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The Ascension Guides via Angel Skog, March 28th, 2021

The Ascension Guides via Angel Skog, March 28th, 2021


Dear divine beings of the earth

Be well aware that you each have your own team of ascension guides with you.

A team carefully selected to match your current vibrational frequency of light.

And which is also upgraded as you; complete missions, get new missions and / or raise your vibrational frequency to the next level.

You can see it as your whole being on earth emitting a vibrating signal with your unique light towards the universe, where it is taken in and received from our ascension seat.

This seat is located on a higher dimension within what is called the Winter Triangle, Sirius, Betelgeuse (Orion) and Protycon.

You can see it as our own land, where we all live, and work to serve the earth and humanity through our unique ascension missions.

And here you will find all sorts of ascension teams and light creatures on visits or during more permanent assignments.

Yes, it is a heavenly festive place, just as it certainly sounds, with the multitude of light beings your earth has not yet heard of, who work with “ascension projects” this galaxy has never seen before.

And it is with great honor that we get to partake in your planetary ascension.

And this ascension seat was carefully chosen for its location close to Earth, but also because Sirius has long been a high-frequency seat of higher knowledge, and ascension on levels beyond the terrestrial planetary.

As well as Orion being very helpful in grounding, anchoring, balancing and calibrating the massive energy of light that is formed when we all meet in a place like this.

And it is with great joy that we have begun to see more of you lightworkers visit us at night through your astral bodies, where your ascension team can work with your ascension to higher levels.

And we can now see that many lightworkers around the world have begun to enter into a much higher vibrational frequency of light, where you can keep more light within you, both in frequency and quantity.

So continue your good work with yourself, and make sure to surround yourself with love and high vibrational frequencies, to be able to take advantage of the downloads that you constantly receive.

Spend time in meditation, in nature and rest in your own energy.

Remember that your own ascension is the primary thing before you are ready to remember, such as performing your higher missions on earth.

It is a massive upgrade that you are undergoing on all levels and this requires patience, rest as conscious choices regarding where you put your energy and focus your attention.

Continue to work in contact with your inner guidance and strive to have a daily communication with your higher self as a team of guides.

And remember with confidence that everything happens on the basis of a higher divine order.

Be greeted for now, dear brothers and sisters.

It is with love that we look forward to our next meeting.


// The Ascension Guides





Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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