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The Arcturians via Suzanne Lie, December 9th

The Beginning–Through Suzanne Lie & Free Recording of Conversation with Arcturians



Through Suzanne Lie

I am beginning to realize that all of my life I have been being taught about inter-dimensional communication. I remember being a small child looking into the night sky, desperately wanting to talk with “the first star of the evening.” I would say, “Star bright, starlight, let me speak with you tonight.”

The saying may have been a bit different in that the second part might have been “let me make a wish tonight,” but my wish was always to somehow talk with the star. I know now that the “star” was likely a “Starship,” and maybe my “Starship”

Last night I was listening to a webinar, and in that webinar, the host told us things that I had known for decades, maybe my whole life, but I was not sure if I “knew” that information or if I had just “imagined” it.

In the webinar, he said something about the Antareans finally stopping their fight with the Galactic Federation around 1994. The Antareans were actually the first ETs that I met with and it was around 1994. I later channeled a long story about them and their battles.

The thing about channeling is that we need to trust our information, trust our source, and trust that we are “not just crazy.” The last rule was particularly important back in the early 1990’s when I first started getting my information.

Back to how my life was always about getting information from “up there.” I am going to trace this “communication stream” of my life as an example for all of you to do the same with your life.

However, your life may be more about some other service. So, just as I will start at the beginning of my life to recall, “How it all began,” I invite all of you to do the same.

When I give my private Arcturian readings, the Arcturians often tell the person something about when they were about 3 years old, and something about around 7 years old. They then explain how dynamics that occurred during those two formative years continued into their adulthood.

They say that 3 years old is a special time, as we are just learning how to communicate with others, plus we have not yet given up our inner communications. However, as we grow older, we begin the process of “trying to be a part of the outside world.” Therefore, we often think we need to shut down some of our “inside world.”

That “shutdown” is very traumatic for us, but we need to finally be a part of this strange outside world that is not nearly as nice, sweet and loving as our inside world. This shift from “inside” to “outside” world can be quite disturbing.

Then around 7 years old, we go to school. Now we have left our home and face an entirely different group of people. And guess what? They are all our age. Therefore, we should have a lot in common with them—right? But what if we are “different?”

What if we can talk to beings that most people never even see? Before, we just thought we were different from our parents, but then we learn that we are different from most of the people that are our own age.

This is why the Arcturians usually bring up the ages of around 3 and around 7, as these are the ages in which our “individuation” really begins. I was raised in postwar Glendale California, in which everyone was exactly the same.

We even had to be white, as our very prejudiced town did not allow any one else to live there. So here I am talking to unseen beings from a different Star System in a reality in which you don’t even talk to someone from a different culture.

I learned to “keep my mouth shut,” and never talk about what I was experiencing. However, they, my inner friends, were always with me and loved me unconditionally. Of course, I had to keep that a secret too. But somewhere around early 1993 that all changed.

My first inner communications were from someone with a codename something like SG7. SG7 was like a “go between” being, or maybe even a “portal opener,” as SG7 introduced me to the Antarians.

The next part is a bit fuzzy, but I probably wrote it more accurately in my website,, if you are interested. Somehow, SG7 introduced me to the Antarians, I think, and later I met Mytria, a female Pleiadian. After Mytria, I met Mytre, her Divine Complement.

Then, after a while, not sure how long, as judging time by looking backwards is very difficult, I was led to a very special portal. I was told to put my hands on either side of the portal, which only existed in my imagination (which is 5D thought).

When I put my imaginary hands on either side of an imaginary portal, I felt a huge “swooping” sensation, and the Arcturians arrived inside my heart and mind. Of course, I did not know that were inside my heart and mind. After all, how could I, one woman struggling to survive, actually meet the Arcturians?

Whereas all my other contacts told me about themselves, their society, and how they could help us humans, the Arcturians started giving orders from the very beginning. “Make a website!” they said. “What’s a website?” I answered.

They also said, “Write down everything that you receive and have received so far.” The writing down was much easier than the “website,” as websites, as well as home computers, were in their infancy.

When I finally figured out what a website was, I said, “I have no money. How can I make a website?” Then, the Arcturians found someone who did my entire website for free. In other words, when our inner guidance tells us something, they can see that it is POSSIBLE, even before we can even “conceive of it in that manner.”

If we write down our process, we can more easily share it with others. Most important, if we write down our process, we can share our higher dimensional self with our every day, 3D self.

It is VERY easy to forget who we are and how important we are. As soon as we become embroiled in our daily, physical life, it is far too easy to forget who we are, as well as how important we are. Many of us are feeling a “sense of urgency,” as if something is about to happen, but we do not know what that something is.

The reason why we do not know what is about to happen is because we are NOW in the process of creating it. However, most of this “creation process” is occurring in our fifth dimensional mind.

Our third dimensional brain can easily forget the importance of this NOW, and our fourth dimensional astral self often decides to “forget our important dreams.” If we forget our higher messages, we can just “go on as usual.” Right?

NO, Wrong! “Usual” has, is, and will, continue to morph into the very unusual. Meanwhile, there are likely millions of people who may never be able to perceive, discuss, experience and/or participate in creating this great change?

Yes, there are millions of who people cannot, and will not, allow themselves to believe the unbelievable. Can you blame them? Many of these people have never had even one inter-dimensional experience.

They do not remember their dreams, and none of their friends or colleagues would ever think about discussing any of these issues. Therefore, they remain in the illusion of safety that the 3D Matrix provides.

Within the Matrix, everything continues with the same separation, limitation, power over others and leadership of the many by the few.

Meanwhile, more and more people are awakening to their higher fourth and fifth dimensional consciousness. The higher fourth dimensions exist within the astral projections of the Matrix.

Therefore, if one is doing something creative, walking in nature, being artistic or enjoying the creativity of others, their consciousness expands into the fourth dimension. The fourth dimension is much like “wading in the pool of vast creativity.” If they “get their feet wet” in this pool, they may decide to move deeper and deeper into their own creative potential.

Being within this energy field of creative potential feels wonderful, kind, loving, and VERY imaginative. But there is often little money in this pool. Nonetheless, most of the people in the astral pool took the risk to fly off from the 3D Matrix long enough to do what they love to do.

But then the bills come in the mail, and the house note or rent is due. Or, maybe they get hungry. Is there a way that we can manifest all the things we need for our 3D life while enjoying the pleasures of our 4D life?

Some people find that answer, but usually after many years of learning and much sacrifice. “But why?” we ask. “Why can’t we survive off being creative, loving, artistic and happy?”

There have been “peak societies” in which this type of society could survive and prosper. But eventually that peak society went into decline, and we had to work, work, work!

“Can we change that 3D Matrix?”

The answer to that question is “YES!” In fact, we need to log out of the 3D Matrix, but how do we do that? The answer is that question is that we expand our consciousness into the fourth dimension and beyond.

Once our consciousness is expanded into the fourth dimension, we can perceive creative options that are invisible while we are trapped in the 3D Matrix. Yes, there are many people who cannot change their lives and they are “just getting by.”

However, there are also many people, who are choosing to meditate and be creative rather than crash in front of the TV. There are many who are searching out ways to give service to others, and in doing so, find many answers to their own problems.

Most important, there are those who are reaching out to others to help and to ask for help. If we can all open our hearts in that manner, so that those who need help can ask for it without being embarrassed, then it is much easier for others to ask for what they need.

Basically, what we need to focus on first is REFUSING to participate in the separation consciousness that has been fed to us by the “power over others,” The members of this Power Over group are the 3% who rule over the 97% of people who do not even know that this group exists.

How did we, the humans of Earth, fall into that degree of illusion? How did we, the humans of Earth, allow that to happen?

Well, the 3% had 97% of the money. We all know this, but do we talk about it? Do we discuss this quandary with our friends? Do we get together in groups, have a meditation to call in our collective higher guidance, and ask our collective Higher Selves what to do?

The fact is that the real problem is not about money. The real problem is about the brain washing that has separated us for each other. Did the pioneers have money? Did the Native Americans have money?

Yes, we do need money, but perhaps we can find a better way than being under someone else’s thumb. What if we could get together with others and talk about the real challenges of our present reality. Then, what if we invited our own Higher Selves to join that discussion?

How cool would it be if it were “normal” for a group of people to join together, and they all invited their higher expressions of SELF? It would then be a multidimensional group.

Each person could connect and merge with their Higher SELF while still being aware of the earth vessel that they were wearing.

Then, the group would be twice as big, with the Higher Selves speaking through the humans to keep all the humans “in the know” of the latest Galactic and Angelic wisdom. Meanwhile, the physical component of self would ground the information into the Core of Gaia.

How many of these kinds of groups can there be, and how often would they need to meet in order to fully commune with our “Collective Higher Selves” in the fifth dimension and beyond?

Then, how would we work as ONE Collective to ground that information/light into Earth? Yes, information is light and light is the carrier wave for the higher dimensional frequencies of information.

What if 51% of humanity could merge with their higher expressions of SELF, and then also merge the higher selves with Earth by grounding our multidimensional light/information in the core of Gaia?

The best part is that we can “begin” this process alone and then ask two people to join us. Then those two people could invite two more people. Since all of this is done via our multidimensional consciousness, our 3D brain could take care of all the 3D tasks, while our 4D brain can ponder more creative, spiritual and loving way to continue.

What if every day, one person would share their Higher Light with one person, there would be a New Beginning. We would not need to know what we were beginning because with that degree of Unity Consciousness, we would feel safe enough to live within the collective, fifth dimensional FLOW.

Then, we could trust our individual and collective “imagination,” “multidimensional memory,” as well as our collective “multidimensional selves.”

We all know that these components of our true SELF are the source of Unconditional Love, Higher Protection, and Power Within. What if we could find a way to:

Begin this beginning,

Plant it in our Heart,

Share it with others and

Join in Unity Consciousness for the good of planet Earth.

With that unity we would know that whatever we do for Gaia, we do for ALL of Her Kingdom. It is in this manner we can experience the beginning of New Earth.

New Earth begins by picking trash up off the street, assisting a friend, and sharing our meditations and higher dimensional experiences.

Most important, New Earth is a fifth dimensional planet that is HERE in this NOW. More and more of us are getting a glimpse of New Earth by calibrating our consciousness to the fifth dimensional frequency of the reality of planet Earth.

What if many of us joined within the fifth dimensional NOW?

Would we find New Earth within that NOW?
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