Love is our new reality

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Mother Mary via Ann Dahlberg, October 28th


Mother Mary

Friday, October 28, 2016

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Mother Mary and I am here today to calm many souls that have started to sow doubts in their hearts. Do not doubt dear children, everything happens exactly when it is supposed to according to spirit – the right place and at the right moment. All is blessed and put in place from the “The Highest” of all. Instead let trust grow in your hearts, as it is with trust that you are to build up your new world with justice and love.

I am with you now all of the time dear children, to give you the love and the patience you need in order to continue on the path of light that you have already started on. See and understand that much has happened on your Earth today. This is true for both Earth as a planet and the world you live in. Had you been able seen all that has happened you would be dumbfounded, as only a small part reaches your ears. Trust and patience is what is needed in your world today. Have you heard the expression – “it is the meek that shall inherit the world”. It is the “meek” that prepare the way for the new times of love today. It is the “meek” that show you the way home. It is the “meek” that with patience and love try to get you to understand which steps you need to take to move on now. Let trust grow in your hearts – trust in your self and the world you now live in. It is trust in the “The Highest” that direct with a steady and loving hand, all that is happening here and now and forever. Be sure that he leads you home again.

Seek within for the core of light that slowly will lead you home. Everything happens at its pace. Nothing can speed up or be changed from the place and the balance it is at. Everything follows a pattern and this pattern is moving forward in order to find its perfection in the destination it is on its way towards. You cannot see the whole dear children so you will have to trust, believe and have patience for all being perfect in the moment you are. Your task is to find the light in your heart and to hold it there. Strengthen it with your trust and your positive affirmations and in this way help to strengthen the pattern you are in. You are a part of all and you determine the pace with your light and your positive affirmations.

We are here giving support and help. We are all so grateful and happy for the great work that you already have done. Your light has helped you and Earth to move forward to the point where you are today. You are brave and courageous dear children, so trust in yourselves. You stand at the edge of the New Loving World. Have trust and take the full step. You have the ability. You have the vision of how your New World can look. Your New World is at your feet. We can already see it from up here, so do not doubt dear children. Your dream is about to be realized. I can see all the beautiful that you with your visions want to give to yourselves and Earth. It gives me much joy and love. My heart grows together with yours. You are a part of me and I am a part of you. I can feel your joy and love as well as your doubt and agony.

This is the reason that I today want to give you new hopes and I ask you to trust that your New World is here. Love is at the door dear children, so trust to open and let it in. Once you have opened up and let the light and love into your world you will understand that all is perfect and good exactly as it is.

Trust and Love starts with yourself my child. When you love yourself as much as I love you, then you are home. Understand that you are highly loved my dear children on Earth. I send you roses of love, to remind you who you really are.

With much love,

Mother Mary




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan




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