Love is our new reality

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The Galactic Federation of Light via Garrith Lamanov El Melchizedek, February 23d


Garrith Lamanov El Melchizedek
Commander Vrillon

February 23 2016


February 16 at 9:28pm ·

Know that it is an error in consciousness to feel that ascension is about boarding motherships, visiting crystal cities of light and escaping anything within the outer holographic illusion. This is also not about visiting other beings on ships and asking enldess questions from the lower ego mind. Being taken aboard motherships, visiting crystal cities and interacting with higher dimensional beings is just part of the grand benefits of souls with the highest frequency.

Ascension is all about taking responsibility as the creator of your reality and awakening into your highest vibrational frequency as unconditional love.


February 16 at 12:05am ·

Know that as it is through the lower ego mind that we experience lower frequency emotions of resistance, control, judgment, sorrow, regret, guilt and fear.

It is through letting go, allowing, acceptance, love, forgiveness, peace, compassion and kindness that we awaken into unity consciousness and activate our light body.

February 15 at 11:42pm ·

Know that as there exists no concept of time within the higher dimensions, ascension continues to be a continuous process that is not happening in the future, but a divine process that is taking place within you as the creator of this reality in this now moment.

It is in truth you, who is creating your ascension. This is why you are here in this now.

February 15 at 11:16pm

As you expand more in awareness through a consistent focus in raising your frequency within unity consciousness, it is important to cultivate and embrace a continuous state of forgiveness to yourself and other aspects of self for whatever the pain that was caused to you, in order to heal and allow the pure flow of energy to circulate from the heart center through the soul without resistance, distortions or blockages.

It is when we are still holding onto betrayal and pain, that we are identified with the separated lower ego personality, as the lower ego mind only see’s in programs of wrong and right. It is this state of duality that tells us that we are being disappointed, taking a loss, being betrayed and therefore placing us in a situation where we are the victims within the given experience.

As there exists no polarities or duality within unconditional love, it is the victim consciousness and its opposite, the tyrant, that creates distortion and blocking energy within the auric field. This prevents an ascension into the sacred heart center as CREATOR.