Love is our new reality

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The Blue Avians via Ute Posegga-Rudel, July 26


Often I feel the presence of the Blue Avians. And with it the slight urge from them to write another message down for humanity.

Today finally I started to listen beyond the first two lines of what they have to tell us:

“We are here to keep your options open.
The work is yours.

This is the teaching of every true spiritual path on your earth.
It is about spiritual evolution, evolution in consciousness, evolution to a higher state of being, and not about material advantages.

We love in the same way as you all could love.

Love is a presence that every human being is able to participate in.

Love is not an emotion but rather a state of freedom from attachment and limited identification with any kind of form and appearance in creation. Therefore love is freedom.

Love can be realized by releasing your identification with the details of your mind.

Love is where nothing is being explained. Because Love is as much as existence is.

We are not here to teach you details, we are here to remind you of your state of mere being.

We are therefore minimalists. We do not need the many gears you employ to navigate through life.

We are simplicity and we convey  to you that simplicity to get out of your multiple ties that connect you with millions of lives and beings and things to keep you in your illusions.

All these things that you created are just time filling content that is not needed to live a contented, meaningful life, a honorable life, a divinely guided life.

You are too much intertwined with needless trivia.

You true essence is One without a second.

Remember this and you will naturally forgive and love and forget what seems to be important to you, but what is in reality only another blocking element in your evolution.”
Here ended the transmission. I asked:

Q: Recently there has been published an image how you look like. Could it be that you appear in the form of a human being because you show your intent to serve humanity? And that the birdlike head and feathered skin is the reminder that you also might appear in other dimension as birds, the wings being an energy expression of expanded consciousness?

A: Form does not matter.

Q: Could you please confirm whether my perception of your answer is correct?

A: Why not trust?

I am left with a heart, empty of content and filled with radiant space.

Written by Ute Posegga-Rudel