it. We’re just not going to do it.

Sue: Yes. Yes.

Steve: In what you’re calling theta-wave consciousness.

Sue: Yes. Because we’ve achieved this degree of self-love and self-honor. and know that because we can love ourselves in this manner we know that there is no limit to self. I remember Manly Hall’s book was about how he was looking for light   And he couldn’t find it under the log. He couldn’t find it under that tree. He couldn’t find it, couldn’t find it, couldn’t find it. And then finally he just gave up. He stopped looking. He relaxed. And he found it in himself!

And then, when he found it in himself, he found it on the rock, on the ground, on the ground, in the sky. He found it in the moon. He found it everywhere!

And I read that probably in the 70’s and I never forgot it because really that’s that calibration. Once we’ve found what we’re looking for inside of ourself, we’re calibrated. Then that comes into our perceptual field.

Steve: It’s like an upgrade to software (laughs).

Sue: It’s an upgrade in your software, absolutely. And I remember one time I was walking on the pier and it was beautiful day and I was in this ecstatic, really high state of consciousness. It was really wonderful. And I looked over across the alleyway or the street, and there was an alcoholic street person lying down and reaching for his bottle that was probably empty and he couldn’t quite reach it. And in a second my consciousness was – zip – right into that guy. And oh, it was the most horrible feeling!

And then I came back to myself and I said, “Wow! That’s how it feels.”

And the thing is, when we have higher consciousness, we can really feel how other people feel. And so we’re not afraid of that. Because we just see them. We see that, “Wow, you’re an Illuminati but I see what happened to you when you were a child.” Then, “I’m so sorry that happened to you. No wonder you’re so angry!”

And so the whole good guy/bad guy thing starts to go away. And then when the good guy/bad guy goes away, the polarities start going away. And the polarities start going away, then unity starts to approach.

Steve: And bliss, and that makes everything easier. I see unity consciousness as an accompaniment of bliss (laughs). You know how, when a rocket goes up, it drops the last stage?

Sue: Yeah, right.

Steve: Well, when you go into bliss you drop the stage called judgement. It just drops away. And so you’re no longer judging as a matter of course. Well, I have a few times. Today. But… (laughs).

Sue: Yeah. Judgment is a Third-Dimensional concept.

Steve: I’m tempted to say it can’t exist in bliss but I don’t know that for sure, but it certainly…

Sue: I agree with you. It wouldn’t exist. If you were to entertain judgement then your consciousness would lower.

Steve: Definitely. That is instant karma, right?

Sue: Yeah. Karma feels like something is going on from the outside but we need to take responsibility that the thoughts and emotions we choose to have will instantly re-enter consciousness.

Steve: I was in bliss and thought I’d test it out by taking it onto the street. I went to the corner drugstore and bought some stuff. And all kinds of things happened, jostled with this person, this person did that and this person did the other and by the time I’m walking home I’m not in that state anymore (laughing)! Judging, judging, judging. Blaming, blaming, blaming.

Sue: First we kind of do it alone because we have to learn how to ride our bike up a hill around the bend, over the cave, stop it, ride it, stand up, do the whole bit.

Likewise we have to play with this consciousness and let it reformat our body and our reaction patterns because we have had many incarnations as a Third-Dimensional vessel.

And so it’s a push-away, push-away and attack. You know, push-away and attack. And be afraid, be careful, look out! And so on.

Steve: Strategize. Strategize about this. Strategize about that.

Sue: Yes. And will they like me? Can it happen? Do I get this? Do I deserve it? But that’s not fair that they got it and I didn’t.

But when we get to the place that we realize that we really are the creators of our reality, then the frequendcy of the thoughts that we put out to the reality is the frequency that we get back.

And so, as we put these frequencies out, then, wow, all these wonderful things start happening in our lives! And then two things happen.

One thing and you fall off the wagon, so to speak. You know? Aargh! And you have yourself a tizzy fit. And then it’s like “Oh, boy, I’m climbing that whole ladder again. I just fell to the very bottom.”

And then there’s another thing. That’s what I call an initiation. When we’re flying high, and then up comes this thing that we want to get really angry about, really scared about, really combative about. But if we can just say, “Blessings be, I love this unconditionally. I will see what this is about.” And you just flow into it. Then you find out that what that was.

Usually we don’t fall into it. Usually we have a drama. And the reason we have a drama is because it’s an old drama that we stuffed back in the first three pixels of our computer (laughs) and we forgot we even had it. But that one has to be transmuted because we can’t ascend. It’s too heavy. It’s too heavy.

Steve: Yes. But that does raise a very important question probably to a lot of listeners. Many of them are probably wondering, “Oh my gosh, I’m not going to ascend!” And “Oh, you mean even one issue that I haven’t transcended will keep me from ascending? Is that what you’re saying?”

Sue: Well, but that’s crazy-making thinking, isn’t it?

Steve: It definitely is crazy-making thinking.

Sue: If people can go into that, “Oh, no! I’m not!” What state of thinking is that? That is so beta-wave.

Steve: Oh, no! (laughing).

Sue: That’s the beta one. “Oh, I’m just a little victim,” and “They said that and I know I must be that bad person!”  Whereas if you’re in a higher state of consciousness and you heard what we were saying, you’ll go, “Yeah, you know, I’ve experienced that! They’re right! They’re absolutely right, that’s exactly how I’ve experienced it.” So if they go into, “Well, how come I don’t have it?” It’s like we say, Blessings be. Blessings be to you. You absolutely deserve it. And please go inside of yourself and whoever it is inside who is frightened, please give them unconditional love and send them off to Venus to be healed and take good care of yourself and you’ll get there soon.

Steve: You know, what you just said raises this whole issue of free will. I’m becoming so much more educated on the issue. I mean, really educated. There are times with friends that I wanted to intervene and say, “Oh, gosh! Rather than advising him, wouldn’t it be better to listen to him?” You know, or something like that. And I’ve been standing back because it’s just not up to me to direct this person’s evolution or whatever.

Sue: Yes. And it’s fine to be a mirror. Basically that’s what psychotherapy is. You have to be a mirror but there are so many different octaves of people, you know?

You could be the most famous person in the world and if you go down, down, down, down, oh look that happened when they were four. And when the Arcturians give readings, there’s always something that goes back to like 4, or 7. Four to 7, sometimes 2 to 7. Those real formative years. (1)

There’s like this glitch in the system and it gets way back in the subconscious because you were so young when it happened. And so it’s always good to go back and give that part of yourself lots and lots of love. ‘Cause you were just a little kid! I mean, what are you expected to do when you’re a little kid?

Steve: Yeah. As the twig is bent the tree inclines.

Sue: Yes. Exactly.

Steve: And you were talking about the Illuminati early years.

Sue: Yes, having that early indoctrination. And I’ve had people that underwent that stuff. What they had to go through to get out of it. So, it is real. It does occur, and the best weapon is unconditional love.

Steve: Yes. Sue, you know, we’ve gone over time and it’s just been such a pleasant discussion.

Sue: Yes, we did go over. Thirteen minutes.

Steve: (laughing). Yeah, right, thirteen minutes.  But I know this discussion will continue and I’m very grateful to you and the Arcturians for it.

Sue: Yes, absolutely.

Steve: Is there anything that either you or the Arcturians wanted to say before we go?

Sue: Let me bring in the Arcturians and see.

What we have to say is good work, humanity. We are so proud of you. You are waking up right and left. Good job. Congratulations!

Steve: Thank you.  Farewell.

Sue: Farewell.


(1) Linda Dillon would call these core issues and I call them vasanas. Same difference.