Bruce: Welcome everybody who is listening on the call especially our international audience. Good to have everybody on the call. Also Bob, Sue, and Tank, and all who support as Pastor Steven, Robert, Yosef, and others. I am excited. We are highly expectant.

Bruce: Our website is We are looking up to making some updates on our site. As far as I can tell this is the last call we will have with the same dial in numbers that you used to get on the call. We will have the new numbers on the landing page of the website. You will be able to track us as we move forward. My plan is to expect the blessing to come anytime now. If we take a couple of weeks or so off from the call to handle what we need to do, I would let you know if that is the case by you tuning in or picking up a prerecorded link or looking for information on the website. We will need time to get situated with our own financial situation. Maybe taking couple weeks off or so before we do a call. Stay tuned for further information on the site.
Bruce: Welcome all listening. We have a group that is usually 6200 to 7000. Then we have a number of replay listeners. In the future we will try to have an online opportunity for the call and then have it available to listen to it anytime. We are taking the call in to a new direction. Working together in a humanitarian way. Some emailed me regarding a new project. Realistically we are not ready how we are going to participate in it yet. Hold back any emails; just keep us in mind moving forward. We will see how that goes and how we are able to make that happen. We do want to network, and use the ideas of the group to do projects we have in common. Ideas we have in common and share those things so you can be part of something greater than if you do it on your own.
Bruce: Where we are and why we are not in the redemption centers? I thought we could be there. What we know and confirmed to us is around 3pm today the Secretary General of the UN made announcement that Iraq did RV their currency. This counts as the international announcement for Iraq. It was done today.
Bruce: In various other parts of the world exchanges have already begun in Europe and Asia. Half a million people have become hydrated around the world. We are in position we are waiting on a few things to finish before we get to go. We had Tier 1, 2, 3, and 4. Tier 3 we thought was completed. It wasn’t truly completed because some other things got added into Tier 3. Tier 3 has bonds, boxes of bonds, SKRS getting liquidated, digital SKR, and a few in person SKR still needed to be complete. Also a number of groups based out of west started in process as early as last Monday. Those groups, 100 groups, have been processing through. Now we only have 6 of the groups left. The theory is once the groups are complete; it will be the turn of Tier 4. That is us. We should have toll free number delivery, appointments set, and everyone off and running.
Bruce: We thought all the groups were shot gun start. The reason they are not shot gun start, because the exchanges were done were put in platforms considered Tier 3 transactions instead of currency exchanges. A little different and lumped into Tier 3. I understand it for the first time in the perplexity of it yesterday. We are waiting for that complete and start of the release of toll free number.
Bruce: There might be some getting the numbers. I might be selected and honored to get the release of that information. I understand that is on standby. That is ready to go in the right time. Those who do receive that information are ready to receive it and put it out as anticipated. I am looking forward being part of that. There are a few more sub groups to go. We could be there within a few hours or a day or so. Not a lot longer for us.
Bruce: Tomorrow maybe significant date as far as UN Operational rates being put out. They could be put out or maybe not be seen. The rate change should occur November 1. They typically put out the rate and be effected the first of the month which would be November 1.
On Tuesday call we talked about the Zimbabwe dollar is suppose to be issued Monday. The backing for the ZIM dollar comes from the ZIM bonds we hold. A certain amount of those would be needed to be redeemed for the backing of Zimbabwe new currency. We would need to redeem ZIM bonds before Monday. We could have an active weekend. The ZIM is redeemed first expectant. Those appointments first. They could in 72 hours intake most of the ZIM currency/bonds required for that to take place.
Bruce: Protocol for the actual call in from our toll free number is going to be a two step process. Maybe one central number that goes into a call center. They ask what you calling about. Then you tell them where you located. They are to give you another toll free number to dial within your region. That person would take your information about your appointment in your area. A two step process. First step 10 to 20 seconds to execute. Before you call have a pen and paper ready so you can write down the number you are directed to call. Then you call it and set your appointment. Then you are off and running to the redemption center. There is a certain percentage of the 6800 redemption centers are to just handle ZIM exchange, about one fourth. The others would take in the currencies without ZIM. The ZIM locations would be manned by Abbott Downing. The other redemption centers would have private bankers and Wealth managers that would be there to affect the exchanges for everybody. A combination of things. They would preselect those with ZIM to have early exchange. Be prepared; be flexible as the timing of this when it comes out.
Bruce: Real Intel is the ZIM has hit a rate that we thought could hit a way back. 5 figures now. You do have the ability to negotiate the rate of that currency and other currencies of higher rate if you have humanitarian projects in mind, help with ministry, job provision, and employment. All those things that are important to our country to get this money out in a responsible way for the people who need it. It is about providing and helping others achieve their dreams. We will achieve our dreams and want the rest of the world to have dreams to follow and enjoy rest of their lives as well.
Bruce: The understanding is the protocol may vary a little bit. Basic information is we are very close at the end of the ride. Based on how we line up with the rest of the remaining sub groups, once they are finished we are next to go. See how that plays out.
Bruce: Iraq is done, RV announced in the UN today. They hit the rate they intended to hit. I don’t know trade is higher or not. Iraq and Iran go the same time within 6 cents of each other on their rates is my understanding.
Bruce: All the redemptions are set up and locked down. Communication is limited. We should be at the point of pre celebration.
Bruce: Yosef is here. A surprise. Tell me if there is anything else we can talk about.
Yosef: Redemption centers, we are really close. I just don’t want to screw it up.
Bruce: the redemption centers are ready, fully staffed, and locked down. They have had meetings and memos go out.
Yosef: The process has begun. The whole system for the RV for the United States in terms of the banks, computers, satellite, politics, and military enough is in place. The process is for the lower tiers. Not only we are next, but the train is hurling at us. Our Intel community is on pins and needles for some time but not as much as now. A lot of Intel is floating around how information is to be put out. How they decide to give it to us.
Yosef: The reality of the RV in your life is really on top of us. They announced the Iraqi revalued to the UN. That is huge. Haven’t we been waiting for it for years? We glossed over it like it is a foot note. The reality is the reason they announced it now and so close to October 28 is to flip the rates and post it publicly because it is hurling at us at a fast rate of speed.
Because we have been worn down from the process of waiting nobody believes it is here except us alerted and ready to alert the audience. They are doing a compliance stradegy, one thing happens for the next thing can happen. All those things happen and not happen with certainty so it only moves forward. We get Intel dramatically good Intel. Performance reality we discuss with the ZIM , humanitarian project. All of that is reality no matter what anyone says. That is the reality of the situation.
Tank: ZIM, I don’t think maybe people understand what they are holding are bonds are backing up the new Zimbabwe dollar.
Bruce: The bonds we hold have tremendous value. When we go in the equity created there is backing the new ZIM currency that suppose to go out November 1. It is highly meaningful. They want our bonds redeemed post haste so they can have that backing November 1.
Tank: You can’t release a new form of sovereign before you can pay off your old debt. All the sovereign debt has to be paid off before they could issue new asset.
Bruce: The John Q start could be November 6 – 9. If that is true, it gives us 8 or 9 days to exchange before the John Q public goes in for exchange at normal screen rates, not the privately negotiated rates.
Yosef: They will still be stunning. People in the audience who gifted ZIM and with all currency they will be shock how much the amount is they will be offered. If you understand the larger picture why what you hold in bond is of value to someone else, when you step into the redemption center you got this. Probably you will know more than those at the bank, even Abbott Downing.
Bruce: We have had more time to get it.
Yosef: You have done an amazing job hanging in there and now is the time to be sown. Stay in your preparation, presentation, humanitarian projects, trusts, etc.
In the call centers there is a brief call to identify your currency and zip code to move you to the proper phone number to set appointment. For time management it would be wise to think of your initial appointment that call center. It will be abbreviated. The first appointment exchange would be expedited.
Bruce: 45 minutes to one hour and ten minutes.
Yosef: Yes unless we have suit cases of currency. A delu machine goes very fast. It flees and knows exactly what you have.
Bruce: Information immediately sent over and transmitted to the super satellite and to the super computer in China. They can see what is going on. It is very transparent.
Tank: Robert’s daughter was in a school bus accident. A lot of kids were thrown to the front of the bus when it hit a car. His daughter is basically okay. Some kids did have to go the hospital. We will pray for total healing for those kids on the bus.
Yosef: Aloha and good-by
Bruce: Tank, other than that, without getting into what we have talked about, the process very simple, get the equity. Then able to walk out with cash, a bundle if you decide to take it. Security features in place for us arriving and departing. Plan is to help us stay safe and should be able to do that get in and get out. Have a beautiful day and nice smile on our face when we walk out.
Most of us will be signing NDA. Not to tell anyone where the redemption center is, or the process. No camera, no recording device, I would leave your phone outside. When it does occur they want people to move and get exchanges started very quickly with appointments set. Get it done with a large number of people starting right away. They are set up to handle great numbers of people at the redemption center. No problem to handle us to get in and get out.
About week later you meet with Abbott Downing or Wealth Manager after the exchange.
Bruce: We have never been close than we have ever been before. Things are progressing through the system of Tier 3. Once Tier 3 is completed we are next. They could be completed overnight. I am looking forward to tomorrow and everybody should too.
Thank you all to the financial centers who are working hard. WF, HSBC, AIIB People bank of China, all the people backing this worldwide. Thank those partnering as Royal Bank of Canada, Scotia Bank, TD Bank, Scotia in Caribbean, and other Banking partners. Thank you Chase Bank, Bank of America, and Citibank for being involved in this. Also Mica Podia in Latin America, ANZ in Australia and New Zealand, HSBC Banks internationally around the world. Your large international banks will be able to help you.
Acknowledge the listeners on the call for so long. All have shown great faith; we have a community that has stuck together. It is very honoring to us. Thank you for staying with us and giving us credibility to us. We have done all we could to give you accurate information to you. I am excited where we are right now. Looking forward to put out a celebration call. That is forth coming. Should have this under way shortly. In the meantime thank you everybody for coming in. Tank, Bob, Sue, Yosef. I really appreciate all the help you have brought to this call. WE will talk to you again in the near future. Look for new numbers on the website. Good night everybody.



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